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What is political correctness ?and why is it wrong?

 is it wrong?


this is the conclusion based on the demonstration of the previous article of 800000 words. Political correctness is not reliable. Political correctness is not only the residual impression of human beings living a eternal life in heaven, but also an eternal dream reserved in human hearts. However, due to the greed and degeneration of human nature, it is difficult to realize it in real life, There is only one way to achieve this, that is, through pious belief, rather than the propaganda and advocacy of the secular government, or the incitement and the moral stick of leftists.


What is political correctness ?and why is it wrong?

Why can’t the Islamic world have such concepts as equality, freedom, and human rights? Another important reason is that the church has an army, and the doctrine allows to conquer the heretics by killing. How can a church with an army and a religion allow killing having universal values such as equality, freedom, and human rights? When faith is combined with the sword, it is absolutely a terrible thing. We know that faith is the most fundamental matter of human beings; there is no room for compromise and negotiation in the pursuit of immortality, eternity, and the ultimate world. Sword is originally the ultimate weapon to solve disputes, and it can only be used when all negotiations fail, But in the Islamic world, the sword is the first weapon to settle disputes. The use of swords to resolve disputes also has its avails: that is, direct, simple, and effective. one hand with scriptures and the other with swords; if you disobey them, you will be killed. After the disobedient are eradicated, the rest will be obeyed, how happy it is. Even if you don’t accept it in your heart, you stoop to compromise and pretend to observe in order to survive, but then your descendants will be assimilated by their doctrines. Seeing your son become an Islamist who slaughters Christians will only cry your heart out and kick in the teeth. But most of the time, when the Islamists spread and conquer with swords, opponents also fight against and protect themselves with swords. Moreover, the Islamists also use swords for internal sectarian disputes. The bloody killing of their own sects is no less than the war between pagans. Therefore, the long-term war in the Islamic world has never stopped, So how can such a country have universal value?

Let’s continue to take a look at the things in Southeast Asia. These Southeast Asian countries have been colonized by Christian countries for a long time and have been infused with universal values such as equality and freedom. However, when the colonial rule was overthrown and the Christian suzerain withdrew, the non-Christianity in these countries was reborn and flourished. These Southeast Asian countries also were Islamic colonies earlier, and Islam spread by swords, which was efficient and effective exceedingly. Soon the Islamists in these countries made up the majority of the population. At this time, the situation was completely different. According to the theory, which religion is prior to political concepts, faith prefers to universal value; in line with the teachings of Islam, these countries gradually implemented the church law and unified the church with the state. The state is the church, and the church is the state. At this time, they completely abandoned the universal values of equality, freedom, and human rights, which were empty in their eyes. They implemented the religious blasphemy law and didn’t allow to make irresponsible remarks on Islam. How will these Southeast Asian countries develop? As you can imagine, I won’t go on.

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Let’s go back to the traditionally Christian countries. What would happen to these countries when the concepts of equality, freedom and human rights break away from the Christian faith and become a universal value? I have repeatedly stated that the universal values of equality and freedom, for most of us, are the most righteous and virtuous things that shroud in the depths of the soul and represent the truth from the depths of the universe. Although we can ignore them due to the greed and corruption of human nature, we always have incomparable admiration and adoration for them in our hearts. Especially in the traditionally Christian countries, Since there are still many Christians who really believe in them, the influence of these concepts is even more significant. Therefore, these concepts have become the universal values in traditionally Christian countries, the so-called “political correctness,” an untouchable bottom line. But what I want to discuss here is that when the concepts of equality, freedom and human rights break away from Christianity and become a universal value, it turns into a very hypocritical concept, because in the traditionally Christian world, these concepts are closely related to belief. They are sacred and solemn, connected with immortality and eternity, and used for moral practice.they are real and realistic. The universal value without belief can only be a pale, poor, abstract concept. A so-called universal value is just a broken and fragmented concept of good in the depth of human subconsciousness, which may not be entirely correct, because once it loses its promise, it can’t be realized, only bringing hypocritical and evil. Therefore, it can be said that “political correctness” is not only the residual impression of human beings living an eternal life in heaven but also an eternal dream left in human hearts. It is the bottom line that human beings can not touch. However, due to the greed and degeneration of human nature, it is difficult to achieve in real life. Human beings can get the goal only after long-term efforts, and there is only one way to gain it, which is through pious belief; that is, we can return to the firm belief of brotherly love. Only by paying a huge sacrifice and price can we have brotherly love on earth and finally return to heaven, can we achieve our goal. Don’t say that apostles, saints, and martyrs generally pay the price of life. At least you have to pay 10% tithes and dedicate part of your property, rather than an inane sermon and bossing about. Otherwise, these universal values can only become hypocritical “political correctness”, turn the propaganda and advocacy of the secular government, or the incitement and a moral stick of leftists. Therefore, universal values without belief and “political correctness” can only be used by hypocritical politicians. This is the same reason that after human morality leaves belief, it is just synonymous with empty, pale, and can only produce hypocrites like Obama. Of course, you can only criticize hypocrites, cannot criticize human morality and universal values. After all, they are truths from the depths of the universe, are untouchable bottom lines. Because when morality is connected with belief, it is sacred and solemn and used to practice, we dare not even say it at will. But  When the universal value has nothing to do with belief and becomes a concept, it also becomes a pronoun for false and empty, which can be used to produce profits. Thus, politicians like Obama can wield the moral stick of universal value and “political correctness” to criticize others and achieve superiority. Because of the pursuit of universal value, they become great politicians and leaders of this society, satisfying their boundless vanity and pleasure. This is the real reason why leftist politicians refer to “equality, freedom, Human rights “in all their words. These leftist politicians do not pursue universal value for the sake of faith, so they may not sacrifice anything for these concepts. It is just generosity costing others wealth. Obama can express his countless love for black brothers in his speech, but at the first opportunity, he leaves Chicago, where black people garner, and moves his family to Washington, where rich white people gather. When Merkel was asked whether she could raise several refugees, she firmly answered, “never.”. This is the genuine attitude of leftist politicians for universal values, which is extremely hypocritical. This is also the fate of equality, freedom, and human rights when they left the embrace of Christianity, and they became similar to Confucianism in ancient Chinese society. Their role is to produce hypocrites, who are on the moral high horse. The fundamental reason for this phenomenon is that society is becoming more and more secular and far away from Christianity, which is more and more similar to the secular society of atheism.

