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Necessity of Establishing Religious courts

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 2. The difficult constitutional practice in God’s city on the hill

section 15. The American government is eroding the church’s rights

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Necessity of Establishing Religious courts

Protestantism must unite against the secular government, otherwise, Christianity will perish, and so will humanity.


It should have been proper for the church court to merge into the secular court. After Protestant reform, there were many sects. Which is responsible for the church court is a problem? But now, the law system of the United States has gone to the other extreme. It has become an empire of lawyers that bear no relation to justice. The law is voluminous. Even lawyers have been divided into countless professional lawyers, let alone ordinary people. Obviously, this kind of legal system has reached a dead end, which is alien to common sense. It is becoming more and more out of touch with reality. It can only become a tool for the lawyer to make a fast buck. The poor dare not fight a lawsuit because they can’t afford the expensive lawyer fees, let alone fight with the rich. It is very realistic to mention the church court again at this time. Perhaps we can avoid the term “church court” not to give a sense of spiritual persecution. We can call it the church legal mediation room. Islam has done very well in this respect. They have many mediation rooms chaired by imams at the grassroots level, which resolve many small cases such as neighborhood disputes, ease social contradictions, and maintain social order with minimum cost. In the legal mediation room of the church, the plaintiff and the defendant face up to God and the Bible together and vow to act in the name of God with their own conscience as a guide. As for some small cases, such as neighborhood disputes and economic frictions, people try their best to compromise and give way to each other to simplify the matters, saving a lot of human resources and material resources, especially lawyers’ fees. If the church fails to mediate, it should be handed over to the secular court. I think that every devout Christian with brotherly love is willing to accept the church’s legal mediation room, where everyone can be the mutual honest treatment for the case, disputes should be solved well. Unlike in the secular court, everyone racks brains, making things more and more complicated; the cost is more and more expensive. Even the winner will get little after a lawsuit, let alone the loser.

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