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Pushing religious freedom will bring disaster to humans. This has happened in real life

 to humans. This has happened in real life

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 2. The difficult constitutional practice in God’s city on the hill

section 16. no universal religious freedom in human history

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no universal religious freedom in human history

The originator of religious freedom, Locke, believes that religious freedom is premised and no absolute religious freedom.

Pushing religious freedom will bring disaster to humans. This has happened in real life

Religious freedom has become a tool to suppress Christianity

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From these arguments, we can see, according to Locke’s theory, it is not that non-Christians cannot preach in the United States, but the Theocracy cannot spread in the United States. Because it may cause great harm to other religions and the country, the Theocracy should not be protected by the constitution’s first amendment. And here, Locke also clearly points out that Islam is a Theocracy and can not be put in the scope of religious tolerance because they ask the believers to obey the church, not the chief executive. We have also discussed in the previous chapters that Islam has no concept of religious freedom. Their doctrine is the unity of the state and the church. The state is the church; the church is the state; no other religions are allowed to exist at all. Therefore, Islam is not among Locke’s religious tolerance, so there has never been universal religious freedom in human history.

In real life, we can see that left-wing politicians such as Merkel pursue religious freedom and diversify their country to show their kindness and greatness. They believe that a country that embodies more philanthropy and integrates more religions and cultures is great. What they want to establish is such a country. This idea is a “political correctness” and is fabulous and noble. Still, it cannot be realized under the current conditions because human beings have no universal religious freedom so far. When they forcibly introduced a large number of Islamic refugees to practice their ideas, it brought great disaster to German society because Islam had no concept of religious freedom, no content of brotherhood love, and even had many doctrines of attacking Christians. Islamists can bear when they are in the minority, but when the population gradually becomes the majority, they increasingly act on their own doctrines and wantonly attack infidels–ordinary Germans. The crimes such as rape and homicide soared. Christmas was also in vigilance. Many people suffer, but Merkel and others do not consider this at all. In order to highlight their greatness and political correctness, they would rather let Germany fall into disaster.

And similarly, out of “political correctness,” the so-called freedom of religion, and protecting the rights of a few non-Christians, the judges of the German Supreme Court ruled that the doctrine of girls’ marriage in Islam is in accordance with the constitution. These judges can only be described as bastards. They were very selfish people who wanted to show their so-called fairness and justice. And they contributed to the fate of young girls of compatriots, and these German girls became sacrifices for their going to the altar. However, are their actions fair and just? What is the standard of their fairness and justice? In fact, their standard is empty and void of rationality, namely “political correctness,” but it is obviously contrary to the common sense of human ethics. I don’t know why the judgment is right; it can only prove that this “political correctness” is absolutely wrong. Religious freedom cannot contain any religion because there are also cults in religion. And there exists no condition of universal religious freedom at present; It is impossible to realize this “political correctness” at all. It is a cult that allows young girls to marry uncles with ample beards. They can only say that these German judges are confused by “political correctness.” In fact, these German judges’ actions are no longer a matter of fairness and justice but a complete crime. They will be forever nailed to the pillar of shame of humans. If they continue to do so, they can only cause division and chaos in Germany and even produce a Hitler-type strong man in extreme circumstances. These are not alarmists.

As a nation, I have always emphasized that Germany is on the brink of Christianity, and its Christian faith is thin. Therefore, it is easy for Germany to be dazzled by the shining light of “political correctness”. So once and again, they choose Merkel and other left politicians. This contrasts sharply with the silent majority of the United States who firmly chose trump. Americans have a pious faith and a deep Christian foundation and will not be easily confused by the concept of empty and void political correctness. Most political correctness contents are contrary to the Bible, and real Christians are intolerable. The Bible does not allow to let non-Christians to encroach on Christian homes and insult their children.

Since religious belief is the most important matter in human life, the conflict of faith always lets people fight tooth and nail and to death. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve complete religious freedom; perhaps it can be realized many thousands of years later. However, regardless of the reality, the forcible implementation of a pluralistic society of multi-religious coexistence will inevitably bring massive disasters to ordinary people. Religious freedom and pluralism will cause the entire country chaos and tear it to pieces, losing its original tranquility and serenity, peace and happiness, throwing ordinary people into turmoil permanently, and anyone could lose their life at any time. So what is the role of a country? The essence of a country is not “political correctness,” such as religious freedom and pluralism, but first of all, to ensure stability and order, peace and tranquility, and people can live freely and happily. It has been the primary goal of human society for thousands of years. If these cannot be fulfilled, then the existence of a country will be meaningless; the most basic requirements of society cannot be guaranteed, so what use is this country?

In fact, what we need to do in this era is not religious freedom, but every religion reflects on itself, whether it regards brotherly love as the foundation of its doctrine or makes its own religion realize brotherly love. For example, how should brotherly love allow the marriage of an underage girl and the bearded uncle in the above example? Will it bring harm to girls for life? Is this doctrine reasonable? Secondly, each of us must firmly believe in our original beliefs, follow basic human ethics, and not lose ourselves in the great halo of “political correctness”. At least we are unlike these German Supreme Court judges, introducing evil into normal society in the name of religious freedom. Whether or not people accept your religion? You must first ask yourself whether your doctrine is full of brotherly love, whether the country you live in is a peaceful country full of brotherly love, or if your country is often at war due to doctrinal disputes. Moreover, your country denies religious freedom, and pagan religions such as Christianity are not allowed. Then what reason do you have to ask the Christian country to enable your existence? What reason do you have to bring the war to a Christian country? Is the Christian country a fool? Let you ask for; they can’t question you, let you hurt, and they can’t defend themself. Is there such a good thing in the world? Therefore, under the leadership of these left politicians in the Christian society, it is highly likely that everything will reverse, bringing large disasters to human society.

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