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Religious freedom has become a tool to suppress Christianity

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These leftist politicians advocate the “political correctness” of religious freedom. Their other purpose is to suppress the influence of Christianity under the great guise of “political correctness” and universal religious freedom. Then The secular government can completely suppress the Christian Church and become the real master of the country. In their eyes, the significant influence of Christianity is the biggest obstacle to the secular government. They believe that true religious freedom can only be realized by suppressing Christianity, making them balanced to other religions or more vulnerable. However, the ideas of these leftist politicians are extremely naive and can only harm others and themselves. Human beings can not live for rationality, and rationality can not bring human beings an eternal and immortal ultimate world. Suppressing Christianity can only make for the rapid development of non-Christianity because the human soul needs faith to fill. The weakness of Christianity can only lead to the strength of non-Christianity. Therefore, in western society, non-Christianity, with the support of the foolish policies and their leftist politicians, especially Islam, exploits the concept of “political correctness” to grow rapidly.

Islam is unlike Christianity. Christianity takes brotherly love as the basic doctrine and equality, freedom, and human rights as the conditions for entering heaven. The doctrine of Islam is to spread with the sword and the unification of the state and the church. The conditions for accessing heaven are the state is the church, and the church is the state. After reaching a certain level, although they are far from reaching the majority of the country’s population, these Islamists can’t wait to perform church law in their settlements. According to the doctrine, the church is the state, and the state is the church; they have their own police and even the army and are ready to launch Jihad at any time. This is no different from a state within a state, but it is a fact. In many European countries, the gathering place of Islamists is already a state within a state. It can be imagined that if their population reaches the majority, what will be the situation in these countries? At that time, all Christians, these leftist politicians, and the supporters of leftist politicians will become sacrifices for these Islamists to get into heaven. The dream of these leftist politicians to establish a new society of so-called universal values is purely a daydream and can only bring endless disasters to humans because there is no universal value, no universal religious freedom at all. All these are unique to the Christian world. At present, religious freedom can only be realized among various sects in Christianity; blind expansion can only bring about great disaster.

If I tell the judges of the U.S. Supreme Court that Kant’s antinomy proves the flaw of rationality, they can’t interpret the U.S. Constitution with rationality. These judges will retort that Kant is also flawed, and Kant’s understanding of rationality may not be absolutely correct. In fact, I have never seen whoever can refute Kant’s antinomy, but these judges may not understand it. If I tell these judges that religion is the essence of human life, then these judges will definitely say that they will believe what I said if I let God show up to them. Anyway, these are things that have been dragged around for thousands of years in human history, and no one can and will be able to sort them out. The only thing we can make clear is the historical facts and historical basis; it is also the fundamental principle of the founding fathers of the United States at the Continental Congress. They didn’t discuss the rights of the colonial people from rationality and abstraction but from the historical facts, that is, the historical basis of England’s rights. The rights of the colonial people weren’t established on an empty basis, abstract rationality but based on the facts of history. Therefore, after discussing the historical basis of the United States and most of the Puritan governance in Massachusetts, I left the subject and wrote five articles on American constitutionalism in succession. I hoped that the discussion of American constitutionalism and the American constitution’s interpretation would base on historic facts. I think that this is the only way to interpret the U.S. Constitution correctly. Maybe it will be a ghost that one day I will defend the rights of the Christian Church in the United States. Then the content of this Puritan governance is the perfect material and an authentic historical basis.



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