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Marriage has always been a right of the Christian Church, not a civil right

Christian Church, not a civil right

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 2. The difficult constitutional practice in God’s city on the hill

section 15. The American government is eroding the church’s rights

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Marriage has always been a right of the Christian Church, not a civil right

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After the birth of Protestantism and the emergence of many new sects, the spiritual sword of God also dropped off. Each sect believed that they owned it, but no one really owned it in a status of disunity. The spiritual sword had lost its initial power and could not restrict the state. Hence, the state constantly eroded the rights originally belonging to the church and became a leviathan monster out of control.

Marriage was originally a sacrament in the Christian world, sacred and solemn because God says that after a man leaves his parents, he will bind with a woman, be loyal to each other, and never separate. In church, the pastor asked the man if he would marry a woman as his wife? Ask the woman if you would marry him as her husband? It’s a promise and oath under the witness of God. It’s incomparably hallowed and holy. Monogamy, one man and one woman, is the result of love given by God to humans. Humans also describe the sweetness and fragrance of love with voluminous poems. Marriage is the result of this sweet and fragrant love. The marriage of a man and a woman and monogamy is also the adoring of love and the glorifying of loyalty. A man and a woman, monogamous marriage is also necessary for the continuation of humans; in the harbor of love, the new generation grows up happily. A man and a woman, monogamous marriage is also the requirement of social stability. It is the most stable family structure compared with polygamy, with three wives and four concubines. There is no law to define marriage in human history. Marriage is originally a matter of religion and within the church’s jurisdiction. The sanctity of monogamous marriage is also a unique phenomenon in the Christian world. The marriage recognized by the non-Christian world is not only monogamy; they also recognize the marriage of a man having four wives or three wives and four concubines, and even countless concubines, which is normal in their eyes. However, the sacred and solemn sacraments in the Christian world have been easily overturned by five judges of the Federal Supreme Court of America today. These five judges replaced the Bible and redefined marriage. They extended marriage to homosexuality and easily reversed the word of God. What a trample on religious freedom! What an insult to Christians! And what contempt for the Bible! Although the Protestant church in the United States always quarreled and squabbled, at this time, they were as still as a mouse without a word and accepted mutely. We can see how far the American society has secularized and how far the church has shrunk. God’s spirit sword has been completely abandoned, and the Christian Church is powerless to fight back against the American government.

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