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How the American government continuously erodes the rights of the church!

continuously eroded the rights of the church!

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 2. The difficult constitutional practice in God’s city on the hill

section 15. The American government is eroding the church’s rights

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How the American government continuously erodes the rights of the church!

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this is section 15, “the American government has continuously eroded the rights of the church”, of Chapter 2, “the difficult constitutionalism in the city on the top of God”. In the third part, the American Revolution, of “the course of Western civilization”.This section discusses that many rights originally belonging to the church have been occupied by the American secular government, such as education, charity, medical care, church court, and so on. these rights are based on God’s love and implemented on the principle of voluntariness In the hands of the church. Still, at the secular government’s fingertips, they have become laws seriously damaging the original intention of these functions, protecting the lazy, encouraging those ugly human natures, such as the gluttonous and sluggish, greedy, and degeneration, causing great harm to society. They are also the root of many social problems in the United States. Like that, it is difficult to see a doctor; medical costs are expensive, lawsuits are difficult, lawyers’ fees are expensive, public schools do not teach the Bible, etc. Society is becoming more and more corrupt. The article also puts forward many suggestions, reform measures, and a constructive plan to establish a Protestant Federation to supervise the American secular government.



After the birth of Protestantism and the emergence of many new sects, the spiritual sword of God also dropped off. Each sect believed that they owned it, but no one really owned it in a status of disunity. The spiritual sword had lost its initial power and could not restrict the state. Hence, the state constantly eroded the rights originally belonging to the church and became a leviathan monster out of control.

Marriage was originally a sacrament in the Christian world, sacred and solemn because God says that after a man leaves his parents, he will bind with a woman, be loyal to each other, and never separate. In church, the pastor asked the man if he would marry a woman as his wife? Ask the woman if you would marry him as her husband? It’s a promise and oath under the witness of God. It’s incomparably hallowed and holy. Monogamy, one man and one woman, is the result of love given by God to humans. Humans also describe the sweetness and fragrance of love with voluminous poems. Marriage is the result of this sweet and fragrant love. The marriage of a man and a woman and monogamy is also the adoring of love and the glorifying of loyalty. A man and a woman, monogamous marriage is also necessary for the continuation of humans; in the harbor of love, the new generation grows up happily. A man and a woman, monogamous marriage is also the requirement of social stability. It is the most stable family structure compared with polygamy, with three wives and four concubines. There is no law to define marriage in human history. Marriage is originally a matter of religion and within the church’s jurisdiction. The sanctity of monogamous marriage is also a unique phenomenon in the Christian world. The marriage recognized by the non-Christian world is not only monogamy; they also recognize the marriage of a man having four wives or three wives and four concubines, and even countless concubines, which is normal in their eyes. However, the sacred and solemn sacraments in the Christian world have been easily overturned by five judges of the Federal Supreme Court of America today. These five judges replaced the Bible and redefined marriage. They extended marriage to homosexuality and easily reversed the word of God. What a trample on religious freedom! What an insult to Christians! And what contempt for the Bible! Although the Protestant church in the United States always quarreled and squabbled, at this time, they were as still as a mouse without a word and accepted mutely. We can see how far the American society has secularized and how far the church has shrunk. God’s spirit sword has been completely abandoned, and the Christian Church is powerless to fight back against the American government.

