"the course of Western Civilization"

Introduction to this book 

Introduction to this book 


The book “the course of Western civilization” is the result of my hard work, five years of preparation, and then 6 hours a day of writing for five years. It can be said that I worked my heart out with blood, sweat, and tears, exhausted all my efforts with a mind of never giving up until the goal was reached. Ten years of grinding a sword, persistence is the key to success! I finally completed the whole book, achieved some success. I integrated my thinking about life, philosophy, and religion when I was young with my research on Western society and history. I came from the university campus of the 1980s’china, the most active era of thought, but it can also be said that I come from the grassroots. I do not belong to any academic school. I am not bound by any academic framework and am not limited to professional promotion. I freely gallop between the disciplines of religion, philosophy, history, and literature, thinking independently and naturally. It makes me form a viewpoint completely different from any existing theory, basically clarifies the context of the whole western civilization, and perfectly explains the logical process of the whole western historical development. Professor Zhao Xiao, the former doctoral supervisor of Beijing University of science and technology; Professor Zheng Yiping, the doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; and Xiao Jiansheng, the author of the book “reflection on Chinese civilization,” all of these academic predecessors gave positive affirmation to this book and certified the value of this book.

Moreover, the theory of this book also has strong vitality today, which can reasonably explain most phenomena in western society, especially the chaos of the 2020 election in American society. It highlights the vitality of the theory of this book. The book was not originally written for Americans. Now it may become a specialized book tailored for Americans. When I wrote this book a few years ago, based on the combing of American history, I keenly felt that the biggest difference between the United States and third world countries such as Latin America, South America, and Africa is that the United States is a country established by Puritans floating from Britain, It remains the tradition of honesty and sincerity of Christians, the love of brothers, and inherits the British concept of the rule of law. The democratic election in the United States is an election between brothers. Everyone is happy to win and happy to lose, so it makes democracy last for more than 200 years. If the United States loses its Christian faith, The election will become a life and death competition between different beliefs or huge interests, then all kinds of fraudulent means will be used, and the election will also become an “Adverse Elimination.” The more evil and fraudulent, the more they could come to power, and the United States will deteriorate, just like other third-world countries. I just didn’t think that my prophecy had, unfortunately, come true so soon. The American 2020 election immediately fulfilled my predictions, and many fraud methods used were beyond my imagination. The counting machine stole votes, forged votes, mailed vote harvesting, ghost votes, mailbox registered votes, etc.,,,,,, the elected president of the United States was successfully couped by the bureaucracy. Then the American will degenerate into a third-world country, an oligarch, or even an authoritarian country soon.

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From the American election, I really found the high social value of my book. Some conclusions I reached in the book: religion determines human history, Christianity determines western history. Leaving the brotherly love of Christianity, the United States will be no sense. If abandoning  Christianity, the United States will quickly fall into a third-world country. Good people will tolerate bad people; the bad guys are spare none to the good people etc. They should be very valuable wealth, can definitely help American society, American conservatives, and Christians. my thought in the book can become a powerful theoretical weapon, make them stronger, help them counter back, become the mainstream force of American society, and make the United States a God’s city on a hill, a happy paradise of human life once again, also provides humans society the last fair and just and the last hope. In this book, I also put forward many suggestions on reforming and improving the American system combined with American history. I believe these are penetrating insights resulting from my study of human history. After reading the book, many readers think this is a book written for God, and I never deny this. I genuinely think everyone will get happy and blissful because of God, and society will be prosperous because of following God’s way. Why can’t we praise him? Thank him? So I don’t think I am promoting my book here, but I assume responsibility to human society and God. Moreover, the promotion of this book is also the most glorious thing for God, the most pleasing thing of God, and the holiest thing for me. Therefore, I will devote myself to promoting the book as much as possible and live up to my mission.

