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why only when the pig fly, Islam can achieve freedom and democracy?

achieve freedom and democracy?


This is the fourth subsection of section 2,”Religion Determines Western History” of Chapter 1, the first part of “The History of Western Civilization”. I renamed it “Why is Islamic society ever more insulated from freedom and democracy?” This section discusses that the doctrine of Islam determines that their social systems must conflict with universal values such as freedom and democracy. The doctrine also determines that the Islamic society must be a country where religion and state are united, and there must be fierce conflicts among various sects. This is also the main reason for the unrest in many Islamic countries like Iraq and Turkey’s anti-secularization into a state of political and religious unity. This section also discusses that Western and American society must degenerate and then completely collapse without Christian belief because universal values such as freedom and democracy are based on it. Without Christian belief, universal values are only empty theories and can not bear the impinge of Islam brought by illegal immigrants and refugees.

Islam determines that the Islamic society must be a country of political and religious unity, and science and technology cannot save humans


When the Iraqis sent Saddam to the gallows, many people cheered that the spring of Iraq was coming. Iraq would usher in a beautiful society of freedom and democracy like the United States. In fact, at that time, I vaguely felt that things were unlikely so simple. The subsequent process also made sure my worries. Although Iraq’s economic achievements were gratifying, terrorist incidents broke out frequently. It was hard to connect with a better society. Later, the rise of the Islamic State confirmed that there was no spring in Iraq, and its freedom and democracy were Thousands of miles away from that of the United States. Similar to this, the secularizing reforms of freedom and democracy had halted in the Pahlavi dynasty of Iran. The secularized Turkey has re-Islamicized again. Why is this? People were puzzled,head-scratch, and awfully regretted these two countries. But all these things seem normal to me today because I know that Islamic Society has its own ultimate world and social system, which is the unity of politics and religion implicit in the Koran, not freedom and democracy. Liberal democracy is just a political idea in Islamic Society. According to our above discussion, faith outweighs the political idea, and Islam will only choose the unity of politics and religion according to their faith, not the contrary, liberal democracy.

Therefore, we suddenly see the light, and all the puzzles become clear. Nothing can prevent people from flying to eternal life and eternity with their wings and running toward the ultimate world, including the so-called universal truth of freedom and democracy. Iran and Turkey choose the Society of political and religious unity, which is the choice of the Islamists in these two countries and is also an inevitable choice. The regret of others is a dog meddles in the cats’ mouse business. The same reason can explain why the United States has been promoting freedom and democracy all over the world for many years, but with little effect? All these also support the themes of this book of mine. Freedom and democracy are rather anti-human and anti-practice than universal values. It comes from Christian Protestantism but is contrary to most secular experiences and the teachings of other religions. It can even be said that the conflict is severe. Therefore, the so-called universal values of freedom and democracy knock the head against a brick wall in other societies.

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On the contrary, the revival of Islam can be easily achieved. Huntington wrote in ” The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, ” By 1920 only four Muslim countries—Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan—remained independent of some form of non-Muslim rule.

The retreat of Western colonialism, in turn, began slowly in the 1920s and 1930s and accelerated dramatically in the aftermath of World War II. The collapse of the Soviet Union brought independence to additional Muslim societies. According to one count, some ninety-two acquisitions of Muslim territory by non-Muslim governments occurred between 1757 and 1919. By 1995, sixty-nine of these territories were once again under Muslim rule, and about forty-five independent states had overwhelmingly Muslim populations. The violent nature of these shifting relationships is reflected in the fact that 50 percent of wars involving pairs of states of different religions between 1820 and 1929 were wars between Muslimsand Christians.① Because freedom and democracy is only a political idea, while Islam is a faith.