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Lyndon Johnson’s act is another example of a serious violation of the rights of the Christian Church. According to this act, the US government can cancel the Christian Church’s tax exemption privilege to limit the church’s right to interfere in politics. As we have discussed before, the traditional two-headed snake-like separation of church and state in Christianity is the most stable and robust social structure. The state and the church supervise and support each other to make the society develop healthily, orderly, and speedily. In this structure, the state and the church have their own exclusive fields. Due to the restriction of the Bible and doctrines, the Christian Church rarely set foot in the military, police, prisons, and economy, these vital secular fields. Still, except these, other essential social functions such as charity, education, hospital, etc., are managed and handled by the church. We also know that for building the city of God, the Puritan church in Massachusetts also intervened in many secular affairs according to the two-headed snake-like separation of politics and religion. It was the mediation of the church among various political forces that maintained the stable order of the society. Otherwise, it would be impossible to build God’s city on the hill successfully, and it would not be possible to found the United States later. The church’s intervention in politics is not to participate in secular affairs but to play the role of the sword of the spirit, restrict the power of the secular government, and supervise the behavior of the secular government. Countless historical experiences have proved that only in this way can the secular government be guaranteed not to fall into the tyranny of dictatorship, oligarchy, and majority. At the very least, church interference in politics also protects the exclusive affairs of the church from the violation of the secular government. The reason is actually very simple. Suppose the church does not interfere in politics, how to determine the boundary between the church and the secular government, and how to prevent the rights of the church from being infringed by the secular government. In human history, religion has always been the most critical matter in life, and it has always entangled with secular government. It isn’t easy to separate them completely. Whether in Christian society or other societies, the secular government has always made special preferential policies for religious affairs. Even in the Oriental secular society, the emperor often granted temples land for monks’ living and development expenses; all the lands were naturally tax-free. Christian countries naturally have such a tradition. The Bible clearly stipulates tithe tax, collected in Catholic countries before. After the Protestant reform, the tithe tax was gradually abolished. The American Protestant society that began in Massachusetts did not collect additional religious taxes. Instead, each church and parish raised their own living and development expenses; they had not burdened the secular government anything. This can be regarded as the least demanded church in history. In any case, the secular government would not levy any taxes from the church, but the Lyndon Johnson bill did. It can be seen how the Lyndon Johnson bill despised the most important matter in human life, how it regarded religion as nothing, how it violated the rights of the church, and how it trampled on the first amendment of the Constitution. However, this bill was passed in Congress, and the whole Christian Church had no means to hit back against such violations; they didn’t know how to protect themselves. It can be seen that the church in the United States had degenerated to an unbelievable level without any blood and iron; they were really like a flock of sheep. They could at least initiate legal proceedings till the Supreme Court. Even if they failed, they could also organize some demonstrations and protests as Martin Luther King did. No, nothing had been done.

The church in the United States had done nothing; they gave up their right to restrict and supervise the secular government and lived a little life in an abundance of caution. Obviously, even if the separation of religion and politics is entirely complete, the church should consult with the state to define this separation line. The boundary can not be defined by the state alone, and the state can not own the final say, while the church has no say. The church can not interfere in politics and can not consult the separate line in the linden Johnson act of politics, which is extraordinarily unreasonable and brutal. As a result, the sword of God’s spirit completely disappeared, and the American government encroached upon the church at will. In addition to the right to marriage, the American government also took away many other social functions wantonly that initially belonged to the church, such as education, charity, hospital, etc.

The state has taken away education, this important function that originally belonged to the church. Of course, every Christian wants to teach children his religious experience to make them live merrily according to the Bible. No parents want their children to live in pain when they grow up. It is impossible to have such parents who let their children taste all the sufferings to realize by themselves that believing in Christ is the real meaning of life, which is a fact they have known for a long time. Every Christian parent wants their children to know this truth as soon as they are sensible. Every parent wants their children to be happy all the time. However, the United States, once a Christian country, in the name of public schools, uses Christian taxes to teach Christian children about homosexuality, the absurdity of God’s creation of man, the untrue content of the Bible, etc., now, which the Christian Church never accept. It is said that this is also “political correctness,” which gives children the right to choose their religion freely. This is the hypocrisy and hypocrisy of “political correctness” that I discussed in the previous chapter. In the second chapter of this book, I have repeatedly discussed human morality based on belief. I don’t know what religion allows believers’ children to choose their religion freely. No religion has such a doctrine. Only a hypocritical politician can put up such a statement, which proves once again that “political correctness” is also insincere and hypocritical, just empty and abstract concepts. This theory of allowing children to choose their religion freely is the same as the one parents know the excrements stink, but they still let children taste it to see the fact. Humans are mysterious and magical beings. Humans simply can’t answer the question of where we come from and where we will die. Humans still have a very shallow understanding of life and themselves. It’s obvious that children’s growth is greatly affected by the environment. Do these so-called “politically correct” politicians allow their children to be taken away by cult gangs and let their children grow up in an evil environment? they can see what kind of their children will be when they grow up in that environment.