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I personally believe that human society, whether in China or the west, has basic support. In the Christian world, it is called brotherly love, while in China, it is called morality and conscience, and these are the foundation of the world. It can be said that Expressing them is the main driving force of my writing. I have lived in Zhangzhou most of my life, which is located in Southern Fujian and far away from the Central Plains since ancient times. Zhangzhou is a wilderness in ancient china, but it has rarely experienced war. However, since the Republic of China, Zhangzhou has been at the forefront of opening up the window facing the world. It is also the first place where Christianity was introduced. Lin Yutang’s father is a pastor of a remote mountain town, more than 100 kilometers away from Zhangzhou city, still with the rugged mountain road today. You can know the popularity of Christianity in Zhangzhou at that time. There are strong religious beliefs in Zhangzhou. Christian churches everywhere, of course, there are more temples, Taoist temples, mountain god temples, and land god temples. The people on this land entrust their hope, past, present lives, and events in the next life or the previous one. These touching phenomena impacted me hugely. Of course, in any case, Huntington and his epoch-making masterpiece “conflict of civilizations ” have the most significant effect on my thought. I directly promoted Huntington’s civilization’s conflict to religion’s determination on human history and expounded it in detail from theology and philosophy. This book repeatedly demonstrates this view through detailed historical materials from the three British islands in ancient Rome to the founding of the United States.

In fact, the above feelings are the contents of the first chapter of the first book, which was basically finished more than ten years ago. Through unforgettable personal experience and deeply influenced by Buddhist thought at that time, I had written some manuscripts, believing that life is full of endless pain and annoyance. The greatest and ultimate pain is the fear of death,In order to solve this ultimate problem, many religions were born, and thus there was magnificent human history after that. This chapter was revised from these manuscripts and accomplished in one breath. 

The following Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 reflect my honing achievements in the past ten years, which criticize the human moral philosophy since Aristotle with rigorous, logical reasoning and solid, powerful arguments. Through these two chapters, I demonstrate that human perception, that is, human essence is greed and degeneration, so rationality can not be improved from human perception. That is, reason cannot surpass perception. So I believe that pure secular moral philosophy can not holdup the sky of human morality without God. Religion plays the most important role in human life. Without faith, human beings will always indulge in material pleasure. Therefore, Christianity determines the history of the west and founds Western civilization; It can even be said that religion determines human history. In following Chapter 4 of part I, I locate the origin of Western civilization in ancient Roman Britain, starting with the missionary work of the apostle’s Paul and Joseph in the three British islands in ancient Rome and the establishment of the original apostolic church. The soil of the three British Islands is permeated with the love of Christian brothers, and civilization and rationality also flow in the blood of the British people. It is accurate because of these that Anglo Saxon nobles are utterly different from the rest of the world. They focused on the overall situation and always sacrificed themselves. Only on this basis can there be Britain and the development process of Britain, which is completely different from the rest of the world. Here, the relationship between people is cordial and natural, the king, nobles naturally transferred their improper rights to Knights, squires, and civilians to exercise their rights in Parliament. There was no absolute monarchy in these places. Britain completed the Magna Carta at the end of the 13th century, gradually improved the parliamentary system, and established the tradition of the rule of law, which was unique to them, and stemmed from brotherly love, rationality, and the soil of civilization. I also demonstrate that through the tradition of the rule of law and the court of equity, Britain naturally realized that capitalism completely defeated feudalism, the transition from feudalism to capitalism, distinct from other parts of the world. In other parts of the world, in order to transition from feudalism to capitalism, heads are rolling off, and rivers are in the blood.

The book also uses the most detailed materials to demonstrate the consistency between the Apostolic Church and Protestantism. On this basis, I deeply discuss the origin of Protestantism and how Luther generated epoch-making equality for all under God through his soul-stirring exploration. It made Christianity return to the accessibility, freedom, and equality of the apostolic era, opened a new chapter of human society. Calvin deduced many Christian Rights on the gound of Luther. He deduced these rights through the most essential Ten Commandments in the Bible, such as the inviolability of private rights, people having the right to protect themselves with guns, etc. These are the origin of Western civilization and the cornerstone of the so-called capitalism. It is also the root of the so-called concept of human rights. On these bases, I naturally led everyone to the British revolution.

