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As long as the F.B.I. does not investigate and file a case, no one can do anything about the corruption of the Biden family.

Ano one can do anything about the corruption of the Biden family.

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Yesterday, a non-profit legal supervision organization in the United States asked the Biden government to reply positively. Why can the donors of Obama and Biden get huge government orders? In fact, this is a very public matter. Everyone in the United States who is slightly concerned about politics knows that the Obama and Biden family obtains enormous donations and bribes by selling national interests and government contracts. Moreover, it is still a trivial matter to bribe through donations. After all, bribery through donations is subject to many constraints. And there are more seamy sides. Otherwise, where did Obama’s $15 million mansions come from? On the surface, he sells autobiographies, but how popular can his books get? The price of his books is up to $100. Regardless of the cost, it should sell 600000 copies at least to amass 60 million dollars, and the rest beyond this is the profit of the publishing house. However, the best-selling English book in history, “Harry Potter,” has only 4 million copies sold, and it is a total series of more than a dozen books. Under normal circumstances, Selling more than 100000 books is even best-selling. You can imagine how difficult it is for a publishing house to make profits from Obama’s autobiography, but there is a publishing house that is so stupid. Do you really believe there is nothing fishy in it? Newly elected U.S. Justice Barrett, as soon as she became a justice, the publisher published one of her books with a royalty of 2 million. Publishing books has become disguised bribery. We all know that the painting and calligraphy market is the worst-hit area for money laundering. Much black money is laundered through the painting and calligraphy market, which is even more bizarre in the United States,

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Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is said to be a painter now. After eating, drinking, gambling, and smoking for half his life, the child suddenly wanted to draw. He became a painter three months later. Now, he was a prominent painter because his painting’s price was as high as 500000 US dollars. Only one or two hundred yuan was paid for students to draw an imitation of a famous painting in China’s oil painting village. According to netizens, In the United States, portraits or decorative landscape paintings range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Of course, famous artists may be paid tens of thousands of dollars, but rare.

Moreover, these are traditional art and need decades of grounding in basic skills. However, Hunter Biden paints abstract paintings, that is, graffiti, which Three-year-old children can do too. If this is not giving bribery publicly, what is giving bribery publicly? When mentioning Hunter Biden, this child, I have to talk about the computer gate incident that made a lot of noise during the presidential election last year. Hunter Biden can be memory loss after taking drugs; he lost a computer in the computer store. Many of his business contacts in the computer are conclusive evidence of the corruption of the Biden family, including his business partners, but the FBI just didn’t file a case; no one can do with the corrupt family. And when Hunter Biden served as director of the board of a Ukrainian gas company, he did nothing but earn tens of thousands of dollars a month and hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. All these scandals finally end up with nothing conclusive. Do you think it’s news that the Obama-Biden government gave bulk contracts to their donors? There are more than 500 congress members and 100 senators in the United States. After deducting the Democratic lawmakers, about half of all, who are also swamps, about 300 Republican lawmakers rest. Even if they are not bought off wholely, a few dare to speak against Hunter Biden, they rarely mention these scandals because they are powerless and nothing can do. We can imagine what the current situation of the United States is, what a dark society it is! And why is it that?

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In fact, John Adams, the founding father of the United States, revealed the reason more than 200 years ago. The American system is established for the moral and has no use for the immoral. After losing faith and morality, the American system is like a sieve with loopholes everywhere. Any bad people can exploit these loopholes. They pervert the law, make moral decay, abuse power, misuse office, and commit corruption. There is no way for lawmakers as supervisors, not to mention ordinary people. One of the biggest loopholes in these systems is the law of protecting human rights and privacy, which is easy be misused by bad people. Of course, the protection of human rights and privacy in U.S. law is from a benign point to protect the rights of every ordinary people from infringement, but it is also easy to be exploited by ulterior people to protect criminals and even commit crimes publicly for fear of nothing. Perhaps this is God’s arrangement. If people lose faith in God, lose conscience, and the internal constraints on themselves, any system is useless. No matter the system is the separation of three powers or the separation of five powers, even hundreds of powers. Obviously, because of human rights, privacy, and the reporting system of the United States, the biggest anti-corruption weapon is very complex. In the following, I’ll elaborate. Of course, I don’t get these from American law. First, I’m not an American lawyer. Second, American law is very complex. Even American lawyers may not be very clear if they don’t specialize in such cases. However, I got it from the analysis of actual news events. It should also be very reliable and authoritative.

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We can find from Hunter Biden’s computer gate that the United States has many restrictions on individual reports, such as the report of the computer store owner. Many people doubt that the report is illegal because the computer store owner can’t freely disclose the customer’s information, but the owner replied that he reported it after 90 days, namely a three-month protection period. Because the customer didn’t pay him the maintenance fee, at this time, the computer already belongs to him; he has the right to check the computer data. Obviously, the evidence must be sufficient and legal due to privacy protection. In addition to the above examples, if the evidence was obtained from other illegal channels, such as sneak shots and other illegal sources, the law enforcement departments can reject them because of human rights and privacy violations. It gives law enforcement departments, such as the FBI, great power; they can easily decide whether to receive the report or not. Second, one reason for the impeachment of Trump from the Democratic Party is that Giuliani used the power of the trump government to investigate political opponents. That is to say; Trump can not use public power to investigate political opponents or ordinary citizens of the United States, which needs approval from the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the intelligence committee. This obviously also raises the difficulty of anti-corruption because it is conceivable that it is hard to obtain investigation power through so many government departments.

