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if no brotherly love of Christianity, no the US , or a nonsense


The book “the course of Western civilization” starts from ancient Roman England and the mission of Paul and other apostles to the British Isles. It has three volumes, B5 format, 1,300 pages, and 1.2 million words, discusses the process of the origin, development, and maturity of Western civilization, and Finally, which born the crystallization of Western civilization. The book systematically and historically expounds that Christianity is the pillar of American society; without Christianity, without brotherly love, the United States will be nonsense, no different from other countries. The book is a powerful ideological weapon with infinite power, boundless charm, strict logic, rich historical data, and sound arguments, forms a complete system. I believe that this book can help the Republicans defeat the Democrats and help Trump return to the president’s throne, promoting traditional values. Bring us back to familiar good times, the sweet first love of a man and a woman, the romantic love of a man and a woman, and the traditional warm family. The family happiness of grandparents, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters, the brotherhood of sharing weal and woes, the pure friendship of a man and a woman. Instead of a society full of homosexuality, bisexuality, incest, social intercourse, transgender, pedophilia, marijuana, drugs. As opposed to a lustrous and dazzling, bizarre and motley society. It is the author’s goal to return to or come to a peach blossom garden society. I believe it is the common purpose of most people, every Christian. According to the current progress of translation, it may take about a year to complete. That is, in 2022. due to the difficulties in translation, if it cannot be delivered by then, I hope you will understand. I will send the translated PDF version to you; readers have ordered, indicating that the book has been in the translation process has been working hard. This book will definitely translate as soon as possible, and There is no doubt that if necessary, I would put down all the work at hand and try my best to translate this book. The English version of the book is estimated to price between 130 and 140 dollars, plus 15 US dollars for the domestic surface mail. So It is estimated that the cost of receiving the book is between 145 and 155 dollars. However, the reservation is only $110, including the mailing fee, which can obtain the book and save about 30% of the cost. So I hope you can book more and promote it more. Of course, I believe that readers who can order the book mainly are not intended to save these costs but support Christian beliefs and conservative ideas. Each of your support and sponsorship will speed up the book’s translation, help God regain glory and grandeur, and let the traditional values shine and glow again, becoming the mainstream of society. Make everyone’s life better and happier.

if no brotherly love of Christianity, no the US , or a nonsense


When we talk about American society today, we never hear the words “brotherly love”, anymore. When do we ask what is American? Most people think anyone believing in and trusting in the United States constitution is an American, and all Americans should unite under the constitution. These are also the contents taught in citizenship education. The oath of Naturalization is also about supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States. Many people immigrate to the United States just for its democracy, freedom, equality, and the American dream of bringing wealth and career. I guess no one immigrates to the United States now for the “brotherly love”. No one knows that Winthrop is the Founding Father of the nation, and no one knows the destination he went to North America is for the love of brothers, is to build a city on the hill, the coming United States. If without brotherhood, do there exist democracy, freedom, and equality in the United States? Is there really an American dream?

We can find that democratic elections have maintained for hundreds of years in Protestant countries, but it is difficult to uphold for a long time in other societies. Why? In Protestant countries, people all believe in God and the same Bible; all believe that everyone is equal under God and full of brotherly love. When dealing with making their own managers, resolving conflicts, disputes, and other important matters, they firmly believe that everyone is brother and utterly equal. No one has the right above the others. Therefore, those significant matters will be decided on the basis of the democratic principle agreed by the majority. And, it had three critical contents: first, democratic elections are closely related to religious belief. Religious belief is related to immortality and eternality mixing with the ultimate world. People will treat the votes in their hands with the most holiness and piety. Electoral fraud is impossible, let alone election corrupt, because these actions will be considered blasphemous, sacrilegious, and profane and will block people from going to heaven. Second, democratic elections are based on equality for all. Only by believing in equality for all can we adhere to the principle of majority decision. Otherwise, it will be another matter. For example, in a secular society without belief, there is apparent inequality between men before everyone’s eyes. As a big man, he doesn’t think that democratic elections are effective. They look down on the small men from their hearts, let alone let small men decide important things. Even if democratic elections are carried out in such a society, these big will inevitably use bribery, corruption, and other tricks to influence and control the election. It is natural they will win the election in the end. They think doing that is all right. Men have various grades and ranks, higher or lower. In the end, it must be a big man to control society. Otherwise, the whole society will be in chaos. This phenomenon can be seen in most of the so-called democratic countries except Protestant, all countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and even as well as some Catholic countries in Europe. It can be said that even though Catholicism is part of Christianity like Protestantism, however, no Catholic country can escape from the ruin of democracy and fall into a dictatorship by the big men. Napoleon of France, Hitler of Germany, Mussolini of Italy, Franco of Spain, and so on, because Catholicism does not believe that all people are equal under God. They believe in hierarchy and religious hierarchy. The Catholic countries in Europe still believe in the ranking order of pope, cardinal, archbishop, and bishop, etc., let alone other societies. Thirdly, democratic elections are closely linked to brotherly love. When elections are held In a community full of brotherly love. As we have long cared for each other, loved each other, and enjoyed the brotherly love, we are happy to win and happy to lose, respect each other, and will never corrupt the election.