Next, you can see the most wonderful part of the book, the British revolution, and the American Revolution. I searched many old English historical dates and got many precious historical materials, which completely subverted the views and ideas of ordinary historical books on these two revolutions. In this book, I adhere to the view of most British historians that the British civil war was a revolution carried out by Puritans to realize their ideals, so the British civil war can be called the Puritan war. The first chapter, the background of the civil war, emphasizes that the conflict between Anglian and Puritanism is the leading cause of the civil war because it involves the ultimate eternal world. Both sides all give eye teeth, don’t give in a little, which leads to the outbreak of the civil war. The second chapter, Britain before the civil war, describes England under the regime of James I and Charles I and emphasizes that Charles’ tendency to dictatorship is the direct external cause of the outbreak of the civil war. The third chapter is the battle of bishops. Charles, I forced the implementation of the Anglican and episcopal system in Scotland, which aroused the dissatisfaction of Scots who believed in the Presbyterian Church, and broke out the war of resistance, that is, the battle of bishops, which was the beginning of Britain’s all-round civil war. The fourth chapter, the first civil war, introduced in detail the internal causes of the outbreak of the British revolution, The majority of Anglicans were extremely dissatisfied with Charles I’s forcible promotion of the high church (Amini sect) of William Laud, the Archbishop of Canterbury at that time. At the same time, Charles I also had a fierce quarrel and conflict with the Parliament on constitutional government. The Puritans took advantage of this confusion to put forward radical proposals for abolishing the Catholic system. It resulted in the great division in Britain and the complete outbreak of civil war. This chapter also introduces the process of the civil war in detail, especially Cromwell and his new model army.

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The fifth chapter, “after the first civil war,” describes Charles I used the king’s influence to play various games with Parliament by what condition of his return to the throne after the first civil war. At the same time, The Levell rose in the army, a new force influencing English history and even human history because it is the first and the most primitive force in human history that demanded freedom and equality, his effect until today. Chapter VI, the second civil war, describes the causes of the second civil war and the detailed process of Charles I’s stepping onto the guillotine. Chapter VII, the Republic Period – two parliaments, is the Republic period of the British revolution and another Republican practice in human history after the demise of the ancient Roman Republic entering the monarchy. It describes the tragic and sad failure history of the Rump Parliament Parliament and the Saint Parliament. Chapter 8, Cromwell’s protectorate period, tells that in the face of chaos, Cromwell had to serve as the Lord Protector, implement the system of Lord Protector, and practice the constitution similar to the presidential system. It laid the foundation for the cabinet system of the British Parliament and the later American presidential system. Chapter 9, the expulsion of little Cromwell, describes the history of Cromwell’s son, little Cromwell, who succeeded the protectorate after Cromwell’s death but was expelled by the officers of the new model army. Chapter 10, the restoration of Charles II, describes another reincarnation of human history, but this reincarnation is not a simple cycle. Charles II accepted all the Republican provisions in principle and laid potential contradictions for his rule, which finally led to the outbreak of the glorious revolution. Britain finally realized the Puritan ideal in the Cromwell era, and the kingship was completely restricted, although it was not yet the full realization of freedom and equality. At this point, the second part of the book is completed. I think I grasp quite unique to the history of the British revolution; it is in-depth and profound and is very worthy of everyone to read.

The discussion on the American Revolution reflects the systematicness of this book. 800000 words were spent before to discuss the causes and consequences of the American Revolution, its past and present, so that we can better understand how the United States came into being, why it developed into the most powerful country in the world, and its special significance and uniqueness. At the beginning of the American Revolution, I discussed the Puritans represented by Winthrop. They were not satisfied with the current situation in Britain. They risked their lives, came to North America across the Pacific, established God’s ideal kingdom, God’s city on the hill. They carried out many constitutional practices, which were the embryo of the American constitutional government later. This part has about 200000 words; It can be written alone, containing many details and little-known content, which is impossible to see in other books. The first chapter, Massachusetts – building God’s mountain city, describes the history of Winthrop’s decision to colonize Massachusetts almost at the same time as the British revolution in 1629. The second chapter, God’s city on the hill- difficult constitutional practice, describes Winthrop’s difficult constitutional practice in Massachusetts. Later, most of the American constitutions came from these constitutional practices. This also established Winthrop’s status as the first National Father of the United States. It is another key chapter of the book. The early colonial history of Puritans, such as Winthrop in Massachusetts, can be a blank field that no one has set foot in at home or even in the world. I made every effort to sort out a clear context through dozens of scattered American academic monographs, elaborating on this history, describing the details of Puritan governance in Massachusetts and the colony’s detailed living conditions and social scene.

