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Why must the Christian Church be responsible for charities and hospitals?

 for charities and hospitals?

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 2. The difficult constitutional practice in God’s city on the hill

section 15. The American government is eroding the church’s rights

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Why must the Christian Church be responsible for charities and hospitals?

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The charity was voluntary in the Christian Church. In the two thousand years of the Christian Church’s history, there has never been any record of compulsory donation because it does not conform to the doctrine of the Bible. When charity is taken away by the state, it becomes law and a welfare system, which is actually a compulsory donation to others, whether in the name of tax or other ways. If this money can be used wherever necessary, it does not impact. But today, a lot of welfare in the United States is used for the lazy, the idle; it encourages the human’s evil habits of an easy life, which is contrary to the true welfare function and Christian charity. There are many reasons for many people suffering from poverty, and there are poor people even in the best system. Of course, poor people in the good system are different from those in the bad system. Many poor people under the bad system are Institutional Poverty. No matter how hard you work, you can’t get rich. And the poor in a good system is mostly due to their own reasons. Because of greed and degradation of human nature, their poverty is due to the greed and degradation of their human nature, loving leisure, and hating labor. If the poor suffer for their own reasons but think that the government welfare is taken for granted, then a vicious circle will be formed. Everyone waits for government relief, and no one wants to work hard nine-to-five. As discussed in the previous chapter, society will fall into the mire of high welfare. After the charity is taken away by the government, it becomes a matter of course. Unlike the original Christian Church, the church’s charity fund is donated by Christians voluntarily. When you receive charity, the church will try to enlighten you to become a Christian. Even if you can’t become a Christian, you will have Christian love. And Christianity itself has the function of Exhortation. They tell you that human nature is greedy and degenerate; everyone tends to love leisure and hate labor. Only through faith and through God can you be saved. You should not let yourself fall into greed and degeneration; you should be saved by yourself through God. More importantly, the church will also tell you that this charity is saved by brothers and sisters who pursue God’s real meaning; its purpose is to make everyone feel the love of God and the love of brothers. And the government relief is another pair of shoes; people receive welfare from the government department and leave off naturally. Charity reflects the love of brothers. And government relief is a compulsory donation; costing others’ property to embody politician generosity, at any rate, is to maintain social stability, a very realistic function.

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