In the same way, why can’t Christian parents let their children accept the sweetness of the Christian Church and the greatness of the Bible? Why can’t their children accept this? Isn’t it ridiculous to have to hand them to an evil cult-like public school? Therefore, it is extremely vicious and evil for the secular government to deprive the right of the Christian Church and Christians to educate their children. However, no one in the Church of the United States has come out to fight and protest. It can be seen that the church of the United States is so weak that there is no dispensability. What a sad thing it is. We don’t know what God thinks if he sees that in heaven; whether the fire of anger will be sprayed on the United States, let the United States accept a baptism of blood and fire.

The charity was voluntary in the Christian Church. In the two thousand years of the Christian Church’s history, there has never been any record of compulsory donation because it does not conform to the doctrine of the Bible. When charity is taken away by the state, it becomes law and a welfare system, which is actually a compulsory donation to others, whether in the name of tax or other ways. If this money can be used wherever necessary, it does not impact. But today, a lot of welfare in the United States is used for the lazy, the idle; it encourages the human’s evil habits of an easy life, which is contrary to the true welfare function and Christian charity. There are many reasons for many people suffering from poverty, and there are poor people even in the best system. Of course, poor people in the good system are different from those in the bad system. Many poor people under the bad system are Institutional Poverty. No matter how hard you work, you can’t get rich. And the poor in a good system is mostly due to their own reasons. Because of greed and degradation of human nature, their poverty is due to the greed and degradation of their human nature, loving leisure, and hating labor. If the poor suffer for their own reasons but think that the government welfare is taken for granted, then a vicious circle will be formed. Everyone waits for government relief, and no one wants to work hard nine-to-five. As discussed in the previous chapter, society will fall into the mire of high welfare. After the charity is taken away by the government, it becomes a matter of course. Unlike the original Christian Church, the church’s charity fund is donated by Christians voluntarily. When you receive charity, the church will try to enlighten you to become a Christian. Even if you can’t become a Christian, you will have Christian love. And Christianity itself has the function of Exhortation. They tell you that human nature is greedy and degenerate; everyone tends to love leisure and hate labor. Only through faith and through God can you be saved. You should not let yourself fall into greed and degeneration; you should be saved by yourself through God. More importantly, the church will also tell you that this charity is saved by brothers and sisters who pursue God’s real meaning; its purpose is to make everyone feel the love of God and the love of brothers. And the government relief is another pair of shoes; people receive welfare from the government department and leave off naturally. Charity reflects the love of brothers. And government relief is a compulsory donation; costing others’ property to embody politician generosity, at any rate, is to maintain social stability, a very realistic function.

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Hospital is also a traditional function of the church. Once, the church hospital had blossomed everywhere, bringing great blessing and great welfare to humans. However, after the state took over the hospital, a high entry threshold was set on doctors’ qualifications and the hospital’s hardware. In addition, the expensive medical malpractice insurance made it difficult for people in the wealthy US to see a doctor. In fact, to treat some minor illnesses, there is no need for such a high entry threshold. The small outpatient clinics in the community can solve these minor illnesses nearby. It is unnecessary to go to the big hospital to have a comprehensive examination and wait in line. In this regard, I think the small community clinics in China are very merits, convenient and simple. In fact, most of the patients we suffer from are minor illnesses. It can be treated with a bit of medicine and a few bottles of drips at most. Why should we go to the big hospital to make a torment? And the church hospital has thousands of years of experience and can set its own standards. There is no need for the high entry threshold and low medical insurance premiums. Because of faith, believing God dwells three feet over our head , every church doctor will live up to the great trust of God, will do everything with conscience, and will treat every patient carefully. The amount of compensation after a medical accident is relatively low. Still, undoubtedly, it is a relief method for many poor who can not go to private hospitals in time and find it difficult to see doctors.