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However, once the society loses the love of brothers, which is the basis of democratic election, even if the community still believes in the alleged equality between people, there will be no actual democratic election. Such a society is what I want to talk about, today’s American society after losing the brotherhood. As a traditional Protestant country with nearly 400 years’ tradition, the idea of equality for all has profound deposits, and it is impossible to clear up at once. Therefore, although American society is becoming more and more secular, the idea of equality for all is still accepted by most people but has turned into a kind of equality without faith and brotherhood; it is the alleged rational equality for all. It differs from the standard non–Protestant countries in which people don’t have the concept of equality at all. But without faith and brotherhood, will everyone be equal? After losing faith, each of us becomes an individual who purely pursues his own desires. We know that human desires are endless, and human desires without the restriction of faith are even more unscrupulous. We will not feel other people’s feelings, other people’s pain, and will never take any rules, conscience into account, let alone brotherly love. At this time, these individuals are bound to interfere and manipulate the election by any means to satisfy their own best interests. Therefore, the election is constantly interfered with and destroyed by various means. The more dare to break the rules, the eviler to violate their conscience, the more likely they to win the election, and the whole society will become a society of bad money driving out good money. In the end, the higher rank in the society, the eviler they are, the so-called rational equality for all cannot be maintained. The final result is a dictatorship because it is obvious why these evil and nasty people believe in equality for all? And why will they support equality for all?


Isn’t it the way the dictator of European Catholic countries came to power? At first, they slowly destroyed the election rules, then manipulated the election, and finally controlled the election by armed forces. When Hitler’s SS held the charge gun, five steps, one whistle, ten steps, one post, who dared to elect anyone else except Hitler? So I have no a bit confidence in the future of the United States because today, we have lost the love of brothers, the foundation of America, the first stone of the city in the hill founded by Winthrop. The United States is more and more depravity and more and more on the old road to Dictatorship. Now, there is no brotherly love between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The democratic election has become a war and a life-and-death struggle for each other. From the early presidential election, we can see that although all parties also attacked each other, the mood of the election was peaceful and civilized. But today, it is totally different. The Republican represented the Christian, Conservative; the Democrat Represented anti-Christian and advocating unconditional equality. There is an apparent, giant chasm between them; society has torn apart. The election war between Hilary and Trump two years ago filled with hatred and malice. Hilary attacked Trump for his harassing and insulting women.

Trump struck back; he had done nothing at all compared to what Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, had done to many women. Hilary tried to deceive the United States all the time; she even dissatisfied her husband; how can she satisfy the entire United States? Yet, after Trump was elected president, the Democrats still go on the fight. Democratic lawmakers incited people to assassinate Trump; News anchors held Trump’s bloody head statue, Comedians publicly mocked him at the rally. And President Trump is impolite and angry too. He hit back with such words to democrats, “garbage, stupid, cheater,” and so on.

