"the course of Western Civilization"

European history desperately proves that Catholic countries cannot sustain democracy for long.

 Catholic countries cannot sustain democracy for long.

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 1. Massachusetts–building the city on the hill, a city of God

section 11. Without brotherly love, America is no sense

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if no brotherly love of Christianity, no the US, or a nonsense

Why does democracy only exist in Protestant countries such as Britain, the United States, and Northern Europe for a long time, while other countries have various problems?

European history desperately proves that Catholic countries cannot sustain democracy for long.

Why have frequent shootings occurred in the United States in recent years but few in the 200 years since the country’s founding?

Hitler’s rise to power shows how fragile democracy is! This is also the root cause of US election fraud


Isn’t it the way the dictator of European Catholic countries came to power? At first, they slowly destroyed the election rules, then manipulated the election, and finally controlled the election by armed forces. When Hitler’s SS held the charge gun, five steps, one whistle, ten steps, one post, who dared to elect anyone else except Hitler? Therefore I have no bit of confidence in the future of the United States because today, America has lost the love of brothers, the foundation of America, the first stone of God’s city on the hill founded by Winthrop. The United States is more and more depravity and more and more on the old road to dictatorship. Now, there is no brotherly love between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The democratic election has become a war and a life-and-death struggle for each other. From the early presidential election, we can see that although all parties also attacked each other, the mood of the election was peaceful and civilized. But today, it is totally different. The Republicans represented the Christians and Conservatives; the Democrats represented anti-Christians advocating unconditional equality. There is an apparent and giant chasm between them; society has been torn apart. The election campaign was permeated with the blowing smoke of gunpowder, suffused with acrimony, vicious words, and even curses. Two years ago, the election war between Hilary and Trump was filled with hatred and malice. Hilary attacked Trump for his harassing and insulting women. Trump struck back that compared to what Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, had done to many women, he had done nothing with women at all. Trump also hit back that Hilary tried to deceive the United States all the time; she was even dissatisfied with her husband; how could she satisfy the entire United States? Moreover, after Trump was elected president, the Democrats still went on the fight. Democratic lawmakers incited people to assassinate Trump; News anchors held Trump’s bloody head statue, and Comedians publicly mocked him at the rally. Trump was vindictive and vengeful too. He took revenge with such words to democrats, “garbage, stupid, cheater,” etc.

Of course, I don’t mean that people must always remain gentle and polite in all life and people cannot criticize each other, but at least they should not be so malicious, naked, and reckless. But from the mid-term elections in the United States a few days ago, the environment had been even worse. The Democratic Party had committed many election frauds, using fake votes, votes of non-voters, and even the dead’s identity. If this continues, it will inevitably develop into more severe election fraud such as election bribery, election violence, and so on. The Democratic Party also evilly colludes with the main media; due to the natural anti-religious tendency of intellectuals, the Democrats and the main media are naturally integrated; they are tarred with the same brush. The main media lost fair and just principles for their own interests, not to mention they had lost the brotherly love long ago. They condemned Trump overwhelmingly and believed Goebbels’s “A lie repeated a thousand times is true.” They wish to oust Trump, who dared to confront the “king without a crown.” It is a society without brotherly love. The Republican also has the fatal defects of ordinary people, who are timid and overcautious, muddle along, and dare not to fight. And if things go on like this, the whole society will be controlled by the people who do false, cheat, use violence, and believe in lies. We can imagine the morality and quality of those leaders sinking in this environment. Society gradually degenerated into a secular society, abandoned equality for all, and slowly believed that people have high and low. Those leaders believed they were wise and great helmspersons, the steerer of a new society. Because of the loss of faith, god, this is very natural thinking. Therefore, the whole society naturally went into a dictatorship. Don’t think I’m just talking nonsense. Some sociologists in the United States are already considering the weight of votes. That is, of the more influential people, one vote can weigh thousands of others. It shows that the United States has slowly abandoned equality for all and gradually degenerated. So I personally don’t take an optimistic view about the future of America. America is far away from God and brotherly love. No one in America today mentions brotherly love. Even most politicians may not know that Winthrop’s sermon “building a city on a hill.” All Americans have long forgotten brotherly love, the country’s ground, the cornerstone of the city on the hill. All that has been forgotten totally, wholly. But leaving away the love of brothers, Without this cornerstone, God’s city on a hill will break down one day; the United States must fall apart one day.

Democratic elections can never be used to resolve the conflict of faith and values, nor is it a way for secular society to solve the dispute of vital interests. Democratic elections only solve the problem by consultation and negotiation among brothers in a society full of brotherly love; everyone in this society is like a brother and believes in equality for all under God. Without this premise, there can be no real democratic election. There has never been a country in human history where two religions account for half of the population and can remain in harmony for a long time. The conflict between faiths and values can only be resolved through war or by dividing into several independent countries. It is impossible to resolve this conflict through democratic elections at all. For example, there has never been a country with half Christian and half Muslim. It is why India split into two countries(India and Pakistan), and the South Union was divided into several small countries. The most obvious example is the South Union divided into several countries by various religions. In a secular society like ancient China, the dispute of huge interests could not be solved through democratic elections because no one trusted the others, and no one would accept an election result unfavorable to him. The only way to solve this problem was through force and war. This is also the reason why ancient China could only shape a country through wars, and it was impossible to form a union peacefully.

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