In most cases, anti-corruption is through private investigation and report. However, it is difficult to obtain conclusive evidence due to limited power and equipment. For example, Giuliani’s investigation into the Bien family for so long seems to have some conclusive evidence. However, there still seems to be no ironclad proof, that is, the irrefutable evidence of catching adultery in the act, which is enough to file a case, but this kind of evidence is not easy to obtain. Hence, all his reports come to nothing. Third, likewise, because of the human rights protection clause, the law enforcement department of the United States cannot force suspects to assist in the investigation by common means used in third world countries such as no sleeping and long-term lighting. Although these means violate human rights, they are indeed very effective and can dig out many big cases, but it is obviously impossible to do so in the United States.

Fourth, from the above analysis, we can also draw that law enforcement departments such as the FBI have immense power in anti-corruption. They have the right to file a case or not. Of course, it is impossible to present a case without conclusive evidence. Even if the evidence is sufficient, it is illegal. If the person is a criminal, in common sense, law enforcement departments can not open an investigation; otherwise, it is easy to be refuted by the defense lawyer. More importantly, even if you have sufficient legal evidence, you can do nothing if the FBI doesn’t file a case. There was no use of a hearing in Parliament because Parliament only has the power of supervision and no executive power; they can only ask for it. We know that the Senate held a hearing on the corruption case of the Biden family before the election, but it can only beat the wild. In fact, at the end of 2019, the owner of the computer store reported Hunter’s computer, but the FBI did not open an investigation or report the investigation results. No one could do anything with them. It was an abyss of darkness. Even Trump was incapable of these as president. He was an outsider, and he also had no way about the FBI. Any law would block him back. The founding father of the United States originally designed this to ensure the normal operation of the government, but now It was used for corruption, of which they never thought. Fifth, the democracy party control the mainstream media and social platforms. The owners of these mainstream media and social platforms share the spoils with them as a community of interests. They never report the negative news about Obama and Biden. In fact, they are the propaganda agencies of the Democratic Party. These mainstream media control at least 80% of public opinion, and there is not much room left. Think about it carefully, In fact, it is impossible for the governments of North Korea and other countries to fully control public opinion, which can only reach 95% at most, and there is also 5% of the remaining space. In fact, the United States and North Korea, and other countries are only 50 steps and 100 steps apart,

The government does not investigate corruption cases under great public anger, which often occurs in third-world countries. Still, this kind of outrageous action now also always appears in the United States. Even if you have 20% space for public opinion, it is useless because the hot news waves after waves, people can not focus on one focus for a long time. It is conceivable how little different is the United States from third-world countries.

From this analysis, we should know why Obama and Biden dare to ignore the public voice, openly accept bribes, and hand out big government contracts to their donors. They openly held luxurious birthday parties during the epidemic and ignored their own laws and regulations, completely mocking the American and teasing public opinion. Nevertheless, according to American law, Americans can’t take action against them at all. It is tough to fight corruption in the United States. Anti-corruption in the United States is already very difficult; moreover, they have mastered the FBI, the most critical anti-corruption department. So they can override the law, do what they want at their pleasure in broad daylight, regard American as nothing, and even publicly insult and humiliate them like pigs because Americans can’t hold them up. Therefore, even if some lawmakers dare to sound off, they can’t bring measures before the law. A few days ago, Republican congressman Gaze came to see trump supporters who were imprisoned due to demonstrations on January 6, but the guards refused to let him in. He had no way. He was just a congressman and had no real rights. Moreover, limited by the laws protecting human rights and privacy, Gaze and others dare not attack casually without conclusive evidence; otherwise, they may draw fire against themselves and violate the law. Of course, they have to have self-protection; otherwise, they do not know how they will be framed. Gaze has been accused of participating in the abduction and trafficking of girls.

Moreover, we know that exposing underworld forces in Southeast Asia and other third-world countries will cause endless troubles and even loss of life. Because it is a purely secular society, people there compete by any means for significant material interests. Assassination and personal attacks are common means. And the informant or his family often disappear inexplicably, but these phenomena are common in today’s United States. No one knows whether the computer store owner reported Hunter Biden is alive or dead. Let alone a small computer store owner. Georgia was the most suspicious of fraud in the 2020 election last year and has always been the main attack direction of the Republican Party. However, the boyfriend of the governor’s daughter, who is also an election official, was killed in an inexplicable car accident. The day before yesterday, two police officers who executed the law in the Capitol Hill incident on January 6 committed suicide. So far, a total of four police officers involved have committed suicide. These are not gossip but public reports by left media such as CNN. If you don’t doubt there are problems, you really are doubted whether you are a normal person. In the second year of Trump’s tenure, he appointed Dudum as an independent prosecutor, investigating the origin of the Russian gate and the illegal activities monitoring his campaign. But three years passed, and no result was made. Trump issued a statement some days ago, where is Dudam now? Is he alive or dead? As a former president, Trump asked that. You can see how terrible the United States is now. And sometimes it’s not clear how different the U.S. is from the third-world countries now?.

