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The education of children is a basic right of Christians, and the secular government must not interfere

Christians, and the secular government must not interfere

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 2. The difficult constitutional practice in God’s city on the hill

section 15. The American government is eroding the church’s rights

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The state has taken away education, this important function that originally belonged to the church. Of course, every Christian wants to teach children his religious experience to make them live merrily according to the Bible. No parents want their children to live in pain when they grow up. It is impossible to have such parents who let their children taste all the sufferings to realize by themselves that believing in Christ is the real meaning of life, which is a fact they have known for a long time. Every Christian parent wants their children to know this truth as soon as they are sensible. Every parent wants their children to be happy all the time. However, the United States, once a Christian country, in the name of public schools, uses Christian taxes to teach Christian children about homosexuality, the absurdity of God’s creation of man, the untrue content of the Bible, etc., now, which the Christian Church never accept. It is said that this is also “political correctness,” which gives children the right to choose their religion freely. This is the hypocrisy and hypocrisy of “political correctness” that I discussed in the previous chapter. In the second chapter of this book, I have repeatedly discussed human morality based on belief. I don’t know what religion allows believers’ children to choose their religion freely. No religion has such a doctrine. Only a hypocritical politician can put up such a statement, which proves once again that “political correctness” is also insincere and hypocritical, just empty and abstract concepts. This theory of allowing children to choose their religion freely is the same as the one parents know the excrements stink, but they still let children taste it to see the fact. Humans are mysterious and magical beings. Humans simply can’t answer the question of where we come from and where we will die. Humans still have a very shallow understanding of life and themselves. It’s obvious that children’s growth is greatly affected by the environment. Do these so-called “politically correct” politicians allow their children to be taken away by cult gangs and let their children grow up in an evil environment? they can see what kind of their children will be when they grow up in that environment.

In the same way, why can’t Christian parents let their children accept the sweetness of the Christian Church and the greatness of the Bible? Why can’t their children accept this? Isn’t it ridiculous to have to hand them to an evil cult-like public school? Therefore, it is extremely vicious and evil for the secular government to deprive the right of the Christian Church and Christians to educate their children. However, no one in the Church of the United States has come out to fight and protest. It can be seen that the church of the United States is so weak that there is no dispensability. What a sad thing it is. We don’t know what God thinks if he sees that in heaven; whether the fire of anger will be sprayed on the United States, let the United States accept a baptism of blood and fire.

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