At present, many heated debates in the West are also related to faith, such as the legalization of same-sex marriage. The American Association of psychologists ruled out that homosexuality is not a disease. Except for their sexual orientation, they are no different from ordinary people. According to the current understanding of human rights, they believe people have the freedom not to be unreasonably interfered with. People’s behavior should not be prohibited if they do not interfere with others. They believe that homosexuality is normal behavior and does not need treatment. So these people are just psychologists. They are not big thinkers, philosophers, or big figures who determine human history. These so-called psychologists lack understanding of humans at all, and they also don’t know human history. Are they even not aware of what they are doing? Don’t they realize the seriousness of their ideas?In fact, They are actually attempting to legislate for humans in place of God, replace God with themselves, and regard themselves as the God of humans. Their conclusion can lead to many collapsing inferences. Suppose the behavior that does not hinder others should be allowed. In that case, except for homosexuals, many illegal and criminal behaviors are normal to humans, too, including incest, group sex, drug abuse, animal abuse, and so on. Even monogamy, the cornerstone of social stability, will crumble. Same-sex marriage can legislate, so why not polygamy or polyandry? Moreover, there can be countless other strange marriages and absurd relationships, such as a family of two husbands and two wives or three husbands and four wives. It is also reasonable for cult leaders to have countless sexual partners. Since they are willing, why should others interfere? And so on, and if we continue to infer, countless more abnormal behaviors can be tenable and rational. Wouldn’t human Society ruin and collapse completely? God’s revelation in the Bible is to restrict human behavior and formulate humans’ moral norms and conduct codes. If we break it up on a whim, the consequences seem terrible, and we will enter an abnormal society dominated by demons and ghosts. It is even more terrible than the changing dynasties, in which Society tore apart, full of brutal wars. It is the collapse of the whole traditional order and the destruction of traditional morality. The biblical provisions cannot break at will because humans can practice countless imaginary abnormal behaviors after a breakthrough. It is also the paradox left by God when creating human beings. This problem, like infinity, reason can not explain. I think if Kant is alive, he may put the theory that the fifth sample of his antinomy is the Bible cannot be breached at will. So these so-called psychologists don’t know what they’re doing? They don’t understand humans and human history at all. They are actually destroying the whole human Society.

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In the 1960s, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Mormon monogamy of a husband to four wives was unconstitutional because it violated traditional social morality and undermined social stability. Although American law never stipulated that marriage must be monogamous, the United States had always been a traditionally Christian society. Monogamy is considered necessary and inevitable in the souls of most people. At that time, the Supreme Court’s judgment did not cause controversy because American Society was still traditional and conservative or a relatively pure Christian society. If this case happens now, it may be another result. In 2015, the left-leaning Supreme Court passed the judgment on the legalization of same-sex marriage by 5:4 (American law is very complex, and there are several Counterclaims in this case, so I can only briefly introduce them here). These five stupid Supreme Court judges will nail to the pillory in history because their judgment has brought potential factors for American Society’s disintegration. Although the Old Testament clearly states that homosexuality is a crime, according to the principle of universal love in the New Testament, I personally think it can be handled leniently, loosely on the basis of the Old Testament. Homosexuals can communicate privately or form their own community. However, when those are regarded equivalent to the sacred and pure marriage of one man, one woman, and one husband, one wife, I think it should be infeasible; it’s really hard to accept. With the legalization of same-sex marriage, the United States has turned into a completely abnormal society. We often see some fantastic reports. For example, some parents change the gender of their children at a young age to respect their children’s own choices, but what are their own choices for children so young? Moreover, no matter how perfect the operation is, an operation is also an operation that will bring many sequelae and inconveniences later in life.

Another example is to respect the rights of transgender people. The IOC will recognize their records. If this goes on, the women’s sports at the Olympic Games will be completely dominated by transgender. Therefore, the Olympic Games can be called transgender games. Is there still a need for the Olympic Games? The world is obviously becoming more and more absurd and falling apart.

Christianity has been weakening in the West in recent years. With the decline of Christianity, the West is also in trouble. Although, as wise as Huntington, he could foresee that pluralism in the United States may cause social divisions, something happened in reality that he could not even think about. For example, President Obama of the United States is keen on transgender human rights and promotes bisexual toilets, which is completely contrary to the Bible and Christian doctrines. Human gender is determined by God. How can it be changed at will? These will lead to Society’s complete collapse and destruction, which is more terrible than the division envisaged by Huntington. This is the demise of the whole ethic, an extremely horrific action to the whole world. The only fortunate thing is the election of President trump temporarily alleviated the collapse. But no one can guarantee that collapse will not occur. Today in the United States, The split between the left and right sides, Christians and non-Christians is serious; their conflict is fierce. American split into two countries is also entirely possible. In today’s Europe, Islamic immigrants and illegal immigrants are flooding Paris and other big cities due to the pursuit of political correctness and pluralism. With the decline of Christianity and the scarcity of faith, Islam takes advantage of the situation and rides the wave to develop, which is completely possible to become the mainstream religion in Europe. Without Christianity, the so-called western civilization is simply vulnerable before Islam because, without Christianity, civilization is only an idea. Still, Islam is a faith, and ideas and political ideology are nothing in front of faith. Looking at today’s Paris streets, you can see what I said is true; frequent riots, burning abandoned cars everywhere, and the Champs Elysees like a garbage dump. These are just the beginning. I believe that in the near future, under the leadership of these politically correct politicians, Christianity in Europe will completely sink, and Islam will eventually occupy Europe, accomplishing the dreams that the Ottoman Empire did not realize. Huntington couldn’t even think of these things, and all this happened only ten years after his death.