It should have been proper for the church court to merge into the secular court. After Protestant reform, there were many sects. Which is responsible for the church court is a problem? But now, the law system of the United States has gone to the other extreme. It has become an empire of lawyers that bear no relation to justice. The law is voluminous. Even lawyers have been divided into countless professional lawyers, let alone ordinary people. Obviously, this kind of legal system has reached a dead end, which is alien to common sense. It is becoming more and more out of touch with reality. It can only become a tool for the lawyer to make a fast buck. The poor dare not fight a lawsuit because they can’t afford the expensive lawyer fees, let alone fight with the rich. It is very realistic to mention the church court again at this time. Perhaps we can avoid the term “church court” not to give a sense of spiritual persecution. We can call it the church legal mediation room. Islam has done very well in this respect. They have many mediation rooms chaired by imams at the grassroots level, which resolve many small cases such as neighborhood disputes, ease social contradictions, and maintain social order with minimum cost. In the legal mediation room of the church, the plaintiff and the defendant face up to God and the Bible together and vow to act in the name of God with their own conscience as a guide. As for some small cases, such as neighborhood disputes and economic frictions, people try their best to compromise and give way to each other to simplify the matters, saving a lot of human resources and material resources, especially lawyers’ fees. If the church fails to mediate, it should be handed over to the secular court. I think that every devout Christian with brotherly love is willing to accept the church’s legal mediation room, where everyone can be the mutual honest treatment for the case, disputes should be solved well. Unlike in the secular court, everyone racks brains, making things more and more complicated; the cost is more and more expensive. Even the winner will get little after a lawsuit, let alone the loser.

In the colony’s early days, because the civil chief was also a devout Puritan and the promoter of building the city of God, the civil chief could intervene in religious affairs, the fatal defect of the Puritans’ opposing any authority, lacking in unity did not show. However, another situation emerged with social development. Politics and religion were gradually separated, and American society became more and more secular. Many civil officers were not Christians or even antichrists; they could not and would not be involved in religious affairs, coordinated the church conflicts, and solved the internal contradictions of the church. Therefore, the lethality of the Christian church’s lack of unity turned out. Because of the lack of authoritative religious meetings, the Native American sects derived from Puritanism, such as Baptist Church and Congregational Church, could only solve the disputes of doctrines and organizations through division once and again. Endless division and dispute upset people, and the church was never at peace. Even such an American proverb came into existence: “quarrel like Baptist society,” so people longed to return to a peaceful life under authority. For these, Fromm profoundly pointed out in “Escape from Freedom” that people evade freedom because they are tired of freedom, and people feel that the benefits of freedom to life are less than the incidental annoyance. This also explains why Catholicism is thriving in the United States today. Catholicism provides people with a kind of authority and a peaceful life, which exactly any Protestant sect does not own. The Catholic Church still insists on the idea of papal infallibility, which may be puzzled by many people, but the papal infallibility does maintain the authority of the Pope and the peace of the Catholic world. Of course, I personally think that the idea of papal infallibility is exceedingly absurd, but people ultimately have to choose this absurdity. It can only be said it is an extremely helpless behavior because, In the hundreds of years of practice of Protestantism after Luther, people have failed to find tranquility and peace in the new church. Why is this so? Because based on the Protestant doctrine, there is no hierarchy such as cardinals, archbishops, and bishops, and no power center such as the Pope. It encourages free thought and freedom of conscience, but it is indeed difficult to form authority, and It will inevitably bring about the different understandings of the “Bible”, various knowledge in doctrine and organization. Protestantism can only divide indefinitely. It is indeed regrettable to come to such a conclusion, but these are already fait accompli. And no one can avoid it; you can only face and overcome it. In my own understanding of the Bible, The Christian world should defy Catholicism and the Pope’s hierarchy. I profoundly disagree with Catholicism’s hierarchy, nor do I agree with worldly Christianity having a supreme authority–the Pope. Any so-called supreme authority is dangerous because his human nature is greedy and deprived no matter who. The supreme authority of mortality will put the world at significant risk. I think the Protestant ideas of independence, freedom, and equality are the essence of humans and the ultimate direction of humans. I don’t know whether Jesus will return to the earth and complete the last judgment. Still, I believe that all people are equal, freedom, and perfectly free and easy, living happily and blessedly, and it should be the ultimate goal of human society. I also believe that the closer humans approach this ultimate goal, the more possible humans return to heaven. The closer to this goal, the closer to humans completing the purgatory on earth.

