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What is the correct concept of equality for all, what is the wrong concept of equality for all, and how can the United States achieve true racial equality and true equality for all?

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The trap of equality for all — the trap of temptation

At this time, we should notice that whether every man can be a priest or everyone is equal under God is expressed in the Christian language. If described in secular language as stripping God, it should be everyone is equal. Of course, equality for all is more pleasant to the ear and more inclusive than everyone’s equality under God, but it is also easier to fall into the ideological trap. Rousseau was the first person to fall into it. Rousseau was born when Luther had been dead for 150 years, but Rousseau still believes that “we are born equal, but we are all in chains.” here, chains refer to inequality in wealth, and Rousseau believes that all these are caused by private ownership. Because some people are superior to others in skills and talents, they have more wealth than others, and inequality arises. He believes that only by breaking the private ownership and returning to the original state of natural persons can humans obtain real liberation – everyone can live equally, freely, and happily and enter the most natural and ideal society. History has proved that Rousseau’s thought is a disaster for humans because humans can never achieve equality in wealth. Is human inequality really only in wealth? Even if we achieve equality in wealth, countless inequalities still await us. In fact, the most difficult thing for humans to overcome is the inequality in talent, fame, and power. As long as humans exist, inequality in talent, fame, and power will exist no matter what society. It can be said that they will accompany humans forever. Inequality in talent is innate. Inequality in talent will inevitably bring inequality in fame, and inequality in fame will inevitably influence, that is, inequality in power. Human inequality will exist all the time and cannot be eliminated. It isn’t easy to imagine that billions of people in a society can be completely equal in talent, fame, and power. Therefore, any idea of absolute equality for all is a delusion, or it is an incitement by some careerists with ulterior motives.

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I don’t pay much attention to Rousseau personally. I don’t know whether he understands Luther, but the source of all Rousseau’s Thoughts – Calvin’s Geneva, is the direct product of Lutheran Protestantism. Lutheran Protestantism also should influence Rousseau’s attention to equality. I think Rousseau should be very clear about Luther’s attitude toward the German Schwarz peasant uprising. Luther definitely opposes the Schwarz peasant uprising and the blind pursuit of equality in wealth. He believes that humans have more important things than wealth, talent, fame, and power: salvation through faith and coming back to heaven. In this regard, the poor even have more opportunities than the rich; he stressed that equality for all is a matter of faith and religion. Only in faith and religion can equality for all be realized. He is firmly opposed to realizing the equality of wealth through violence. Luther had no idea of equality for all without God. Rousseau himself also believes that inequality in wealth is caused by inequality in talent. Even if wealth can be equal for a time, unequal talent still exists, and inequality will occur again soon. This conclusion can be reached by simple logical inference, but Rousseau still believes that wealth is the root of human inequality and humans can enter the ideal society after equalizing wealth; it is inconceivable.Moreover, Rousseau’s original state of natural persons is also the imaginary society in his imagination. In fact, it does not exist ever. The research of contemporary anthropology believes that there is also inequality in primitive society; It and common society differ only in degree. In human history before him, equality only appeared in one place, Geneva, the source of his spirit and thought. Similarly, Rousseau should be very clear that Geneva is Calvin’s practice of building God’s earthly city under the guidance of Protestantism and governance based on the Bible. However, why did Rousseau not follow Calvin’s steps, carry forward the biblical model of Geneva, but advocate the equality of wealth presumptuously? Is it more difficult to realize a protestant society than equality of wealth? If we really want to pursue equality, isn’t it easier and simpler to promote Protestantism? Why does no one think and set up such a simple idea? I can only repeat my view again. I very much doubt the real ideas of secular thinkers such as Rousseau. They wanted to make a name for themselves and be remembered throughout the ages, which should be far greater than the spirit of exploring the truth. They never seriously study Christian thought and recognize the reasonable contents of Jesus and the Bible, even if they can benefit all humans, Even if these ideas are far better than theirs.

After Rousseau, there are still a large number of thinkers who foolishly step into the trap of equality again and again. Only once again can we lament how persistent and stubborn humans are in the pursuit of reputation and vanity. During the French Revolution, the declaration of human rights led by Robespierre and others formally excluded God. The first article of the declaration of human rights is that “human beings are inherently and always free, and all are equal in rights. Social differences can only be based on public welfare.”  .the declaration of rights separates God from equality and sets conditions for equality. It is alleged that equality is in terms of rights for the first time. Of course, it is necessary to limit conditions for equality, and people cannot be equal unconditionally. However, after leaving God, can a society composed of entirely free people ensure the equality of everyone’s rights? We only see that the drafters of these human rights declarations have been sent to the guillotine one after another. Even the most basic right to life can not be guaranteed; how should they talk about the equality of rights! The French Revolution is just a big joke. When Mrs. Roland was sent to the guillotine, she wailed, “freedom, how many sins are done in your name!” I can only be speechless by this moan. Equality comes from God and is the product of brotherly love, but you exclude them. Freedom and equality will lose their constraints without God and brotherly love and inevitably bring blood and crime. Everything can only be said to be self-inflicted. As a result, France had also fallen into a century of turmoil, going through five republics, but the French still had no reflection. Article 1 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of human rights still says, “All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience, and should treat each other in the spirit of fraternity.”. There is a trace of regret here. Although they still insist on not mentioning God and brotherly love, they replace them with the fraternity. The fraternity has no faith basis. How can it replace brotherly love and faith in God? Today France continues to run on the road away from God; it is about to become a fascist country but still has no regrets. French never think about where their freedom and equality come from. You can only feel how arrogant and ignorant humans are! Not only the French but also the Americans slipped into the trap. Since President Roosevelt overcame the economic crisis with government control, the United States has gone farther away from God. It enforces equality not through the church but through the government. Finally, it passed the equal rights act. The principle of the equal Rights Act is to create opportunities for minorities and pursue equality by artificially creating inequality of opportunities. This logic can make many people who really are thinkers bang their heads against the wall and fall into the clouds. We can only say how inferior, obstinate humans are.

