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The results of the audit report of the Arizona 2020 election are shocking. The brutal fraud of the Democratic Party has disillusioned many people with democracy. I am also deeply moved. I would talk about some things that I have experienced about democracy in the past decade and the results of researching it

2020 election are shocking. The brutal fraud of the Democratic Party has disillusioned many people with democracy. I am also deeply moved. I would talk about some things that I have experienced about democracy in the past decade and the results of researching it

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Today, the limelight Arizona 2020 election audit report was officially released. This is the official audit report of the Arizona Senate; It is very official and authoritative. The data are shocking. Details are as follows.

The most unacceptable thing is that the audit report points out that there are more than 17000 duplicate votes in Maricopa County, which is 1.5 times the number of votes won by Biden. Moreover, most of these same votes appear from November 4 to November 9. That is to say; after the voting day, the democratic party knows how many votes they need to win, then they create these votes.

The data of the hearing is not limited to this. There are also the following, all shocking, all tearing the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

255326early votes show in the Vm55 that do not have a corresponding EV33 entry. That is to say; the 255326 ballots may be fake.This is horrible; it is more than 20 times the number of votes Biden won.

The audit also found the camera video of modifying the computer data, and the real person who modified the data was caught. It is said that when the news was announced, the whole Parliament hall applauded, but who is he? It needs the intervention of the FBI and other police agencies. The United States is a country that extremely protects individual rights. Evidence can easily be invalidated if there is no intervention from police agencies. others are the following,

3432 more ballots were cast than the list of people who show as having cast a vote (VM55)

9041 mail-in voters show returning more ballots(EV33) than they were sent(EV32)

2472 ballots show in EV33 that they don’t have corresponding entries in the VM55, and only 2042 ballots show aw rejected in the official canvas or a discrepancy of 430

More than 1 million documents were deleted from disk D, and 80000 files were deleted from disk C

The security protection of the vote counter Dominion is extremely poor. It is worse than our personal computers, such as shared passwords, shared user accounts, remote access, failure to Preserve Security logs, failure to Preserve Operating System logs, etc.

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These data are really shocking, very accurate, and excellently exact. Moreover, these data do not include 1 million documents deleted before the audit of Maricopa County. What are the contents of these documents? Is the hearsay of allocating Trump’s votes to Biden true? It does not include signature verification of mail-in ballots, the most considerable fraud method for mail-in ballots.

Moreover, Maricopa County is only a county in Arizona. The fraudulent votes of a county are enough to overturn the election results several times, even more than a dozen times. It is really unbelievable that this is American democracy. When American democracy comes to this point, many people have a ridiculous, nonsense feeling, especially some so-called Chinese democrats who feel a sense of disillusion. They feel like they have been pursuing an illusory bubble all their lives. The bubble bursts when they are old, letting them know their lifelong pursuit is empty, equivalent to saying they have wasted a whole life. Therefore, these so-called Chinese democrats never recognize the existence of fraud in American elections. It is said that a famous Chinese Democrat in the United States still spread false news 10 hours before the publication of the audit report. He claimed that the audit report once again announced Biden’s victory in Arizona. It can be said that he lived in illusion and never believed that his lifelong pursuit was illusory forever.

I would comfort these so-called democrats here. The best time for the American system was when Winthrop and others governed Puritan society in Massachusetts, including the early days of the founding of the United States. At that time, everyone was very religious, honest, and kind. Such election fraud could not be absent entirely, but they were rare. There were fierce arguments and debates during the constituent assembly, but no one mentioned the problem of election fraud. Even in the days of Reagan and Clinton, I believe the United States was very honest and reliable. Otherwise, it will not be able to elect an outsider like Trump. The main sticking point is that during the eight years of the Obama administration, they passed the same-sex marriage bill, advocating transgender toilets and so on. They have completely destroyed the faith of the whole American society and completely degenerated America.

Meanwhile, Trump’s four-year presidency had too much impact on politics. He is too sincere. If he continues as president, he will destroy the politicians’ jobs. So Republicans and Democrats are trying to get rid of him jointly. It is an era of turbulent changes. It is also a time of Gold and Sand, which has a decisive impact on the future of humans. Living in such a time, I don’t know whether we are happy or sad.

Seeing this situation, I have nothing to say, only filled with all emotion. We all know that our generation experienced 6.4 square when we were young. At that time, we were very innocent and simple. We believed that everyone was honest and kind and would treat every vote in hand carefully. Therefore, we consider the democratic election system as beautiful. Later, after graduation, I came into society knowing that reality was short of purity and beauty as imagined. We do not live in a society of sincerity, kindness, and love but full of traps. I later worked in a construction company. I saw with my own eyes that many colleagues had the dream of contracting a  good project, improving construction quality, and making a lot of money. In the end, they were owed the project funds. Some are still struggling in the whirlpool of debt now. It seems impossible to turn over in this life. The reason is very simple. Any ordinary family can’t bear hundreds of thousands or even millions or millions of project funds in arrears. Later, I set up a decoration company, thinking it would be safer to start with small projects, but I experienced the same. This society is essentially the same. When I encountered mean and harsh customers, I often couldn’t get the final payment. I couldn’t be beaten down at once because the projects I undertook were small. Therefore, My experience is much richer than my colleagues.