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Moreover, a new religion, the religion of science and technology, was born with the development of science and technology. It worships and believes that science and technology can solve all problems, which also sows a significant potential danger for humans. I am skeptical about Science; Science is only limited to the realm of phenomena. It is only an experimental science and does not create laws. Laws are still in the hands of God. Science just constantly experiments and summarizes laws. No one knows what will happen before the experimental results come out; what is the law? What is the specific content of these laws, which only God actually knows? All this makes science have great uncertainty and great hidden dangers. Just imagine whether the disordered robots in Hollywood films will come to us, whether the experiment of human genes will produce new species that will destroy humans, and whether nuclear war will eventually break out? Will the horror scenes in the biochemical crisis appear in real life? Will the infinite reproduction of humans make the earth unbearable and eventually explode? These are all unknowns. No one knows what the future of humans will be.

It is undeniable that technology has brought convenience to human life, but sometimes it is unclear whether these conveniences are really conveniences. When there was no TV, the family gathered together after dinner, chatting and reading; it was sweetness and light. When there was TV, in the beginning, the atmosphere was nice. The family sat around the TV. Later, TV became popular, and everyone hid in their individual room to watch their favorite programs. Then, the mobile phone came, people held the mobile phone anywhere, any time, even new people who used mobile phones to communicate between husband and wife appeared. It is really unclear whether these technologies do well for humans in this way.

The invention of the electric light is good, but it also brings all night on towns and each night on sprees. That’s the opposite of what the real intent is. The invention of Viagra condoms is also a good thing, but if used to indulge in sex and entertain to death, we don’t know for which this invention is. Trains and airplanes have brought convenience to human transportation. People can meet up with anyone they want to see soon, but they have also created a group of new people who always go far away from their homes, such as salespeople and staff of multinational corporations. These people also take advantage of convenient transportation to stay away from their relatives for many years. Therefore, what trains and airplanes bring to humans is a little confused. Science has improved the medical level and the in-depth understanding of the human body and its etiology. Apple has developed a high-tech watch, which can monitor people’s physiological data and physical condition anytime and give an alarm when there is an abnormality. However, is it meaning to live a life constantly concerned about the body and worried about getting sick? Is life worth living in anxiety all the time? Human beings always face death because we are born to die. High technology may prolong our life by 10 or 20 years, but being so old, we need special care, maintain our lives by hanging bottles and oxygen tanks, and waste social wealth. Is it necessary for this kind of life to continue? When the old elephant feels the time of death is approaching, it hides in a cave and waits for death. I personally think this may be an example of humans. If I turn old, I may step into temples, Taoist temples, or monasteries, meditate, cultivate immortals, experience the feeling of eternality with the shine of the sun and moon and the sleep with the stars, interact with God in meditation, wait for his call. Of course, this is my idea of old age life; it is just a casual idea in the book. Each of us must first be filial to our parents so they can be consummated, happy, and spend their old age in peace.

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Sometimes I think science is the so-called whip of God, created by God to punish humans for deviating from Him. However, I do not completely deny the value of science. When science is associated with love, it will bring a lot of convenience to humans. What excitement is the moment when a child, who has been blind for many years, sees the sun again? How gleeful when juvenile deaf for many years hears the first sound through high technology? And How cheerful when a patient paralyzed for many years can walk with the help of robot feet. All these reflect the value and meaning of science. Science only makes sense and gets moving when it is connected with love. If science deflects from love, brotherly love to pursue evil, in that case, it is another matter, such as organ transplantation, brain replacement, blind pursuit of the gene, and biochemical engineering. Then science may bring destruction to humans. I think the best relationship between God, man, and science is like that; suppose there are dozens of roads ahead at the moment of human life and death, but there is only one way to live, and the others will bring destruction to humans. At this time, scientists, through their devout belief in God and their solid professional knowledge, after a pious prayer, Intuitively chose one of them, and it is the correct answer, a road to life. This is also the time when God, man, and Science are most harmonious. Of course, you can regard the road as possible new laws, new energy, new gene technology, new life technology, new treatment methods, etc. Only when science is linked with love will God let you find the correct answer. If you turn away from God, he can let you choose the dead end because everything is under his control.

However, on the whole, I take a dim view of the human future. I can only, through this book, cherish the memory of Christianity and honor the missionaries who, for faith, went into the cannibal tribe with honor-bound, without a backward glance. I revere the monks who braved crossfire to rescue the wounded on both sides of the battlefield for the love of brothers and commemorate their founding the hospitals and schools worldwide. I reminisce the journey of Christians leading humans out of barbarism and ignorance to civilization and rationality, reminiscing the soul-stirring, spectacular historical dramas performed by Christians as the protagonists. I retrospect their twists and turns, tooth and nail of creating the United States, wishing that my book may bring some comfort and enlightenment to humans.


①   Samuel Huntington “The clash of civilizations and the remaking of world order”, Xinhua Publishing House, trans Zhou Qi, Liu Fei, Zhang Liping and Wang Yuan. P 187

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