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Climate change is a tool for the Dem to manipulate society and form a big government. Why do I say that?

 manipulate society and form a big government. Why do I say that?

Climate change is a tool for the Dem to manipulate society and form a big government. Why do I say that? Please take a look at my analysis


We know that Einstein won the Nobel Prize in physics not based on the theory of relativity but on the theory of discovering the photoelectric effect. This also makes Einstein’s Nobel Prize controversial in the scientific community. If Einstein wins the prize because of this reason, his position in the scientific community will never be so noble. One of the most basic principles in the scientific community is that only the law that has withstood the test of repeated experiments can be called the principle and the principle of discovery. This is also the basic principle of the Nobel Prize. It is only awarded to scientists who have discovered the principle of the test of repeatable experiments and never to scientists who have only put forward scientific conjecture. Because conjectures are only conjectures after all, which may sound correct, In other words, it can be only right from the rational perspective.

Still, no one knows whether it is so without an experimental test.This is also the reason why the jury did not award Einstein the Nobel Prize with the theory of relativity because experiments had not tested it at that time, and even has it been tested by experiments so far? It is also difficult to have a clear answer.This is what I often say. The principle is in the hands of God. Humans can only experiment and summarize what the principles are? Humans can only discover principles. No one dares to say that he created principles. The most obvious is the taboo of humans on life science experiments. Apart from continuous experiments, humans can never know what principles are, but some disciplines can not experiment at will, such as gene experiments. If you do so, it is entirely possible to produce a strange monster, a monster that can destroy humans, or a new virus from the laboratory, A new virus that can destroy humans several times, so humans are full of fear of genetic experiments.This is also proof of the smallness of humans. It is also a mockery of humans who think they have the ability to surpass God. Those who think they can surpass God and can dominate human beings are either perverts or lunatics. Just like the current American Democratic Party, which believes that they can throw off God and the rules set by God, so they advocate transgender, perverted, incest, and animal sex. In the eyes of normal people, Democratic is just a bunch of lunatics?

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Let us hark back to the subject here. An obvious example of human conjecture is the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution holds that people evolved from monkeys, but it can’t be tested by practice. In practice, monkeys have been monkeys for thousands of years, and there is no sign of evolution into humans. Therefore, Darwin believes that humans evolved from monkeys, which is difficult to convince the public. Moreover, this conjecture can’t be tested at all because it is impossible to evolve monkeys or apes closest to humans into humans. One time is enough, not to mention many times, but the gap between the two species is too large. Therefore, Darwin’s theory of evolution will be a conjecture forever. In addition to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the second scientific theory that can not be testified by repeated experiments is the theory of climate warming. According to scientific research, the earth entered a glacial period 10 or 20 million years ago in the dinosaur era, and the weather was extremely cold. It is said that this is the fundamental reason for the extinction of dinosaurs. However, the earth became warmer and had life again. Of course, these are also conjectures and cannot be testified. The most important thing to say here is that humans can’t testify the evolution law of the earth. Facing the vast universe, several trillion light-years or even infinite trillion light-years can not reach the frontier universe, facing the colossal earth on which we stand; humans are as small as a grain of dust. How can humans promote the earth practice the law of evolution again? So the theory of climate warming will always be a conjecture and can never be tested,

I don’t know why these scientists have so much courage to think that human activities have caused climate warming. When there is no human existence, the earth’s climate also can become cold and warm. What is it? Of course, some people will retort that carbon emissions have obviously damaged the ozone layer, and the solar energy injected into the earth has increased significantly. Of course, the climate will warm, the glaciers will melt, and the sea level will naturally rise.This is the so-called rational conjecture I mentioned above, but it can not be tested in practice, so it may always be a conjecture. Because I can refute that although the ozone layer has been destroyed, the sun has not injected more energy into the earth. Maybe solar energy has injected more into the earth, but it is unclear whether it will melt glaciers? Perhaps the earth has entered a cooling period again, and these more injected energies make up for the cooling of the climate. Is it a good thing or a bad thing for humans? Of course, these refutations are just conjectures, but I won’t treat them as any true law.Moreover, in this era of benefits, the credibility of scientists has been greatly reduced. We have seen too many false papers, false data, and false scientific research achievements. Are the research data of these scientists true and reliable? Even in the scientific community, many scientists have questioned the climate warming theory, so the climate warming theory is very unreliable and undependable.

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In my official articles and the book“the course of Western civilization”, “Introduction to this book ” ,“Order the book”, I have mentioned that human society is determined by religion. Religious belief determines how human society evolves. Besides the conflicts between religions, there is a conflict between theism and atheism. Islam is about the unity of politics and religion. Buddhism and Taoism are very solitary in the deep mountains and forests and cultivate living longer. I won’t mention them here. Christianity advocates that God is the king, God is the only king, and humans are equal under him. There is no high and low distinction between humans, and we can live a happy life freely and equally. There is indeed a happy moment close to this ideal state in Christian society. That is, the period of Puritans’ governing in Massachusetts and the early days of the founding of the United States because 99% of the population at that time were devout Christians. They did achieve the ideal state of human beings, in which everyone lived freely without exploitation, oppression, and equality, freedom. However, a society without God will be another world. Human beings face a very factual society. Mountains are divided into peaks, hills, and mounds, rivers are divided into the sea, and rivers, streams. There are ranks and grades everywhere. Therefore, humans will inevitably form a ruling class accounting for about 10% of the population. They are superior and rule the remaining 90% of the population; this is also the inevitable result of a society of God’s absence.