I remember once a customer was the tax bureau. I asked him for the final payment. He said, “if you want your company to be audited, just come and collect the final payment.” my final payment was not enough for him to charge my company a penalty. Everyone in China knows that no company can stand a serious audit, and at least I didn’t pay tax for his small project. After that, I no longer dared to undertake the customers of the tax bureau. I can’t bear it, but I can avoid it.

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I once met a customer who said to me, “Xiao Fu, if you want to settle accounts, you need to give me a discount, and I’ll pay you all.” I thought a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush, and the most important thing was to get money, so I gave her many discounts and wanted to collect all the money at once. But when I asked for the money, she said,”Oh, Xiao Fu, I’m really sorry. When I went to the bank to draw money, I found that the card couldn’t be used. You see, here is only a little money left. I’ll pay up when the card can be used in a few days.” a few days later, I called her to pay. She said, “Xiao Fu, my life is not easy. Can you be a little less of it? I’ll pay you all.”I can’t help but promise her. However, she said, “I went to get money a moment ago, but I don’t expect that the card hasn’t defrosted yet. I borrowed this money from others temporarily. the balance I’ll give to you next time.”After some days, I asked her for the balance. She said she wanted less money. I didn’t have a temper at all, so I had to cut the meat again and settle the accounts completely. People in Southern Fujian call this practice tying the navel with a soft rope, namely, using a little strength with a soft rope to strangle you slowly.

I once received a small government project of about 10000¥ by accident, and there may be several thousands¥of final payments. One day, the leading director called me and said that the money had been approved and asked me to issue an invoice for collecting the money. I was glad and ran over with the invoice excitedly, but the director said to me before the finance staff gave the money, ” you got the final payment; we all are pleased for you; should you treat everyone to a meal at noon?” I took a look at them; there were ten people in the unit. I had to invite them to a banquet at noon. I remember it cost more than 1000 ¥. It was a huge sum of money at that time. I was distressed that the project was done in vain. After the meal, this director also wanted to go to KTV singing. The colleagues around him were embarrassed and told him,”Forget it, Xiao Fu can’t make much money from such a small project. If we go to KTV, he declines to pay back.” you can suggest how much I can earn from a project of about 10000 ¥, after dinner also want to go to KTV. I really raised my hat to him, and how can he put forward such a request?

Later, I took over two or three KTV projects and directly dealt with the underworld and big boss, who were half black and half white, in the world of crime. So it was more difficult to collect the final payment (but it can be said that God bless me, I finally retreated without fatal loss). My workers said to me,” Mr. Fu, you see, someone’s uncle is the director of the Public Security Bureau. How easy it is for him to get the money from the project! And you always hardly get the money. You should find some relationships instead of improving quality.”However, nurtured by textbooks, I always believed that I would have more business and make more money if the quality was good. Of course, society is indeed so. If the quality is good, more business and more money will be gotten. This is indeed the foundation of society and is indeed common in life. Still, you have to admit that there are seldom businesses by which you make money by quality. They are limited to handicrafts, small businesses, or individual occupations such as author, programmer, and doctor. If you want to make a lot of money, it’s impossible to take this method. You have to admit that it is another method.

I know a big boss. Everyone knows that he had borrowed a lot of money from the bank. His mother is a simple rural woman. She is very worried and lives a frugal life. She says, “My son owes so much money, and I must save money to repay them.” The person around her laughs and says, “aunt, don’t worry about it. Your son’s money can’t be returned for eight lifetimes, but you can’t spend his money for a lifetime.” this is the social reality. You may succeed if you can loan money from the bank. You may be a winner if you dare to borrow and owe money.

There is a song in Hokkien, popular all over China and worldwide. It is called “love to fight will win”. “Thirty percent doomed, seventy percent fighting.” However, we often joke that the next sentence dare not to sing out, that is, “to run off if you lose”,  if you lose to go to jail or sacrifice your life, few people dare to fight and do. But in southern Fujian, you can run away and start over in a different place if you lose. There is no danger to your life. Therefore, many people try their best to borrow money, owe money, loan, and invest. If you win, you will stand out in a crowd. If you lose, you only duck into a new place, continuing to fight and cheat. But now I found that we southern Fujian people are fairly good. A man like President Xu of Evergrande, we can only say that he is black, as the devil, bad, bad to the bone. He not only ruined many hard-working families and squandered their savings but also turned hundreds of millions or even billions of others’ blood money into his own property through legal loopholes. Others down the drain and lose their life savings, but President Xu can continue to have a good time. How can I do such things? I have always been taught to create wealth for society; It is immoral to owe money, destroy social property, let alone cheat others’ money. How can I eat at my conscience always in life?

