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About the Author

About the author

My name is Fu Jun, a male, born in 1971 in Putian, Fujian Province. I grew up in xiaojiafang, the most remote and mountainous district in Shaowu of Fujian, so I have a special feeling for mountains in my life. When I was eight years old, I came to Zhangzhou of Fujian in the third grade because of my mother’s job transfer. Except for coming back to Nanping of Fujian for four years of college, I have lived in Zhangzhou until now. Due to the complicated experience, It’s hard to say precisely where a man I am from, but I have been living in Zhangzhou for more than 30 years, so there should be no objection to being known as a man of Zhangzhou. Also, we can see from this resume that I’m a typical child of Fujian, and I almost have lingered in all lands of Fujian. In the third year of senior high school, I encountered a tremendous crisis, facing the most critical moment of my life. It seems that I had come into the realm of philosophers. At such a young age, I often thanked about life or death? The essence of life? The meaning of life? The value of existence? Is it that material determines consciousness? or does consciousness determine material? In retrospect, pondering these fundamental questions was a tragedy for me. At that time, I was so young that I couldn’t bear to think about these profound questions, so I fell into a complete disorder, which seriously affected learning. Therefore, the college entrance examination results were unsatisfactory, and I was assigned to Fujian Forestry University. The assignment was a kind of college entrance examination system in the late 1980s of china. Few people may know now. It was that you must promise to comply with the country’s arrangement when the examination scores weren’t ideal, and the government would allocate you a college.


Of course, I don’t mean to slander my alma mater–Fujian Forestry College here; instead, I thank it very much. The Fujian Forestry College was located in Xiqin Town, a suburb of Nanping, Fujian; it was more than 20 kilometers away from the city. There were barren and wild mountains if you went farther from the college. I remember that I had bicycled to travel around with some classmates, and almost no men lived on at least half an hour’s drive. I spent the most critical four years of my life in this quiet and isolated environment. There was no noise and impetuousness of a big city or the secularity and philistine of a commercial city. I often lay on the stone steps surrounding the school playground, looked at the stars glimmering in the sky, mountains shadowing the mountains, feeling the painful, bewildered, puzzling life with infinite emotion.


Reminisced sometimes, I really like to go back to that green and lost age; though youth is ignorant and painful, it is also priceless. Therefore, I take massive thanks to my alma mater, Fujian Forestry College. It lets me know the mystery and faraway of mountains and the immensity and profundity of the universe. Sometimes I think that my temperament and personality are all shaped by the Forestry College. I love the wild and mountains by myself and indulge in the delight of being far away from the world. After four years of college life full of agony, pain, and preciousness, I was allocated back to Zhangzhou and worked in No.7 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd of Fujian. As I grew older, my thinking reached a more expansive realm, making me more confused, and perplexed, and I even felt that my life fell into despair. Nevertheless, it is also a reason to give me a deep understanding of Buddhism and Taoism, the traditional oriental mysticism, and the mystery and profundity of life. On this basis, I came to know Christianity bit by bit; the Christian fraternity returned my mind to normal little by little. At this time, I also began to pay attention to the differences between Eastern and Western civilizations. Zhangzhou was one of the earliest cities opened to the world. And the Republic of China left behind many churches. I attended the Cangyuan primary school of Zhangzhou and Zhangzhou No.3 middle school, which all were the previous church school (belonging to the primary and middle schools of women’s Zhengde church school). One day, I relaxed in my friend’s bookstore, an old church facing straight it. It is twilight, and the bustling crowds passed by the bookstore’s door, rushing home in an endless stream. At this most secular moment, I suddenly realized that Christianity was the key to the difference between Eastern and Western civilizations? Was it the key to saving myself? In fact, I couldn’t wake up entirely about that time; I just felt a little sentiment and a little hope in the obscure life. In my thinking afterward, there was more Christianity. In my life later, there was more belief in God. So I felt that life was more hopeful, was thoroughly another world different from the previous.


If I was in the United States in those days, I might make a living by writing, at least like The Beat Generation, venting my thoughts while confusing. However, in a secular society like China, what you were required was to stand out in the crowd and store up money to buy a house. At that time, state-owned enterprises’ gains were inferior and could not meet these requirements. So I had the idea of resigning and going into the business; of course, the most important factor was I wanted to find the answer by myself why capitalists’ profits are called exploitation. At that moment, I couldn’t understand the problem with the bookish spirit. Later, I learned from my own experience that capitalists’ profits are not exploitation. Apart from intellectual property rights, they are the cost of despair, pain, and even death. In college, I majored in wood machining related to furniture design and later popular decoration design. Therefore, when I went into the business, I founded Zhangzhou Yucheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2000. I experienced ups and downs in the business several times, went through both success and failure, and read about countless vicissitudes of life in the world.

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When I recollect the past, the most miserable time is when I was In Suzhou. I even hadn’t a dollar to buy bubble gum for my friend’s daughter. Around that time, I knew what was being driven into a corner and a hopeless dilemma. But I also recognized what an extreme counterattack was? How glorious, great is God? And what incredible power are honesty, kindness, and brotherly love? My last fight was extraordinarily bitter and tragic solemn. At that time, I was indeed in a state of bankruptcy. If any material supplier called loans, I could only vanish away because my resources, including my family, couldn’t bear these debts. So I could only believe great oaks grow from small acorns and strive to do any tiny thing step by step; I explained to every material supplier not to ask for debts. At the same time, I dealt with every customer seriously, demanding myself to be utmostly honest and kind to them. Finally, I struggled back from bankruptcy. After paying off all the debts, I saved a little money and bought a small real estate. Like anyone surviving a tragedy or suffering from a disaster, I have seen through life that I was extremely tired and craved to enter seclusion.

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But The main reason is I eventually know what capitalists’ profits are. I recognize that profits are the total devotion of capitalists, including love, life, knowledge, wisdom, bitterness and twistedness, the most arduous efforts, and the extreme fatigue of mental and physical exhaustion, even as I risk life and limb. After understanding this, I lost a lot of interest in the business. At this time, I also found that I was getting older and felt life was short and time was swift. I was monotonous with the business and had no concept of money. Therefore, I decided to explore the ideology I was interested in at a young age and took this as a career of my rest life. Since 2011, although I still took on some small projects for a living, I squeezed out all the time to recite words. Because of studying western civilization, which is impossible to study from translation, I must read original English works. Therefore, I memorized words when waiting for clients and workers at the worksite, on my way home, etc.I used all my time reciting words and reading the original works. In 2014, I moved into the workroom I bought. In this space belongs to me, my thought is more unrestricted. Every day I come to the workroom to write at 4:00 a.m. The most common sight on the road is the hard figure of sanitation workers, the boss and the bar girl tottering out of the nightclub after the night carnival, and the star in the blue and remote sky. It took me five years to finish the 1.2 million-word book “the course of Western civilization.” The struggle in the soul will never write out; let it belong to privacy.

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