Moreover, in the book“the course of Western civilization”, “Introduction to this book ” ,“Order the book”, I also mentioned that human society without God takes the vanity of being superior to others as the pillar of life. That is, what the Chinese people call ” no gain without pain, people will be superior after they can endure pain ” nothing ventured, nothing gained. It speeds up the pace of forming the ruling class in a society without God because everyone wants to become a new God and manipulate all living beings.This is also the current situation that western society is increasingly divorced from Christianity to secular society.

As American infectious disease expert Fauci said, “you should listen to me because I am an expert and represent science.”

or as Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said, “the Canadian government wants to give vaccinated people freedom, which they deserve, but people who don’t get vaccinated shouldn’t have this freedom and can’t travel at will.” That is to say, the government, which he represents, determines Canadian freedom. For these words, many people are extremely sad and think that the whole western society has fallen to an unbearable level. It is really sad that Trudeau, the Prime Minister of a major country that has inherited Western civilization, said such words. But, of course, don’t mention him. In a society without God, even the security guards in the community desire to control and manipulate others and make full use of their power. When they are unhappy, they will ask you more and make things difficult for you. Due to Canadian society increasingly divorcing from Christianity, Canadian police execute Trudeaus’s orders and forcibly arrest unvaccinated people in the street. There are a lot of videos on the Internet, which makes people wonder whether there is still freedom in today’s western society? Is it getting closer to North Korea?


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The Democratic in the United States has completely destroyed the national concept, so it is impossible to gain control and cohesion by serving the country and society with traditional loyalty. However, they have a new means, that is, science. They take advantage of people’s worship of science and use science as a new means of control. Therefore, the Democratic immediately coincides with the theory of climate warming; make this originally conjecture seem like truth. Climate warming will endanger the survival of all humans and destroy the earth. Therefore, “for the benefit of all humanity and for this more noble goal, you must listen to me, control some polluting industries, develop clean energy, especially those who do not believe in climate warming.” These disobedient people are mainly Christians; it is also the person they want to tame most. Because Christians believe that the earth is God’s arrangement for Purgatory and suffering. The earth will always be destroyed one day. Their real state is in heaven, so they are indifferent to the destruction of the earth. They even think that the sooner, the better, because the Bible says that  The earth destroyed is a sign that Jesus came to the earth a second time for the Last Judgment. At the same time, they only believe that God is their king and do not believe in any secular authority. They believe that freedom is given by God. They hope not to be deprived of their freedom for any reason, including the reason of climate warming.

In fact, as a Christian, don’t say that climate warming is completely unreliable, just a conjecture theory. Even if an asteroid will hit the earth, the earth will soon be destroyed. It doesn’t change their faith, and their freedom is impossible to be deprived. The freedom given by God is a symbol of human glory and can never be deprived. Human beings come to earth to Purgatory and suffer. People will die one day. Can you escape from death? It is a happy thing for everyone to die together, whether from the perspective of evil or greatness? Human beings have finally realized the equality of all people and die together on the same day of the same year. Speaking of the Democratic control over society through climate warming, I would like to talk about my views on the mandatory vaccine in western society. Like many people, I believe that western society does forcibly control society through coronavirus, but I do not agree with the conspiracy theory, which believes that viruses are deliberately created to control society. I think this should be just an opportunity; western leftist governments have made good use of this opportunity. Climate warming is premeditated. This idea or subconsciousness of the idea existed a few years or even decades ago. After losing God, humans will always form a big government dauntless, make strong controls over society, and always form a ruling class accounting for 10% of the population, ruling the rest of the people.

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Of course, I would like to emphasize here that I oppose extravagance, and waste of energy, and advocate diligence, thrift, and simplicity, because as a Christian, I don’t care about material enjoyment, but about inner peace, family happiness, filled with the Holy Spirit and so on. Moreover, Christians pay attention to charity, kindness, and willingness to help others. They also want to share good things with others as much as possible, and it is impossible to swallow them alone. Therefore, these Christians, who the Democratic most hate, do not have any behaviors of wasting energy, engendering excessive carbon emissions, and destroying the earth’s ozone layer. On the contrary, those atheists who advocate global warming and clean energy need to restrain themselves most. For example, Kerry, a green energy envoy of the Biden government, takes a private plane even for a short trip, and the carbon emission of a private plane in one flight is a person’s all life. They also advocate green energy; otherwise, the earth will be destroyed. But Microsoft’s Bill Gates, etc., these big bosses, are luxury yachts, luxury private planes, luxury cars, and luxury villas. Their carbon emissions of a lifetime are hundreds of thousands or even millions of times that of Christians. These people, not others, are less likely to be Christians in human society that should be frugal and restrain their behavior.

In fact, these people on the Democratic may not believe that climate warming and the earth will be destroyed. Otherwise, Obama couldn’t have bought a villa of $15 million on the island,which is on sea level. As long as the sea level rises slightly, it will be submerged. If Obama believes in the theory that climate warming and sea-level could rise, how can he buy such a villa? It can also be seen that the left-wing and the Democratic Party completely want to use the climate warming theory to control society, control all living beings and form a big government. Then the politicians can do whatever they want. The most realistic is that they can transfer a lot of taxes and social wealth to their supporters, some green energy manufacturers, and investors, So the old Chinese saying is completely correct. Elites are the thief of the country.

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