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Facts have proved that universal values cannot exist in Confucian secular society, the Islamic world, and Southeast Asia.

cannot exist in Confucian secular society, the Islamic world, and Southeast Asia.

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 2. The difficult constitutional practice in God’s city on the hill

section 14. Universal value is unique to the Christian world

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Universal value is unique to the Christian world

Any kindness has specific soil, so there is no universal value of arbitrary existence.

Facts have proved that universal values cannot exist in Confucian secular society, the Islamic world, and Southeast Asia.

After losing the Christian faith, the universal value can not exist in western society and can only become the hypocritical concept of political correctness.


Let’s first look at the secular society, look at a society in which religion is only a tool of secular government. I have discussed that human life is full of endless troubles and pains, which is also the normality of life in the view of Buddhism and Schopenhauer. In order to get rid of these troubles and pains, humans get relief temporarily from all kinds of pleasures, from the pleasures of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind, and the satisfaction of wealth, fame and fortune, the enjoyment of eating, drinking, whoring and gambling. The universal values of equality, freedom and human rights are meaningless to ordinary people in secular society. We can’t eliminate the troubles and pains by pursuing these universal values. These concepts are just empty and pale, just the illusion of the most beautiful things in the depths of the human soul and a remnant image of human life in the garden of Eden; it does not influence our secular life.

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In other words, people in secular society have no motivation to pursue universal values because they have nothing to do with sensual pleasure and material enjoyment. We have mentioned that Some so-called democratic fighters feel extremely sad about the so-called national character. They moan that the secular society is indifferent to their huge sacrifice. In fact, they feel sad only shows that they do not understand the secular society, because indifference to universal values is the real life of the secular society. These universal values have nothing to do with the people in the secular society; ordinary people in secular society consider that universal values are only concerned by psychopaths. They can’t understand why ordinary people think that. However, I would like to say a few words more to these democratic fighters. Under normal circumstances, the pursuit of these universal values is driven only by faith and has nothing to do with other people’s attitudes. If they want to win everyone’s praise, it’s a bit doubtful about the purpose they are pursuing. We can conclude that the universal values of equality and freedom can produce neither benefits nor pleasure. Therefore, it is needless to say that they can’t survive in a secular society.

Let’s look at the situation of Islamic countries. I have repeatedly stressed that religion determines western history; religion outweighs politics. The belief in immortality and eternity prefers political concepts such as equality, freedom, and human rights. According to the teachings of Islam, the conditions that believers can go to immortality, enteral life, and access to heaven are using the sword to force other people to believe in Islamism and the unifying of the state and the church; the church is the state, and the state is the church. Their doctrines have no universal value concepts such as equality, freedom, and human rights. These value concepts can only bring a little moving and a few tears; anyway, they are the most beautiful things in the most depth of their souls. However, universal value concepts can’t cause other feelings or actions for Islam apart from that. Islamic can’t pay anything for these concepts. These concepts have little relation with their lives; they can’t produce material benefits, nor can they throw off their troubles and pains. Let alone push them to go to heaven and get immortality and eternal life. There is no room for universal values in these Islamic countries. Therefore, we can see that in the Middle East. Although many rich Islamic countries have extremely modern material lives, no modern political ideas exist. These countries are all Islamists; although they are different sects, there is no space for Christianity to stay alive alike; there is no sign of religious freedom. In these countries, the royal family has huge privileges. According to the doctrines, they perform monogamy. Men have absolute authority over women. Equality is impossible between people and will never be possible because the doctrines stipulate that. As for human rights, it is even more impossible. Similarly, according to the doctrines, believers can only absolutely obey the church and the state; there is no margin for negotiation. Therefore, even if these universal values were transplanted into the Islamic world, they would soon be dried up and die. Today’s Islamic countries can prove this.

Why can’t the Islamic world have such concepts as equality, freedom, and human rights? Another important reason is the church has an army, and the doctrine allows to conquer the heretics by killing. How can a church with an army and a religion that allows killing have universal values such as equality, freedom, and human rights? It is absolutely a terrible thing when faith is combined with the sword. We know that faith is the most fundamental matter of human beings; there is no room for compromise and negotiation in pursuing immortality, eternity, and the ultimate world. Sword is originally the ultimate weapon to solve disputes, and it can only be used when all negotiations fail, but in the Islamic world, the sword is the first weapon to settle disputes. The use of swords to resolve disputes also has its avails: that is, direct, simple, and effective. one hand with scriptures and the other with swords; if you disobey them, you will be killed. After the disobedient are eradicated, the rest will be obeyed; how happy it is! Even if you don’t accept it in your heart, you stoop to compromise and pretend to observe in order to survive. However, your descendants will be assimilated by their doctrines. Seeing your son become an Islamist who slaughters Christians will only make you cry your heart out and get more humiliation. However, when the Islamists spread and conquered with swords, opponents also largely fought against and protected themselves with swords. Moreover, the Islamists also use swords for internal sectarian disputes. The bloody killing of their own sects is no less than the war between pagans. Therefore, the long-term war in the Islamic world has never stopped, So how can such a country have universal value?

Let’s continue to take a look at the things in Southeast Asia. These Southeast Asian countries have been colonized by Christian countries for a long time and have been infused with universal values such as equality and freedom. However, when the colonial rule was overthrown and the Christian suzerain withdrew, the non-Christianity in these countries was reborn and flourished. These Southeast Asian countries were also Islamic colonies earlier, and Islam spread by swords, which was exceedingly efficient and effective. Soon the Islamists in these countries made up the majority of the population. At this time, the situation was completely different. According to my theory, in which religion outweighs political concepts, faith prefers universal value; in line with the teachings of Islam, these countries gradually implemented the church law and unified the church with the state. The state is the church, and the church is the state. At this time, they completely abandoned the universal values of equality, freedom, and human rights, which were empty in their eyes. They implemented the religious blasphemy law and didn’t allow to make irresponsible remarks on Islam. How will these Southeast Asian countries develop? As you can imagine, I won’t go on.


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