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I mentioned in detail in the preface of “the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” that I went to business not just to make money but mainly to realize what profit is? According to my intuition and sixth sense, It’s hard for me to believe profit is exploitation. After more than ten years of practice in society, I finally understood that running an enterprise is hard work, and the profit is hard-earned money full of bitterness, blood, and tears for kind people like me. Every penny of the profit is pure and white and has nothing to do with exploitation. At the same time, Because it’s not just to make money, I’m very sensitive to some social focus issues in my general contact with society in the business world. I’ve been paying attention to and thinking about these issues. In the rural areas of Southern Fujian, every family wants to breed more children; in particular, they want to have more sons. Because if you have many children, you can win the conflict with neighbors in disputes and speak loudly in the village to enjoy prestige. Therefore, educating children in rural Southern Fujian is away from sincere and kind but bad and evil. I guess not only rural Southern Fujian but rural areas in China should be the same.

In the 1990s, there was a period of the democratic election of village heads in rural areas of China. Suppose villages lie in the suburbs of the city in Southern Fujian. In that case, Allegedly, being elected the village head would cost 1 million RMB at that time and hundreds of thousands of RMB farther away from the city. These are used to fraud the villagers and election. Moreover, you may not be elected the village head if you only have money; you must also have force. Those who run for the village head are big families; families with more children for several generations can naturally dominate the votes in the village. Even a man from a big family may not be elected the village head. This family must have bad guys; otherwise, no one should be afraid of you. The villagers may defy to vote for your family. I heard from my own ears that a friend of mine bragged about his elder brother, the village head, who wanted to buy a piece of land in the village. Still, the owner refused to sell, the village head bought all the surrounding land and then wouldn’t let the owner villager pass by, and the villager later had to sell the land to him. Do you think elections in such places can be just and fair? Can there be real elections? So at that time, I was very doubtful whether the implementation of the so-called democratic system in China could succeed? You can see that even under the democratic system, how can I challenge president Xu? He should regard me as tiny ants and crush us to death easily. There is an old saying in southern FuJiang that no matter how society changes, jumping on the stage is always those people, evil and vicious. We ordinary people just live our own little life and watch their shows. Nothing do with us. Someone says that implementing the democratic system can change human nature. In fact, it is almost a lie. The most successful democratic systems in the world are in Britain and the United States, which belong to Protestant countries, and other countries except for them all are in a mess. You can see it in Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.

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However, this thinking raises another question: why can the democratic election be realized in Protestant countries such as Britain and the United States? Why do they generally consciously abide by discipline and law, are commonly kind, have a high moral level, and treat their votes sincerely? In order to answer this question, which is the origin of my book“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” this question is not only concerned by me but also by many people of our time. More than ten years ago, at the beginning of this century, there was still a free environment in china. Many people were still honest in seeking knowledge and had heated discussions on some forums. As for the difference between China and Protestant countries, some thought it from the language. Some from the logic, and some from the culture. Based on my life experience and religious experiences, I thought that religion was the decisive factor in the evolution of human society because it determined the civilization and moral level of the whole society and whether the society was good, sincere, and full of brotherly love. Believers believe there were gods above your head, go to hell after death for doing evil, etc.; all these have a great warning on them. This is also my personal experience. Therefore, Believers generally abide by the law and cannot easily do bad things. They are afraid of retribution, the tragedy after death, etc.

With this direction, I have a deeper understanding of Christianity and slowly believe in God. I began to study western civilization from the origin of Christianity and its spread in ancient Rome, especially in the British Isles. The more I studied, the more I found that my idea was correct. Christianity has been cultivated silently in the British Isles for one thousand more years, completely changed the soil of society, and filled the whole British society with brotherly love. As a result, people were generally sincere and kind, and finally, the Great Charter was born. It generated a parliament and completely restricted the kingship.

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Moreover, because of brotherly love, the nobles did not make any trouble and naturally devolved their power to ordinary knights, civilians, and businesspeople, making British society more benign. Then there appeared Puritans. The Puritans came to Massachusetts, built the city of God on the Hill, and practiced the constitution in Massachusetts. All this led to the later United States. Therefore, a few years ago, I concluded in the book “the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book”that the United States would be no better than other third-world countries without the Christian faith.

But no one, including me, realizes that American society degenerates so quickly after losing faith. As the old saying goes, it can only be said that it takes ten years to learn good and one day to turn bad. Today, the United States is almost as same as third-world countries; It has entered a jungle society. Winning an election isn’t through sincere kindness, devout faith, or sacred treatment of the votes in hands, but by election fraud, cheating, and violence. On the other hand, it lets people fill with emotion and sigh; it also allows people to know the magic of God and the greatness of the creator and see his retribution for the defectors.

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