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The US is a secularized country from Christianity, which is also the reason for the decline of the US

Christianity, which is also the reason for the decline of the US

The US is a gradually secularized country from Christinality , which is also the fundamental reason for the decline of the United States


This article is part of section 12 of Chapter II of the third American Revolution. The original title is “the evolution of the separation of politics and religion in American society”. Because the original article was too long, in order to promote it, I divide the article into two sections. The article continues the content of the previous section, starting with the analysis of the separation of politics and religion and the history of constitutionalism. It is believed that American society is a country that has gradually become secularized from the Christian society at the time of the founding of the country. The external and internal causes are that human society is always between faith and unbelief. The cycle repeats, beliefs always have lows and highs. At the same time, human nature is greedy and depraved. It always satisfies itself with all kinds of pleasures. To become a human being, the vanity of being superior to others is the greatest pleasure. This is also what human beings always The root cause of falling into tyranny and totalitarianism, or turning into a big government, is the main reason why an elite with 10% of the population rules 90% of all living things. With the lack of faith and the change of demographic structure, these secular elites have led the secularization of American society, forming a secular government that wants to put the church to death, rather than a state-religious relationship that supports and helps each other when the country is founded. The internal cause is the division and disunity of the American church itself, and its independent governance, unable to form oversight of the secular government. These internal and external factors have jointly caused the decline of the United States.

The United States is a gradually secularized country from Christinality , which is also the fundamental reason for the decline of the United States

With the unlimited division of sects, various sects developed freely, the minds of humans emancipated utterly. Different secular philosophical idealogic constantly emerged. The whole country is gradually non-Christian and secularized. The concepts of separation of church and state and freedom of religion have steadily left the embrace of Christianity and become a universal and abstract philosophical concept. Because of the greed and depravity of human nature, the American government composed of laymen naturally wanted to get rid of the shackles of the church. Therefore, the American government colluded with secular philosophy. These secular philosophies ignored that there was no provision in the Constitution that religion should not interfere in the affairs of the state. They also Ignored the historical fact that the separation of politics and religion was born in the embrace of Christianity. They demanded that religion should not interfere in politics to achieve the complete separation of politics and religion. There is nothing we can do about it. When humans enjoy freedom, they must also bear the cost of freedom because depravity and corruption are also one of freedom of life. In the same way, when people enjoy free-thinking bringing vitality to the Christian world, they have to bear its negative impact – secularization, because they are also the result of free-thinking; there is nothing perfect in the world. In fact, secular philosophical thoughts are not bad for Christianity; they stimulate people to think more deeply, make the doctrine more perfect, the belief more firm. However, too much of a good thing, excessive secularization has to bring serious disaster. Unfortunately, the United States is going on the road of excessive secularization like most Christian countries, so the crisis appeared. The American government gradually became the enemy of the Christians.

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As a result, the unimaginable things happened slowly. Due to the need for economic development, a large number of non-Christian people poured into the United States. They well seized the opportunity of secularization of American society, took root, and sprouted up in the soil, and their population grew rapidly. In this way, Christians and non-Christians lived together, and the proportion of Christians in the United States became less and less. At this time, the fatal crisis also emerged. The reduction of the Christian population combined with the secular philosophical thoughts made the social earth-shaking change. The American government has completely separated from the Christian Church, which represents the country. It has become its own master, the master of all people, Christians, and non-Christians. It not only protected the Christians but also protected other non-Christians. In an original Christian country, no matter how secularized, Christians still account for the majority, and the Christian Church still undertakes a lot of social functions. This is why the secular government, which has become the master of the country, does not want to see it. Therefore, the American government unites all non-Christians to suppress Christians. It wanted to minimize the social functions of the Christian Church, diminish The influence of the Christian Church, so the American government attacked Christians everywhere, constantly eroded the rights and fields formerly belonging to the church. Moreover, it oppressed Christians on the grounds of complete separation of church and state and religious freedom. It felt like Murong Fu’s peerless martial arts  beating you with your own weapon.

