"the course of Western Civilization"

Hitler's rise to power shows how fragile democracy is! This is also the root cause of US election fraud

democracy is! This is also the root cause of US election fraud

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 1. Massachusetts–building the city on the hill, a city of God

section 11. Without brotherly love, America is no sense

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if no brotherly love of Christianity, no the US, or a nonsense

Why does democracy only exist in Protestant countries such as Britain, the United States, and Northern Europe for a long time, while other countries have various problems?

European history desperately proves that Catholic countries cannot sustain democracy for long.

Why have frequent shootings occurred in the United States in recent years but few in the 200 years since the country’s founding?

Hitler’s rise to power shows how fragile democracy is! This is also the root cause of US election fraud


On the surface, Hitler and his Nazi party were promoted to power by voters following legal procedures. But almost all the means behind the legal procedures to seize power are illegal and blatantly trampled on constitutional principles. As far as July 1921, when Hitler took the lead over the Nazi party, he immediately set out to build the armed forces of the Nazi Party. In August of the same year, the armed forces maintaining “order” during his rally evolved into a paramilitary military uniform. This armed force played an irreplaceable role in Hitler’s capturing of power and became a Stormtrooper that wantonly destroyed the democratic constitution. By 1933, the stormtrooper had provoked 40000 armed fights throughout the country and continuously perpetrated terrorist incidents. Those fights, murders, and explosions killed all political discussions and opponents’ political space, making Germany fall into a most difficult and chaotic situation after World War I. The stormtrooper made significant contributions to Hitler’s rising to power. Not much later, Hitler expanded his bodyguard, the SS, to replace the position of The stormtrooper, the SS was loyal to Hitler only, and it was both military and secret police. By the mid-1930s, 45000 secret police officers of the SS had been deployed throughout the country, monitoring hostile activities to the government. Its 65000 security police and 2.8 million discipline police guarded Hitler. In addition, there were 40000 guards in 160 labor camps and 20 concentration camps nearby, cruelly persecuting innocent “Prisoners” and anti-fascist soldiers. There was also 100000 security intelligence personnel closely monitoring the ideological trend of the people. All of this let Hitler almost control the whole of Germany. Therefore, Hitler seized the highest power by destroying and abandoning the democratic procedure and rules rather than complying with them.

“Weimar constitution” of German was almost one of the most liberal and democratic constitutions in the 20th century. Its structure was almost perfect and had many ingenious and admirable provisions, which seemed to be enough to guarantee the implementation of a nearly perfect and flawless democracy. “(“The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, History of Nazi Germany,” p. 85). However, the Weimar constitution failed because sophisticated and complicated designs couldn’t fight back the greed and degradation of human nature; it could not resist the people’s fear of death and cowardice. Moreover, It happened at a time when German Christianity was more vulnerable than at anytime else; otherwise, it was difficult to believe that German fanatically idolized a layman more than God. Democratic elections are not very rare, they have existed in different periods of humans, but they can not be held on for a long time. Because of human nature, democracy, freedom, and equality are actually the most anti-human nature and are totally contrary to the common sense we see in reality. Democratic elections are secure and reliable only when everyone is equal under God and based on brotherly love. This is also proved by human experience so far. Therefore, I have no confidence in an America which is going away from God and brotherly love.


①  Matthew R  “The Bad Citizen in Classical Athens”  Christ. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006.

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