"the course of Western Civilization"

the course of western Civilization(essence version)


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To truly reflect on history, discuss its operation mechanism in detail, and demonstrate the real driving force behind history, the book “the course of Western civilization” is grand-scale and magnificent, with words as high as 1.2 million, which cost the author ten years of effort. In selling the Chinese version, many readers think that the 1.2 million word-long work is somewhat stressful for readers in modern society. Because modern society is fast-paced, they suggest that it is best to have a short, concise essence version, which can allow readers to read it quickly in a short time and understand the main ideas of this book as soon as possible. I think this idea is very good, but the Chinese essence version cannot be realized due to the publication of the whole book and other reasons. Publishing the English version of “the course of Western civilization” is a brand-new undertaking from scratch. It can be the first to launch the English essence version to meet modern society’s fast-paced and fast reading requirements. Of course, another main reason for the first launch of the English essence edition is I hope this book can have some impact on the 2022 U.S. mid-term elections. Do my best to contribute to America’s return to traditional society and biblical society. Due to the Chinese flavor and strong literary taste of this book, which is full of the relish of vernacular novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it is very difficult to translate into English. The project is vast, and after translating more than 1.2 million words, it may have missed the 2024 U.S. election, especially the 2022 mid-term election, so I decided to publish this English essence version first. This English essence version has about 300000 words. The content is the essential chapter of the book, covering about 80% of the book’s ideological content. From it, you can easily understand the main ideas of the book. For example, religion determines history, Christianity determines western history, and without Christianity, America would be no sense; good people will tolerate bad people, bad people will only persecute good people endlessly, etc.

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