We can see that leftist politicians such as Obama and Merkel seem generous and practice universal values, but they are all in a haughty manner, which only caused great harm to the country and society. For example, “equality for all” is an alleged universal value, a concept of “political correctness,” and a pleasant thing from heaven left behind our subconscious. People feel it is so mighty and lofty and believes that it is the ultimate aim of humans. Most of us dare not oppose this concept. But why do we feel strange when we think of such mighty and lofty concepts as the ultimate aim of humans deeply? Because these concepts do not stand by belief, they can not be achieved in reality under the present conditions. No religion thinks that all people’s rights are equal. It just is a hypocritical concept inferring by the politician, and even can be said, fantasying by the politician.

The purpose of these politicians is to highlight that they are greater than ordinary people. Although “equality for all people” seems an incomparable universal value, it can’t win support from most religious believers. After all, religious belief is an essential matter in human society. Therefore, the “equality for all” concept is plausible and can’t be put into practice. Without belief, they are just saying. These politicians never want to practice it; they just use it as a moral stick to strike others. At present, the unconditional “equality for all” has harmed society. In recent years, the continuous black riots in the United States obviously come from this “equality for all”. Another example, “homosexual rights” is also a universal value and “politically correct”. The minority of homosexuals require equal rights, the requirement is from equal rights for all, from the remnant but decent impression coming from human’s unconsciousness and seems proper. But from the perspective of faith, it is problematic because no religion recognizes that homosexuality is normal; it’s harder to connect with holiness. Since all religions exclude homosexuality, it is doomed to be difficult for most people to receive it. After all, religious belief is an essential matter in human life. More people believe in religion rather than believing in the right of homosexuality. Moreover, homosexuality is contrary to the human natural physiological phenomenon; most people are hard to accept it.  It is absolutely correct to protect homosexuals’ rights and not harm them. This is also the most realistic thing under the current conditions. However, leftist politicians demand that homosexuals’ rights will be unconditionally equal to normal people for the sake of universal values. They promote homosexual education in elementary schools and believe that homosexuality is a normal phenomenon; it is all wrong. Doing so had hurt the rights of most people and made many ignorant children curious to try this so-called normal phenomenon. How harm and distort does it cause trauma to normal children, and how much perversion does it bring to the whole society? For the sake of their so-called greatness, these leftist politicians have ruined many social ethe and mutilated many teenagers. If we want to investigate them further, they are already committing a crime.

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Our requirement for any politician who stresses universal value only is to pay equally. If you want others to pay, then you must pay a corresponding proportion. It is impossible for other people to sacrifice their lives, even property, and you sit idle and enjoy the benefits. For example, we can ask Obama to live in Chicago instead of moving to Washington. Of course, he can live in a luxury villa with tight security. You can’t ask him to live like an ordinary black man; this is unrealistic. But how much he loves black people, how eagerly he pursues equality for all, if he doesn’t live in Chicago? Where does he live? Or we can ask Merkel to adopt some refugees, how much She likes refugees, how eagerly she pursues universal values. She can’t let refugees harass her compatriots, but she seems nothing.

To judge whether a politician really believes in universal values and “political correctness” or seeks his own interests in the name of those, we can compare his proposition with the content of the Bible because the universal values come from the Bible. If the proposition advocated by a politician is much different from the Bible, it must be questionable. For example, when a politician puts the rights of homosexuals and transgender above normal people, it can be concluded that he is a hypocritical politician. He waves a moral stick solely for his own benefit because their options are too different from the Bible’s contents. You can claim to respect the rights of homosexuals and transgender, but if you put their rights above normal people and preach their way of life everywhere, there is absolutely a problem. We should not hate homosexuals and transgender, but it is impossible to beautify them and abet normal people become them. This is too different from the Bible and absolutely contrary to the common sense of human relations. Because of the limitation of our knowledge, it is difficult for us to distinguish what faith is? What are the universal values and “political correctness” of empty and void? What should I do? Don’t worry; compare these politicians’ ideas with the Bible.

These leftist politicians preach universal values everywhere and hope to build a new society with universal values. It can only be said to be daydreaming and bring endless disasters to humans because there are no universal values in essence. All these universal values are unique to the Christian world. Without the condition of Christian faith, these universal values, “Political correctness,” can only be water without a source and will soon dry up.

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