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American politicians are very corrupt and have formed a class to exploit Americans cruelly. At this time, the First Amendment, municipal autonomy is the only powerful weapon against them.

formed a class to exploit Americans cruelly. At this time, the First Amendment, municipal autonomy is the only powerful weapon against them

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Biden’s disastrous performance in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan angered conservatives, Republicans, and many Americans. Biden left the Afghan Taliban with 80 billion all American equipment. Here is a clear chart of data, including tanks 159, armored vehicles 155, cars 22174, machine guns 64363, rifles 358530, etc.; you can see the chart below. Some people pointed out that Afghan is the second-largest country in the world with new U.S. military weapons, but today’s Afghan is not a country but a terrorist organization. No one knows how many disasters these weapons will bring to humans. Moreover, Biden shamefully withdrew American troops under the dual regulatory conditions of the Taliban, that is, at the specified time, before August 31, at the specified place, Kabul airport, to withdraw all U.S. troops. Biden accepted the conditions like the Taliban’s grandson, and hundreds of Americans were left. Allegedly, he also left the list of Afghans who have helped Americans to the Taliban (the reason is to rescue them, but will you believe in a terrorist organization?). What Biden left in Afghan included dozens of military dogs. Americans regard pets as a member of their family, even better than their families; after all, pets are weak animals and need more care.

Not only that, but Biden also told bald-faced lies and spoke a pack of lies in many interviews. He felt public opinion and the American people as nothing. He even hinted that the hundreds of Americans who were stranded in Kabul did not want to go; they hindered the plan of complete withdrawal. Do you think that this would not make many people gnash their teeth? Republican lawmakers also strongly condemned it. Especially these two congresswomen, Lauren Boebert and Taylor Greene, have put forward a motion to impeach Biden. Even South Carolina Senator Graham, who has always been considered a member of the deep government, supports impeachment and asks Biden to resign. Whether Tracy Reagan or Owen, all conservative We media is even more fierce and angry, but they can do nothing about Biden. He still sits there and talks nonsense, running off at his mouth as if nothing had happened, but no one can do anything to him. This is the current situation in the United States.

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In “the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” buy the Kindle ebook  and many articles, I have repeatedly emphasized that the American system is set up for moral people. For a corrupt and depraved society, the so-called three-power separation in the United States is like a sieve full of loopholes and can be abused everywhere. Biden is not afraid of impeachment at all. The House must first pass impeachment, and the Democratic Party has a majority in the House. They also are very united; they have common material interests. Each of them wants to share a big cake so that they would unlikely pass the impeachment of the Baiden. Even if the impeachment is passed in the House, it also must be accepted by the Senate. The successful impeachment requires the consent of two-thirds of the senators, that is, 67 senators. Not to mention the Democrats, among the 50 Republican senators, those who may support impeachment will not be up to double digits. The current American system has no way to take Biden anyway. These conservatives and Republicans with justice and patriotic feelings can only beat their chests, stamp their feet on the Internet, and cry their eyes out; other than that, they can’t do anything with Biden. It can be said uglily that the present American society is even worse than the autocratic monarchy society in ancient China. Don’t underestimate China’s autocratic monarchy society. After all, the country is owned by the emperor privately. They have to value fairness and justice; otherwise, how can the regime be maintained? These democratic politicians and Democrats only desire to share a piece of cake, and they don’t care whether the government can be maintained or not. Conservatives and Republicans are viewed not only as shit by Biden but also ridiculed and cursed by the supporters of Biden, the Democratic Party, which accounts for at least 40% of the country. How do you think these conservatives and Republicans are miserable?

The Biden family is very corrupt. His son, Hunter Biden, has only been painting for three months and majored in abstract paintings. Each painting can be sold for $500000. is this bribe-taking? Such obvious evidence, the so-called supervision institutions, including members of Congress, have nothing to do with him. Moreover, according to the latest news, when Hunter Biden got blind drunk, whoring in Moscow, He missed a computer that the Russian government had obtained. There are many trade secrets and evidence of bribery on it. This is an extremely important national security issue and may lead the United States to tragedy and disaster. However, no one can take something with him without opening an investigation by the FBI. When you get grease payments from others, they will control you. If you put your hands in the cookie jar, you will be in the pocket of others, so we know Biden always blows hot and cold. He is worried that bribers will smoke him out if he can’t handle things properly. After all, the United States is not a completely authoritarian country.