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Because I wanted to write the book “the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” buy the Kindle ebook , I began to observe American politics ten years ago, but the more I observed, the more I felt weird in fogs. The United States is no longer the United States I am studying. I have been exploring the reasons. These reasons have also become a central thread of this book, and they can reverse as the main reasons for the shape of the United States. Account for 99.9% of the total population is Christians in the country’s founding; Christians are the most significant difference between then and now. And they were the most devout Christians who fled from Europe to the United States. They had the purest faith. At that time, the whole society was full of brotherly love. Everyone cared for each other, helped each other, shared weal and woe, and united as one. It was the prosperous time of Peach Blossom Land in the Chinese ideal. In fact, there is no law or political system in this society. Everyone lives and operates naturally with the Bible and conscience. Because everyone is equal under God, they have to choose their own leaders or decide significant affairs by majority decision principle and public voting. And the elected leaders also follow the Bible and conscience. They either didn’t interfere and let the society develop on its nature, or they sincerely serviced the people and had no idea of reaping benefits for themselves, let alone corruption.
Nevertheless, there were few taxes at that time, and the government had little power. If the offices wanted to corrupt, they couldn’t get anything. This fundamentally chopped the root of corruption. This is also what I have always advocated; only a small government can ultimately fight corruption. In those days, the society was completely an ideal Taoist state, leaving wealth with the people, doing nothing and everything is done, governed by the non-intervention of the people. Everyone’s potential was brought to full, and the whole social cohesion was particularly strong. Can’t such a country quickly become the most powerful country in the world? However, in today’s United States, 35% of the population are not Christians. According to statistics, Christians account for only 65% of the population, and no one knows how many radical Christians and fake Christians are in them. Therefore, the United States is no longer the United States of its founding days. It is no longer a pure Christian country. It is not a society full of brotherly love, mutual help, and fraternity. It is becoming closer and closer to a purely secular society. People are extremely sinister. For the huge interests, there are all kinds of tricks, election fraud, vote fraud, and so on. Today, the separation of powers system in the United States has actually collapsed.

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Of course, everyone should not lose confidence in the United States because I narrate these. The United States does not only have a system of separation of powers. After the three-power division fails its effect, it also has municipal autonomy, strong state power, and at least 75 million Trump supporters. Most of them are devout Christians with firm beliefs and a conscience of pursuing good and justice. They are rare and rare creatures in the world; It should be enough to hold up the sky of human faith and conscience. I have repeatedly emphasized this in my book “the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” buy the Kindle ebook . The municipal autonomy from the Puritan parish autonomy is the unique weapon of the United States and the root reason for the strength of the United States. Today’s situation further proves my view is correct. The United States now relies entirely on this unique municipal autonomy in the world and descendants of Puritans, the Republicans, to fight against the Democrats’ corrupt government. Otherwise, it will be the same as the third-world countries, tar with the same brush. And most of the supporters of Trump, these devout Christians, are distributed up to 99% of the United States. Many netizens have counted that the Democratic Party actually controls only 1% of the United States, namely several big cities. Except for these big cities, the rest of the world is mainly controlled by Republicans.

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In fact, the Democratic Party has not really controlled the big cities very often. If they vote squarely and fairly, they may not win in these big cities. They win and seize power mainly through illegal voting by illegal immigrants in these big cities because many illegal immigrants finally gather there. Democrats have been in power for hundreds of years in most of these big cities. All bureaucrats are their people. They do not allow even a leading body to look into its affairs. It is tough for the republicans to grasp the inside story, including the federal government. Judging from the current situation, the Biden government has raised the opening of borders, allowed more illegal immigrants to enter the United States, and prevented Cuban immigration. In fact, it has also proved my views are correct. Because Trump has been unwilling to give up and has been tracking election fraud, the Democratics also feel that a disaster is imminent, ready to stake everything on one move, the introduction of more illegal immigrants, to control the United States. The Democratic Party controls the United States through illegal voting by illegal immigrants. Republicans and Americans should be clearly aware of this. Republicans should not only audit the votes in swing states but also the votes in big cities controlled by these Democrats for a long time. Only in this way can we ensure the future of the United States; it should also be a goal of the Republican Party in the future.

At the same time, even if we who believe in good faith, justice, and conscience, are not Americans, we should vigorously carry forward the good faith, including Christianity, and promote ancient scriptures such as “Bible” and “Tao Te Ching”. In fact, as long as these scriptures and beliefs are still in existence, humans cannot perish and will be resurrected one day because they are seeds and hope. Evil cannot suppress justice. No matter how rampant evil is, God always arranges justice to defeat evil; otherwise, the earth can only cease to exist

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