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How can we unite the various new sects? According to human experience, there is only one way to unite the scattered Protestant sects, resisting the common enemy, the US government. Just like in the Bible, only an invasion of foreign enemies can spark the birth of a civil chief uniting people to defeat the invaders. The United States government, the common enemy of all Protestant sects, has constantly infringed on the traditional fields and rights of the church. And only fighting against this common enemy can reunite all Protestant sects. And we must be united, must produce cohesive influential leaders to form an organization and a power center against the United States government. Let’s call it the Protestant Union for the moment. Through this Protestant Union and the fighting against the common enemy of the US government, the scattered brotherly love and brotherhood will be reconstituted, so the Protestant church can unite and unite forever. The US government will always exist, so the struggle between the Protestant church and the US government will also exist forever. Only in front of the common enemy can we try to reduce the disputes and quarrels between us, reach a consensus as far as possible, have a quiet and peaceful life as far as possible, and make the society better as far as possible.

At the same time, the Protestant Union should not discuss the doctrines. The discussion of doctrines will never form a consensus and only cause division. In this world, humans’ understanding of the Bible can only be described as blind people guessing the elephant. Because of original sin and deformity, humans can not fully understand the Bible; just like blind people touching the elephant, we can only understand parts of the Bible. Therefore, the Protestant Union should prohibit the discussion of doctrines. Its purpose should be clear, that is, to fight the government to the end, regain the rights originally belonging to the church, and limit the functions of the American government to the minimum. It is not only for the Protestant church but also for American society’s long-term stability and prosperity. The Protestant Union can organize various long-term activities to safeguard the authority of the Constitution and religious freedom through various academic seminars, legal channels, legal assemblies, processions, sermons, speeches, etc. The main basis for the struggle is to interpret the Constitution with historical facts and defend the religious freedom granted by the first amendment of the Constitution, objecting to the current general interpretation of the Constitution in empty and abstract rationality, which is actually fabricating and forging the Constitution. The Constitution is based on historical facts, so it must be interpreted with historical facts; it is a very rational and persuasive method. I believe that after a long period of struggle, we can get the support of most Americans.

In the specific targets, the Protestant union must, in any case, regain the power to supervise the American government, which guarantees the rights of the Christian Church. At the same time, it must obtain the dominating power of marriage and education, monogamy, the marriage of a man and a woman, and Christians’ right to educate their children. All these are sacred and solemn; It is also the rights the Bible gives to Christians clearly. Every Christian must defend them with his life. These are rights that can never be ignored. Secondly, on behalf of every Christian and for the stability and prosperity of American society, the Christian Church must also obtain the control and management of charitable welfare and medical services. And to reduce legal costs, build a really fair and just society, struggle for judicial power, establish a legal mediation room of the Christian Church, and mediate small cases such as economic disputes among Christians. This is also a very feasible short-term goal. Through these, we can completely limit the power of the American government, form a governance pattern of big society and small government, and try our best to realize equality for all, so that human beings can live freely and happily without exploitation and oppression and approach the ultimate goal of human beings.

So people are eager to return to a quiet life under authority. For these, Fromm points out deeply in escape freedom that people escape freedom because they are tired of freedom, and people feel that the benefits of freedom to life are less than the accompanying annoyance. This also explains why Catholicism is thriving in the United States today, which provides people with authority, a peaceful way of life, which is exactly what no Protestant faction has. The Catholic Church still insists on the theory of “the Pope” and many people may not understand it. But it does maintain the authority of the Pope and the peace of the Catholic world. Of course, I personally think that Pope metaphor is extremely absurd, but people have to choose this kind of absurd, which can only be said to be an extremely helpless behavior, because, in the hundreds of years of practice of Protestantism after Luther, people have been unable to find peace and peace in the new church. Why is that? Because according to the Protestant doctrine, there is no hierarchy of cardinal, archbishop and bishop, and there is no power center like Pope, which is really difficult to form authority. Moreover, it is inevitable that the new religion can be divided indefinitely due to the encouragement of freedom of thought and freedom of conscience, which inevitably leads to different understandings of the Bible, and disputes in various doctrines and organizations. It is indeed a sad conclusion, but these are already facts, and no one can avoid it. We can only face the overcoming and never let the Christian world unify in the Catholic and Pope hierarchy. With my personal understanding of the Bible, I do not think deeply about the Catholic hierarchy, nor agree with the world of Christianity. There is a supreme authority – Pope, any so-called supreme authority is dangerous because no matter who is greedy and degenerated, giving the highest authority to all people will put the world in great danger. I think the idea of Protestantism, independence, freedom, and equality is the essence of human beings and the ultimate direction of mankind.

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