I demonstrated that it was because the new social governance model of the Puritans was completely different from Britain, not to mention in other parts of the world. Then, the later United States came into being. The main characteristics of this governance model are the democratic election, municipal autonomy, governor system, two-level Parliament, etc. All of these spread the ideas of freedom and equality; it is impossible to taste it in other parts of human society. It can also be clearly seen that these are the prototypes of today’s American Constitution. All these governance models are related to the Puritan faith. They are unique and evergreen because religious belief determines whether you can come to the ultimate eternal world; it is the most important thing in human life, believers will never give up easily. However, it is because of such irreconcilability; a new world can be created, that is, today’s American society. The third chapter details the establishment and development of twelve colonies in North America except Massachusetts, especially Penn’s dismal sacred experiment in Pennsylvania, which paved the way for the conflict between the Quakers in Pennsylvania and the Puritans in the four states of New England in the later American Revolution. The fourth chapter, the colonies after the glorious revolution, relates the glorious revolution of Britain and the situation of the colonies after the glorious revolution and introduces at length the history of the seven-year war, which also is the prelude to American independence. In these chapters, I explain the different religions, cultures, customs, and political systems of the thirteen states of North America at that time. Up to now, you can still feel the pulse and clear voice of the times.


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From Chapter 5, stamp duty struggle to Chapter 13, independence, these chapters are up to more than 40000 words. They are the highlights of the book. They depict the American Revolution and the process of American independence thoroughly. Similarly, few people in the West or China discuss this history in depth. I can dare say that the description of this history in this book, even if it is not the most detailed, the most profound, and in-depth, in all works at all times. The discussion of this history mainly quotes Bancroft’s ten-volume American history. Bancroft’s American history was written during the American Civil War. It is the earliest and most detailed colonial history of the United States. His masterpiece is too large in scale and too complex in content; it has not been cited often. However, as a foreigner, I believe that this work is the most valuable and original American history, and its academic status can not be replaced. Because Bancroft does not simply explain history, he quotes many historical materials to demonstrate history. His rigorous academic attitude also casts the value of this work, which is an impossible realm for other historical works. Therefore, I believe that based on this great historical work, we can have the most in-depth and profound understanding of the American Revolution and grasp the most real and most reliable history of American independence.

In these chapters, I describe the causes of the American Revolution meticulously. No Taxation Without Representation, the salary of British officials, common defense, the stationing of British troops in the colonies and other external factors, as well as the strong dissatisfaction and desperate struggle of the colonies, especially the four Puritan states of new England, against the British government’s attempt to promote Anglican and establish bishops in the colonies. And this is the essential internal cause of the American Revolution.I believe that there was a serious conflict between the Puritans’ ideas of freedom and equality and the ancient British monarchy, even and the constitutional monarchy after the British glorious revolution. It led to the outbreak of the American Revolution, rather than the economic reasons such as stamp duty, understood by the general view. It can be said that these completely subverted the historical sights of both the East and the west, so this book is a precious work no matter how to say. The book also describes the famous stamp duty struggle and the Townshend acts struggle in history and narrates the detailed process and content of the First Continental Congress and the Second Continental Congress during the American War of independence. At the second congress, the Puritans in the four states of New England were firmly determined to be independent, and other states hesitated, hoping to reconcile with Britain. This engendered sharp contradictions between them. As a representative of Massachusetts and a devout Puritan, Samuel Adams showed great wisdom at this time. He acted quietly and waited silently for the opportunity. Finally, with the help of the Puritan militia and George III, the North American colonies were put on the track to independence by Samuel Adams.Because of these decisive roles of Samuel Adams in American independence, I personally think that Washington’s contribution to American independence is far less than that of Samuel Adams. This book ranks the contributions of various founding fathers to American independence following the example of the weapons ranking list of baixiaosheng in Gu Long’s novels. My final conclusion is that Samuel Adams ranked third, John Adams graded fourth, and Washington listed only fifth. The first two were also introduced in previous articles, dating back to the colonial period.

This book presents a panoramic and in-depth view of the real American Revolution in front of you, which can completely subvert your previous views on the American Revolution. It is a good book worth reading.

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