So as can be imagined, Biden is extremely vulnerable. He can not threaten the Taliban like Trump. “If you dare to touch a citizen of the United States, I will kill you.” He has too many goods get by the briber and dare not act and speak impartially. Ukraine has his goods. Russia has conclusive evidence of the corruption of his family. If it is poked out, it is strange that Biden will not be in desperate trouble. Can’t he be afraid? Dare he acts impartially? At present, it is said that the strategy of the Beden government in dealing with the following affairs in Afghanistan is the same as Obama dealing with the Iranian nuclear crisis, That is, sending money to the Taliban. It is the softest, slightest way not to offend anyone. All parties benefit, and it can seal the Republican Party’s mouth, “I don’t want to sacrifice American lives to fall into war again.” Anyway, the money is not their own but American taxpayers. Maybe they can get some kickbacks from it.

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I have repeatedly stressed that the laws of the United States are too complicated, especially the laws protecting human rights and privacy. Many of them can prevent the investigations of private detective agencies or Parliament. The only institute in the United States that can be called an anti-corruption agency is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has the power to file a case and investigate. It can determine the sad fate of corrupt people. Don’t forget The United States has the most advanced investigation technology and the most rigorous and complex laws in the world. Even If there is a little clue, you should be sent to prison unless you are completely innocent like Trump. The United States Intelligence Community also has a small court that can approve the surveillance of private people. Only on these two bases can evidence gotten prove you are corrupt. Except for these two ways, the United States has no other anti-corruption institutions, and there is no way to deal with corrupt officials. If the United States also has the crime of unidentified sources of vast amounts of property, 80% of U.S. lawmakers and 100% of Democratic lawmakers can afford this crime.

Many netizens in the United States will retort that the United States is not a paradise for criminals. If ordinary people evade taxes and suddenly have a large amount of property in their accounts, they may be investigated and sentenced for violating the law. Let me explain here that the FBI will only let the officials, lawmakers, and other interested parties slip through the net and turn a blind eye to them. All laws in the United States and institutions, including President Trump, have no way to get the FBI. But the FBI is picky about ordinary people and the small staff. FBI can file a case against them as strictly as finding quarrels in a straw because their interests are unrelated; the FBI can use their head to prove power. In fact, the United States is now 50 steps and 100 steps different from a society like North Korea. The difference is that the North Korean government controls 100% of the power; It will investigate whoever it wants to investigate. And the United States government can only control 80% or 90% of the power, leaving little space for ordinary people. That is the performance of conservatives in media now. They can only beat your chest online, howl into the sky, and scold Biden, and democrats, but it was of no use at all.

In “the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” buy the Kindle ebook  this book, I discussed in detail the situation of Puritans in Massachusetts. At that time, there was no corruption at all .first, both the right to vote and the right to stand for election were members of the church, the most devout and religious people. It was impossible for them to commit election fraud, let alone corruption, through officials’ positions. Second, the Puritan government followed that the local officials were unpaid volunteers in British. Its principle is that the local officials are wealthy; they regard politics as a pursuit and ambition, and they can’t accept bribes. Like Trump, they do not lack money and are hard to buy. In my book, I also discuss the first father of the United States, the leader of the Massachusetts colonies, Winthrop. He is a squire class and has long served as a magistrate in British. In order to realize his ideals, he sold his family property and became the largest shareholder of the colonial Massachusetts company. In theory, Massachusetts is his. He can collect taxes from others. However, in Massachusetts, he did not collect a penny tax from others and often subsidized them. First, he came to Massachusetts not to make a kill but for political ideals. Second, he not only colonized with his family but also brought many servants. As a result, the annual harvest of the field is much higher than that of ordinary families.