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At this time, the U.S. government claimed that the National objective was to protect all religions, not only Christianity. Christians were the members of the nation first, and they must first obey the will of the nation. So far, the nation was no longer a Christian state and no longer only protected the Christian Church. It had its own will and had become its own master. In fact, it is the will of a few secular elites, a small number of secular elites, the will of a few in power. Why do we say so? Here I repeat the ideas of Mosca’s famous book “the ruling class” .in any society, there are two absolutely opposite classes – the ruling class and the ruled class. The ruling class is generally composed of warriors, priests, land nobles, riches, and knowledgeable groups. They manage national affairs, monopolize state power, and monopolize all kinds of honors. Because the small number of people were organized, and the masses were unorganized. Therefore, it is inevitable for the organized minority to reign the unorganized majority. “When a particular ruling class loses power, another ruling class will replace them. ” This is the true essence of the nation; it always represents the interests of a few elites. No matter what the name the elites uses, the so-called protection of the interests of all people is nothing more than a mask and a gentle veil. When you tear it open, you will see the grim face of the nation. Today, if now anyone says that the American government is still holding the material sword of God, protecting the Christian Church and Christians, he will be regarded as ridiculous as an idiot. This situation can only make people look up to the sky with a deep sigh and tears. Human beings once again leave the embrace of Christianity, leave the separation of politics and religion in the Christian society, which is the most reasonable society to promote human civilization step by step, and once again go on the secular road indomitably. This old road is a circle of turbulence, which has brought endless disasters to humans. Maybe it is the fate of human beings, Always struggling in tribulation and tragedy—the reason is the greed and depravity of humans.

Free thinking and exploration are absolutely the only way for humans to reach the truth. The punishing of heresy and the suppression of thought can never make people find the truth in any case. I never denied religious freedom and religious freedom of bringing the wings to humans soaring in their dreams. But I also insist that the ideal society is that the state cannot interfere with religion, but religion can interfere with the society and state. The secular government is composed of corrupt and degenerate people and has a powerful military, police, and other violent institutions. If the secular government wasn’t restricted, it would inevitably expand endlessly. Society eventually degenerates and collapses, unrest, war, and finally ruin. At the beginning, American society was short of secular, and the American government was still weak, with a few staff and incomplete functions. At this time, perhaps the spiritual sword of a single Protestant sect could restrict it. However, each Protestant sect thought that they were the only descendant of the spiritual sword instead of condensing their spiritual swords into a more powerful spiritual sword, which can strongly restrict the American government. The secular government of the United States took the chance to develop and become a giant monster. At this point, all single sects had been unable to restrict it. Not only that, more innumerable divisions and endless quarrels erupted among various sects, making their own weaker and more powerless. What’s sad is that under the attack of the U.S. government, these Protestant sects even recognized the concept of complete separation of church and state. They did not capitalize that there were no provisions in the U.S. Constitution stipulating that religion should not interfere in state affairs to strive for their rights. Instead, they completely withdrew themselves from politics and gave up the role of supervision and restriction on the U.S. government. All of these were a huge regret to human history and caused great disaster to human society. We don’t have to blame religious freedom or the influx of non-Christians into the United States. We should blame ourselves first. Because of the greed and degeneration of human nature, we don’t unite as one.


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In fact, internal disputes are the root cause of the fatal crisis in the Christian world. When every Protestant sect suggests that they are in charge of the sword of spirit and self-complacency, they don’t recognize that a sword has lost its initial power when it turns into countless swords. Of course, if these countless swords stabbed at the same goal, they may still maintain their power, but the fact is far from that. These Protestant sects quarreled endlessly, and the goals of these swords were also scattered and disordered. Even if a few swords hit the target, they are useless. It is because we were self-defeating martial acts, failed to form a powerful spiritual sword, failed to defend our rights, allowed the secular American government to develop, and constantly eroded the rights of the Christian Church. It is because we had not declared to non-Christians that this is a nation built by Christians, and no one is allowed to shake its foundation – the belief in God and the Bible. It is because we also didn’t claim to them explicitly that they must believe in brotherhood rather than hatred to live in this country. As a result, the United States, the city on the hill, a God’s city, the Kingdom of Jesus on earth, a society carrying countless dreams of Puritans, and the Holy Land of Peach Blossoming, lost the restriction of the spiritual sword of the Christian Church. The secular regime continued to expand and become a monster. In the end, it devoured the Christian Church and eventually the whole society. If you look at the Democratic Party’s big-government agenda, high taxes, all things arranged and controlled, you can see that what I said is true.

What’s more, what is unacceptable is that this monster first devoured the birthplace of God’s city, the four Puritan states of New England – Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Now, none of these descendants of the Puritans knows why their ancestors came to this land? or think that ignorant religious passions drive them. New England has become the radical and liberal Democrats’ storehouse of votes, and Massachusetts is the first state to approve same-sex marriage, the first state to legalize marijuana. How sadly God silenced in heaven.


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