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Why were there few shooting cases in American society in the previous hundreds of years, but there have been more and more shooting cases in recent decades?

previous hundreds of years, but there have been more and more shooting cases in recent decades?

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” “buy the Kindle ebook” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 1. Massachusetts–building the city on the hill, a city of God

section 11. Without brotherly love, America is no sense

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if no brotherly love of Christianity, no the US, or a nonsense

Why does democracy only exist in Protestant countries such as Britain, the United States, and Northern Europe for a long time, while other countries have various problems?

European history desperately proves that Catholic countries cannot sustain democracy for long.

Why have frequent shootings occurred in the United States in recent years but few in the 200 years since the country’s founding?

Hitler’s rise to power shows how fragile democracy is! This is also the root cause of US election fraud

Over the past few decades, the intensified school shootings in the United States can also be explained by the loss of brotherly love. The colonists had the right to hold guns freely as soon as they stepped on the land of North America. This right has been kept for nearly 400 years. And at that time, the guns owned by the colonists had the same firepower as the military, but school shootings rarely happened. Why had school shootings become more common in the past few decades? Why did these school shootings happen in the past few decades particularly? Did guns really cause school shootings? But why had there not been the phenomenon for more than 400 years since people could hold guns? The actual reason is that guns are only a tool that can kill people or defend justice. It is not wrong about guns, only because the gunman has changed, lost faith, lost brotherly love. After losing the love of brothers, the greed and depravity of human nature have no restriction; it spreads and diffuses everywhere like poison; everyone pursues his own desire. Therefore, it brings the evils of human nature to the extreme, and holding guns becomes dangerous. In a society full of evil and lust, the flow of desire, guns become the tools for venting out resentment and doing evil. Therefore, the weakest and softest campus becomes the target of revenge on society; because school shootings will inevitably cause great panic and shock in society, which is the actual purpose of this scum. Some leftists take the opportunity of these tragedies; they require overthrowing the constitution’s second amendment and carrying out a comprehensive ban on guns. However, if the total gun ban is wholly accomplished, If the Americans lost gun rights, coupled with losing the brotherly love, there would be nothing to protect the United States from entering a dictatorship. Then the United States government will gradually swallow up the rights of people with force, including the most precious right of religious freedom, and the people can only crawl and moan in front of the secular government. The United States will inevitably enter an Orwellian country. Once again, the dictatorship will reincarnate in the United States, whether the military or the individual dictatorship. Perhaps many people may ask why most countries, such as Japan, Britain, and so on, have not banned guns, and haven’t they gone into dictatorship? But it is no exaggeration to say that the reason is the United States backed up behind them.

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European countries, such as France, and Germany, can ban guns because the United States stations 100000 troops in Europe. Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries can make gun bans; the United States also stations 60000 troops in Asia. If the United States, the biggest country not banning guns, bans guns, then according to human experience, the above countries will inevitably slide into dictatorship in a flash. Some people may not convince by my argument. However, suppose I argue that there are only one and a half countries where dictatorships have not happened in history; anyone who has a little common sense should only agree with me. In that case, one country is America; a half country is Britain (referring to the British having monarchy). Other countries, such as France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Italy, Spain, or any country you can think of, have once appeared as a dictatorship. It is the trend of human history. I have always emphasized that democracy, freedom, and equality are anti-human, which is hard to maintain for a long time. Dictatorship and autocracy are the most comfortable to human nature. Therefore, dictatorship and autocracy are also the most common social system. History constantly repeats in the same way. Imagine if the United States, as the last barrier to freedom and equality, bans guns? How can we resist the abuse of secular government? How can we ensure that the United States will not appear as a dictatorship? If the United States had a dictator, we could imagine how terrible the world would be! It is not exaggerating to be described as Doom Day is coming. So the United States must not ban guns, especially today when It is increasingly far away from brotherly love.

Many people think the cause of the United State’s greatness and mighty is the American Constitution, which stipulates a democratic election, the separation of three powers, judicial independence, electoral politics, etc. All those don’t refer to faith or brotherly love. However, this argument is completely off base. The system designed by man can only be a gewgaw in front of the greed and degeneration of human nature. Ancient Greek democracy is a living example. In ancient Greece, The formation of a democratic society was closely related to its polytheistic religion. The democracy of ancient Greece was far more sophisticated than contemporary people thought. Except for military officials, other officials were selected by lottery. It is the fairest and most democratic election in human history. However, along with the collapse of faith, with the endless pursuit of human desire, the selected members became more and more evil and corrupt. These selected members can execute Socrates and defeated generals. It is an injustice that such a country should not be dictated to or subjugated. ①Since democratic elections are based on brotherly love, they are a way to negotiate and resolve problems between brothers with deep feelings and strong affections. Therefore, It is also highly fragile and easy to exploit by plotters and conspirators. Let’s look at the process of Hitler’s coming to power and why I say that will be more explicit.

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