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Soon after the founding of the United States, officials’ salaries were not high, and the principle of voluntariness was basically followed. At that time, many people declined to take office after being elected to Parliament because the salaries were low, and they could not afford the family expenses; they had to find another job. However, no one thinks that today, with the development of American society, with the decline of the Christian faith, the society has become more and more secular, greedy and degenerate, and given birth to a class of career politicians. They are officials and lawmakers; they are not engaged in labor productivity and specialize in politics. They boast nonsense, talk long tongues, run off their mouths, fool, cheat people, pull the wool over their eyes, play the blame game, and play with people. They have been paid a high salary for a long time. The monthly salary of ordinary workers in American families is about 3000 dollars. Still, lawmakers’ annual salary is more than 200000 dollars, which is very high. However, these people are still unsatisfied; they use various gray channels to bring money and make themselves richer. Obama has hundreds of millions of assets, Hillary Clinton has hundreds of millions of property, and Pelosi has more than 50 million in wealth. Many politicians are as poor as rats at the beginning and turn rich because of politics. Even AOC, the youngest congresswoman, bar girl, has only been a Congresswoman for two years. She has now reached millions from the negative assets owed to student loans. I actually don’t know where the money comes from.

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Now Americans feel that servants completely occupy their homes. They originally wanted to manage their homes well and hired some professional housekeepers, but these housekeepers are less and less obedient to their masters’ wishes, constantly expanding their personnel and increasing their salaries. Moreover, the masters also find that they can’t do anything about these housekeepers. A few people engaged in the housekeeper profession in society are all together. Whoever you employ is a group. They, a white face, a black face, a Republican Party, a Democratic party, all play games with you. It’s hard to find an outsider like Trump; however, he is forced to quit by all housekeepers. And what’s even sadder is that Americans find that they can’t drive these butlers out of their houses because Changing the system requires their approval. Passing the constitutional amendment requires the approval of three-quarters of the 50 states and the approval of two-thirds of the lawmakers, namely two-thirds of the housekeeper group. It can be imagined how difficult it is, so they can only let these housekeepers occupy their homes all the time.

In particular, Biden impatiently watched the screen of his mobile phone during the ceremony to greet the coffin of the American soldiers killed in Afghanistan. It makes countless ordinary Republicans and conservatives cry in despair. They are really sad that there is no way for them to throw off the corrupt, depraved president, who also wholly despises every American. And what’s more unacceptable is that, compared with impatiently watching his watch, Baiden and Pelosi kneeled on a drug addict and habitual offender, extremely religiously and devoutly. It made Republicans and conservatives even more discouraged and disheartened. Moreover, they can’t even launch demonstrations to protest against the corrupt president. But this is the reality in the United States. It’s useless to be sad and desperate. You can only blame yourself for inaction in ordinary times. Demonstrations are effective only in densely populated places such as big cities. What’s the use of marching in a small city with only thousands or tens of thousands of people?

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But big cities are all controlled by the Democratic Party; some have been controlled for hundreds of years. You can see the Democratic Party’s scheming and wolf ambition from here. Their control of power is definitely several levels higher than the Republican Party. They have constantly introduced illegal immigrants into big cities, letting them vote illegally. They also buy blacks, let blacks act as their own thugs and S.S., and incite them to launch big marches and riots at any time to protest Republican policies. Previously many people said that the Democratic Party was playing identity politics and wanted to divide people into various grades and ranks. I retorted bluntly at the time; things were not so complicated. They were not for identity politics but to let blacks be thugs and Stormtroopers. As thugs and stormtroopers, the blacks often attack and charge the Republicans and conservatives so that the Republicans and conservatives will completely succumb. See these; Who dares to promote conservative ideas and Christianity in big cities in this atmosphere? You should be attacked and harassed by blacks at any time, and even your lives will be in danger. This is the reason and purpose of Biden and Pelosi’s devotion to kneeling the blacks; they want to encourage and incite the blacks to attack and harass Republicans and conservatives over and over and completely defeat them. At present, they couldn’t take the U.S. military as their stormtroopers, and the death of these U.S. soldiers was nothing to do with them, so there was no need to kneel for the U.S. military’s coffins. So how do these Republicans let the Democratic Party do what they want and break the law? The  Republicans dare not resist, even without a word. They fail to face the challenge, eat humble pie, and bend their knee. Now, of course, they can only cry. Can they only blame themself?