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Of course, I don’t mean that people must always remain gentle and polite in all life and people cannot criticize each other, but at least they should not be so malicious, naked, and reckless. But from the mid-term elections in the United States a few days ago, the environment is even worse. The Democratic Party had committed many election frauds, using fake votes, votes of non-voters, and even using the identity of the Dead. If this continues, it will inevitably develop into more severe election fraud such as election bribery, election violence, and so on. The Democratic Party also evilly colluded with the main media; due to the natural anti-religious tendency of intellectuals, the Democrats and the main media are naturally integrated, band together. The main media lost fair, and just principles for their own interests, not to mention they had lost the brotherly love. They leaned to one side to condemn Trump, believed Goebbels’s “A lie repeated a thousand times is true.” They wish to oust Trump, who dared to confront the “king without a crown.” It is a society without brotherly love; the Republican also has the fatal defects of ordinary people, timid and overcautious, muddle along, and not dare to fight. And if things go on like this, the whole society will be controlled by the people who do false, cheat, use violence, and believe in lies. We can imagine the morality and quality of those leaders sinking in this environment. Society gradually degenerated into a secular society, abandoned equality for all, slowly believed that people have high and low. Those leaders believed that they were wise and great helmspersons, the steerer of a new society. Because of the loss of faith, god, this is very natural thinking. Therefore, the whole society naturally went into a dictatorship. Don’t think I’m just talking nonsense. Some sociologists in the United States are already considering the weight of votes. That is, of the more influential people, one vote can weigh thousands of others’. It shows that the United States has been slowly abandoning equality for all and gradually degenerating. So I personally don’t take an optimistic view about the future of America. America is far away from God and brotherly love. No one in America today mentions brotherly love. Even most politicians may not know that Winthrop’s sermon “building a city on a hill.” All Americans have long forgotten brotherly love, the country’s ground, the cornerstone of the city on the hill. All that has been forgotten totally, wholly. But leaving away the love of brothers, Without this cornerstone, the city on a hill will break down one day; the United States must fall apart one day.

Democratic elections can never be used to solve the conflict of faith and values, nor is it a way for secular society to solve the dispute of vital interests. It is only in a society full of brotherly love that believes everyone is equal under God. Everyone in this society is like a brother. Democratic elections are a way of consultation and negotiation to solve the problem among brothers. Without this premise, there can be no real democratic election. There has never been a country in human history in which two religions account for half of the population can remain in harmony for a long time. The conflict between faiths and values can only be resolved through war or division into several independent countries. It is impossible to resolve this conflict through democratic elections at all. For example, there has never been a country with half the Christian and half the Muslim. It is why India split into two countries(India and Pakistan), and the South Union divided into several small countries. The most obvious example is the South Union divided into several countries by various religions. In a secular society like ancient China, the dispute of huge interests can not be solved through democratic elections because no one believes in the others, and no one will accept an election result unfavorable to him. The only way to solve this problem is force and war. This is also the reason why ancient China could only shape a country through wars, and it was impossible to form a union peacefully.


Over the past few decades, the intensified school shootings in the United States can also be explained by the loss of brotherly love. The colonists had the right to hold guns freely as soon as they stepped on the land of North America. It has kept for nearly 400 years. And the guns owned by the colonists were equivalent to those of the military. At that time, the guns owned by the colonists had the same firepower as the military’s, but there rarely happened school shootings. Why had school shootings become more and more common in the past few decades? What happened in the past few decades alone???? Did guns really cause it? But why had guns been holding for more than 400 years, there had not been the phenomena? The actual reason is that guns are only a tool that can kill people or defend people. It is not the guns wrong, only because the gunman had changed, lost faith, lost the brotherly love. After losing the love of brothers, the greed and depravity of human nature have no restriction; it spreads and diffuses everywhere like poison; everyone pursues his own desire. Therefore, it brings the evils of human nature to the extreme, and holding a gun becomes dangerous. In a society full of evil and lust, the drift of desire, guns become the tools of venting out resentment and doing evil. Therefore, the weakest and softest campus becomes the object of revenge on society; because school shootings will inevitably cause great panic and shock of society, which is the purpose of this scum actually. Some leftists took the opportunity to this tragedy; they required to overthrow the constitution’s second amendment and carry out a comprehensive ban on guns. But if the total gun ban is wholly accomplished, coupled with losing the brotherly love, If the Americans lost gun rights, there would be nothing to protect the United States from entering Dictatorship. Then the U.S. government will gradually swallow up the rights of people with force, including the most precious right of religious freedom, and the people can only crawl and moan in front of the secular government. The United States will inevitably enter an Orwellian country. Once again, the Dictatorship will reincarnate in the U.S, whether it is the military or the individual Dictatorship. Perhaps many people may ask that most countries, such as Japan, Britain, and so on, have not banned guns, and haven’t they entered Dictatorship? But it is no exaggeration to say that the reason is the United States back up behind them.


