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Eastern society is closest to the leftist view of the state, but Eastern society has a horrific cyclical law of changing dynasties.

 view of the state, but Eastern society has a horrific cyclical law of changing dynasties.


“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 2. The difficult constitutional practice in God’s city on the hill

section 13. Crazy view of the State of American left thinkers

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Crazy view of the state of American left thinkers

The leftist view of the state is essentially a godless, atheistic, rational view of the state, but rationality is seriously flawed, and such a state has never existed in history.

Human nature is greedy and depraved. How can a country without faith survive? Without God, the U.S. will inevitably appear tyranny.

 Eastern society is closest to the leftist view of the state, but Eastern society has a horrific cyclical law of changing dynasties.

On this basis, let’s discuss in detail why the eastern secular society, which is closest to Plato’s rational and universal country, has been in the cycle of changing dynasties? Because there is no faith or weak faith in the society, the secular regime of the eastern secular society is composed of purely greedy and depraved people. Without the restriction of religion, the greed and corruption of the secular regime flow out arbitrarily. And morality soon completely degenerated, and society was hard to sustain, finally collapsing, turmoil, and war. All these prove that the rational and universal theory of the state is problematic. Of course, this is a vast subject. Due to limited space, we can only briefly talk about it. The specific reasons are as follows: first, in the eastern secular society, the church gradually shrank and weakened, eventually becoming a tool of the state and dispensable. Although there were no firm religious beliefs in each dynasty’s early days, the founders of the dynasty were still alive. They also knew the abuses and cruelty of the previous dynasties; the morality was generally healthy and clear. Because there was no restriction through church and faith, there were more and more rampant villains in the development of society. In the middle and late stages of each dynasty, The society was filled with plenty of villains calling white black, calling a stag a horse. The community’s morality had decayed, and such a society would inevitably collapse and perish. Second, due to the shrinking and weakening of the church, all power belonged to the secular government. It could do whatever it wanted, completely ignoring any morals and beliefs. This kind of society would inevitably go into a police state and use violence to enforce its own will. In the 2,000-year history of eastern secular society, any dynasty’s army, police, and prison were highly formidable. Such a country could ignore any public opinion and act by its own will. It is also the reason why I, as an Oriental, don’t think “1984” is so classic because the 2,000-year autocratic monarchy society in the East is a more classic police society, a typical Leviathan monster. In such a society, the country had become a monster that swallowed everyone, including the bureaucratic group itself, including all royal relatives and nobles.

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The development of this kind of society could only force the people to revolt, so many peasant uprisings broke out. In the Oriental secular society, the peasant uprising and the change of dynasties were extremely tragic. Almost all the nobles of the former dynasty were exterminated; that is to say, they devoured others and themselves, and finally, the whole society died together. Third, the last kind of police state cannot last long because the police state will inevitably have internal power struggles, leading to civil strife. Finally, the state will fall into turmoil; brother against brother and warlord’s war are the norms of eastern secular society, which is a fight for power within the police state essentially. Fourth, there is a fatal flaw in the replacement of God by human reason; that is, everyone wants to replace God with his own reason. Then whose reason is the standard? This is another reason for the constant disputes in eastern secular society. It is also the main reason why this kind of society can not last forever – -the ideological confusion. There are countless philosophical trends in human history, countless thinkers, philosophers, and idealists, so a society with secular philosophers as mentors will inevitably fall into chaos. Such as the confusion of Germany that emerged before the First World War, philosophical trends like Marxism, Hegelian Nationalism, Nietzsche’s Superman, etc. Every philosophical trend had a corresponding political figure pursuing it, and the German political arena was also chaotic and turbulent. France is still tossing in the whirlpool of various philosophical trends. One was the extreme left of the red ocean, another was the extreme right of nationalism, another was feminism, and the other was existentialism. All kinds of sexual indulgence, homosexuality, promiscuity, and Incest were reasonable; no one knew what the current French society was doing. Fifth, it is also the most deadly, and it is what we focused on in the first chapter. Human nature loves leisure and hates labor. Suppose there is no restriction by religious faiths. In that case, this secular society encourages greed and depravity, encourages the vanity of humans, promotes the official rank superior to crush the inferior, and prompts speculation. All these will inevitably lead to an extremely large bureaucracy and an endless proliferation of bureaucrats. To support these institutions will inevitably impose and levy heavy taxes. The whole society will eventually be unable to bear it. In the end, it will inevitably slip into an economic crisis, with victims and refugees everywhere. The whole society will collapse and slide into great turmoil and turbulence.


Humans are always arrogant and proud, never seriously take history as a mirror to know the rise and fall, and always think that they can transcend history, so humans are always trapped in the unceasing turmoils and can not extricate themselves. The countless tough lessons of secular countries in human history are not enough to make people reflect a little and a bit, still, stubbornly pursue the ideal state and utopias based on human reason. Contemporary American leftist thinkers are such people. No matter how these leftist thinkers change concepts and mince words. We can see that they are the same as the thought of Plato, Aristotle, Hegel, etc., and are also the ghost of the eastern secular society for more than 2000 years, pursuing a secular society without God. In the secularizing of the Christian society, these leftist thinkers in the United States added fuel to the flame, put insult to injury, and never seriously examined human history. With blind confidence, they completely overthrew the original Christian society’s two-headed snake-like state structure, the separation of state and religion. They have completely abandoned the spiritual sword, excluded the church from politics, and returned to Plato and other secular philosophers’ ideas that have failed countless times. They pursue an ideal state that cannot exist. And even worse, They build a society with an arrogance that Plato and others do not have. Although Plato and others conceived the country with goodness and rationality, the specific content was still quite realistic. Plato believed that city-states need three levels of functions, that is, producer, guardian, and ruler. According to the actual situation, Aristotle also believed humans could choose the most suitable method among the monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy. Hegel advocated constitutional monarchy and believed that constitutional monarchy was the most realistic and feasible for fragmented Germany. And these American leftist thinkers pursue universal and abstract concepts with unprecedented persistence and think that universality and abstraction must be eternal and absolute. It is conceivable that they should place the theory of the state under this crazy pursuit. The theory of the state they conceived is also a universal and abstract concept. Not only do they think that the state is the expression of goodness and rationality, the most perfect, good, and highest form of human existence, as the thought of Platos and others’. And in the specific content, they also think that the state is a pure democracy, transcending religious belief.Moreover, the state must embody universal human rights, universal equality, and universal religious freedom based on rationality. So they pursue human rights, even the human rights of some terrorists, seek absolute equality, and even boost the rights of minorities, such as homosexuals and transgender people, to suppress the rights of most people. They believe that this is true equality. They go after absolute religious freedom. They hate the influence of Christianity over the state and even suppress Christianity by raising the cult. They believe that this is true religious freedom. They have completely dragged human society into madness and chaos, and their efforts will eventually drag the United States into turmoil and war. Can we stop them?

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