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Of course, the system left by the United States’ founding fathers also leaves a little space for conservatives, each of us, and provides an opportunity to fight back. The United States’ founding fathers did not consider these far-reaching when they formulated the Constitution. At the time, the United States was a completely Christian society. Based on the principle of brotherly love and equality of all, they expected to formulate a constitution that all states agreed to without any coercive factors. The process was arduous; the constitutional assembly faced a breakdown several times, but everyone sat at the table again due to the common Christian belief, reaching this Constitution. It is really not easy. Madison said the Constitution was a masterpiece of God. I think it is completely correct. It should be said that the Constitution of the United States is the kindest and best system of human society. Although it is not perfect, it can make people own the power to pursue goodness and justice. In fact, in a sense, this Constitution is not a written law but a contract between various states and a treaty to be observed jointly. It reaffirms some basic systems implemented in various states, such as separation of powers, democratic election of the president, Parliament, etc. Some articles in the Constitution are excellent and always radiate charming light. For example, the first amendment contains the content that the government shall not intervene in religion, and religious freedom ranks first in any case. The religious atmosphere was still robust at that moment; religious freedom was also the main driving force for the Puritans to fight against the British army. I detail this in my book“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” buy the Kindle ebook . Welcome to read and know the details.

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The first amendment is also the essence of the whole Constitution of the United States. Many laws of the U.S. were derived from interpreting this clause after; it can only be said that these derived laws were often very unsuccessful. They completely violated the original intention of the Constitution. Even we can say that they falsify the Constitution and are employing the interpretation of the law to replace the legislation. The most obvious is the interpretation of the First Amendment as a wall of separation of state and religion. In fact, the provisions of the First Amendment are very clear and very restrictive. It is impossible to derive an explanation of the separation of state and religion like a wall, and it is impossible to get such an explanation in the climate, environment, and religious atmosphere at the time of the founding of this country. This leaves room for conservatives to fight back, targeting the Supreme Court’s replacing legislation with interpretation, restoring the Constitution’s original intention by various means, and returning the United States to the right path. The second essence of the Constitution is municipal autonomy; that is to say, the Constitution of the United States only stipulates the federal government’s rights. The rights not stipulated in the Constitution belong entirely to all the States and municipalities. This also leaves a massive space for the improvement of American society. The federal government shall not infringe on state power. If federal laws and regulations infringed on state power, states and municipalities could refuse to implement them and protect the Constitution through complex legal procedures at any time. At the same time, the Constitution does not stipulate that the federal government can use the army to enforce the law, so the federal government daren’t enforce the laws. This will also leave the Conservatives a vast space and time to strive for the final victory of the battle. The third is the right to own guns under the Second Amendment, making it difficult for the federal government to deprive people of guns like in other countries. Of course, it also gives conservatives more space to protect the Constitution. Guns can be used as the last resort when falling into a dead end. Everyone will be killed together with guns. It can be seen that this is also the main reason why Biden and the democratic government always wanted to weaken or even cancel the second amendment, control guns and even ban guns. If they’re going to put the whole society under control, they must start with taking off people’s guns. Otherwise, they will be greeted by street battles everywhere, and all perish together.

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The underlying reason why the White House Democratic Government has such a vicious and unconstitutional idea of dictatorship is. Of course, all human politicians have the ambition to control the world. However, on the surface, they have at least 40% of voters’ support and believe in their representing the direction of humans. In fact, the voters who support the Democratic Party are those who have been on welfare for a long time and want the government to raise them from birth to death. In fact, these people should be aware that if the United States is completely controlled by the big government pursued by the White House Democratic Party, the United States is an ordinary country and a threat to the world because the United States currently has the most powerful science and technology and force. The U.S. military can challenge the sum of all other countries in the world and easily realize dictatorship in the world. But, of course, it can also make out authoritarianism at home. These minority leftist voters warmly cheered Biden’s coming to power through election fraud and believed it was reasonable. Although election fraud, his policy was the trend of the world and was the future of humans. But did these people think Biden could become president through fraud through the vote-counting machine? Why did he cater to their wishes? In the end, the sickle will be cut on their heads, and they are just a leek, were played for a sucker. The democratic party only uses them as a tool to create public opinion. Once the situation is completely controlled, how can they be concerned? These leftist voters are only some small leeks in others’ bowls. There is no such good thing as pie falling from the sky. If we go down the road of the big government pursued by the Democratic Party, the outcome will be Venezuela. Every family has tens of millions of assets, but a catty of eggs is priced at millions.

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