European countries, such as France, Germany, can ban guns because the United States stationed 100000 troops in Europe. Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries can ban guns; after all, the United States also has 60000 troops in Asia. If the United States, the biggest country of not banning guns, makes a gun ban. Then according to human experience, the above countries will inevitably slide into Dictatorship in a flash. Some people may not convince my argument, but if I argue that there are only one and a half countries that had not appeared Dictatorship in history, one is American, and a half is Britain (referring to the British having monarchy). Anyone who has a little common sense should only agree with me. Other countries such as France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Italy, Spain, or any country you can think out, have appeared Dictatorship, as is the trend of human history. I have always emphasized that democracy, freedom, and equality are anti-human nature, which is hard to maintain for a long time. Dictatorship and autocracy are the most comfortable to human nature. Therefore, Dictatorship and autocracy are also the most common social system. History constantly repeats in the same way. Imagine if the United States, as the last barrier to freedom and equality, bans guns? How can we resist the abuse of secular government? How can we ensure that the United States will not appear a dictatorship? If the United States has a dictator, we can imagine how terrible the world would be. It is not exaggerating to describe that Doom Day is coming. So the United States must not ban guns, especially today when It increasingly is far away from brotherly love.

Many people think the cause of the United States’ great and mighty is the American Constitution, which stipulates a democratic election, the separation of three powers, judicial independence, electoral politics, etc. All those don’t refer to faith or brotherly love. So this notion is very wrong. The system designed by man can only be a gewgaw in the front of the greed and degeneration of human nature. Ancient Greek democracy is a living example. In ancient Greece, The formation of a democratic society was closely related to its polytheistic religion. The democracy of ancient Greece was far more sophisticated than the contemporary people thought. Except for military officials, other officials were selected by lottery. It can be said the fairest and most democratic election in human history, But along with the collapse of faith, with the endless pursuit of human desire, selected members were becoming more and more evil and corrupt. These selected members can execute Socrates and defeated generals. It is not justified that such a country will not be dictated or subjugated. ①Since democratic elections are based on brotherly love, they are a way to negotiate and solve problems between brothers with deep feelings and strong affections. It is also highly fragile and easy to exploit by plotters and conspirators. Let’s take a look at the process of Hitler’s coming to power, and it will be clearer why I say that.

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On the surface, Hitler and his Nazi party were promoted to power by voters following legal procedures. But almost all the means behind the legal procedures to seize power are illegal and blatantly trampled on the constitutional principles. As far as July 1921, when Hitler took the lead over the Nazi party, he immediately set out to build the armed forces of the Nazi Party. In August of the same year, the armed forces of maintaining “order” during his rally evolved into a paramilitary in military uniform. It is this armed force that played an irreplaceable role in Hitler’s capturing of power and became a Stormtroop that wantonly destroyed democratic constitution. By 1933, the Stormtroop had provoked 40000 armed fights throughout the country, and continuously perpetrated terrorist incidents. Those fights, murders, and explosions killed all political discussions and opponents’ political space, making Germany fall into a most difficult and chaotic situation after World War I. The stormtroop made significant contributions to Hitler’s rising to power. Shortly after Hitler expand his bodyguard, the SS, to replace the position of The stormtroop, the SS was loyal to Hitler only, and it was both military and secret police. By the mid-1930s, 45000 secret police officers of the SS had been deployed throughout the country, monitoring all activities of hostility to the government. Its 65000 security police and 2.8 million discipline police guarded Hitler. Its 40000 guards in 160 labor camps and 20 concentration camps nearby cruelly persecuted innocent “Prisoners” and anti-fascist soldiers. Its 100000 security intelligence personnel closely monitor the ideological trend of the people, all that let Hitler almost control the whole of Germany. Therefore, Hitler has been, in fact, seizing the highest power by destroying and abandoning the democratic procedure, rather than on compliance with democratic procedures and rules.

“Weimar constitution” of German was almost one of the most liberal and democratic constitutions in the 20th century. Its structure was almost perfect and had many ingenious and admirable provisions, which seemed to be enough to guarantee the implementation of a nearly perfect and flawless democracy. “(“The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, History of Nazi Germany,” p. 85). However, the Weimar constitution failed finally because sophisticated and Complicated designs couldn’t fight back the greed and degradation of human nature, nor could they resist the public’s fear of death and cowardice. It happened at a time when German Christianity was more vulnerable than anytime else. Otherwise, it was difficult to believe that  German more fanatically idolize a layman than God. Democratic elections are not very rare. They have existed in different periods of human beings, but they can not be held on for a long time. Because of human nature, democracy, freedom, and equality are actually the most anti-human nature, are totally contrary to the common sense we see in reality. Democratic elections are the securest and most reliable only when everyone is equal under God,and based on brotherly love. This is also proved by human experience so far. Therefore, I have no confidence in an America which is going away from God and brotherly love.

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