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Obviously, in reality, life is unequal. People are different physically, small and tall, thin and fat, especially talent differences. It is impossible to achieve absolute equality for all. Therefore, today’s society can only explain everyone’s equality in this way. That is, equality refers to equality in rights, opportunities, and personality, refers to equality before the law, the equal right to education, to vote, and other political rights. However, even in the equal United States, equality before the law can not prevent the same cases. Due to economic reasons, the lawyers hired have different abilities and cause different results. The equality of the right to education is only reflected in that everyone can freely attend public schools to receive the most basic education. No one can prevent wealthy families from choosing private schools or church schools with better conditions. The equality of political rights, such as voting rights, can not block the elite from influencing politics. A single union or church leader command can affect countless votes. Moreover, the equality of the right to vote with one person, one vote, may not bring about a beautiful society as imagined. Democracy in ancient Greece died in the tyranny of the majority. One person, one vote also trapped Europe in the quagmire of high welfare. One person, one vote in many countries, can not prevent collusion between officials and businesses and corruption. The degree of civilization is that. No matter how the election is, the result can be imagined.

Therefore, equality in rights has nothing to do with absolute equality for all. This is also what many leftist thinkers are very dissatisfied with, so they put forward equality of opportunity. According to the interpretation of equality of opportunity in the affirmative action act, equality of opportunity is realized through unequal opportunities that give more opportunities to minorities; it is a stunning logic. Even so, the affirmative action act has been implemented for nearly 50 years, but the situation of blacks and other minorities has not improved much. The wealthy areas are the white people mostly, and most blacks still live in slums, church schools and private universities remain mostly the white people, and blacks can only be crowded in public schools and community universities. These phenomena show no signs of improvement. After the implementation of the affirmative action act for so many years, it has also engendered a phenomenon of reverse discrimination. And Chinese group suffers as much as most whites especially. In order to reflect equal opportunities, many universities have enrollment targeted at minorities such as blacks. Schools have mandatory regulations that there must be a certain number of minorities. Chinese students are not on the list because of their high family incomes. Like most whites, even if their scores are much higher than blacks, they may not enter universities. This reverse discrimination against most people has aroused a lot of dissatisfaction, and “the affirmative act” has also been under criticism. Except for reflecting the so-called equal rights, these minority groups, such as blacks who go to universities through preferential, are just passers-by in the schools. They disappear into the crowd as soon as they leave the universities and rarely have any outstanding performance. This kind of compulsory equality can not really promote society and blacks except for cosmetic appearance. As for equality in personality, it is more no sense. Personality itself is an abstract concept. People only pay attention to visible wealth, status, and power in real life. Personality can’t be seen or touched. Many people don’t even know the concept of personality. It’s impossible for personality, an abstract concept, to treat you differently. Abstract a concept of personality and establish equality on personality. It can only be said this action is self-deception. Therefore, in real life, we find that equality for all is just a slogan that can not be realized, even equality in rights.

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Equality for all comes from the Protestant God. Equality for all is based on the belief in God. When people try to separate God and form a more abstract and great concept of equality for all, they encounter many such difficulties unexpectedly. Why does this happen? It can only prove that there is no equality for all when leaving God. You must admit that the world is in endless variety and unlimited diversity, and it can not be the absolute identity and have no difference. There is no need for too many tedious arguments. The world has been in such a way all along. Only the world with unlimited diversity is vivid and colorful. Otherwise, how monotonous and boring is human society? Human behaviors also differ in thousands of ways. You must admit that there is a difference between advanced and backward people. Secondly, we have always stressed that human nature is greedy and degenerate. It only can be saved through faith, and only through faith do humans have an internal motivation to make efforts and struggle. Therefore, efforts and struggles are closely related to faith. The stronger and firmer the faith, the more efforts and struggles, and the greater the achievements. So you must respect that human nature is greedy and degenerate, respect the law of salvation, respect faith, and respect efforts, and struggle. If we do not admit the greed and degeneration of human nature, do not recognize that people are different in faith and efforts, struggle, unilaterally pursue equality for all, and force people who do not work hard to have the same opportunities as those who work hard, then the world is definitely unequal. More unequal than the previous inequality because it encourages the greed and degeneration of human nature, resulting in the general corruption of society. For example, as mentioned above, by lowering the black enrollment score to enforce equality and artificially creating equal opportunities, we can only encourage greed, degeneration, and human nature’s evil, which is true in real life. Under the care of the affirmative action act, blacks are lazier, idler, and less enterprising. In other words, you should give people with faith and efforts the opportunity to make progress but also give people without faith and efforts the opportunity to lag behind. Otherwise, how can we embody fairness and equality? In fact, the principles of the current anti-monopoly law well reflect this real equality. As long as people in an advantageous position do not hinder others and suppress others’ development, they do not constitute monopoly behavior. Arbitrarily identifying monopoly suppresses progress and advancement and encourages laziness and backwardness. Unfortunately, these anti-monopoly law principles only apply to identifying monopoly behavior; they do not prevail as a universal principle.

Does all this prove why equality for all can be achieved only under God? Because adding God and faith, the world is another world. There, under the light of God, humans have the power and possibility to realize equality for all. First of all, according to the revelation of God and the teaching of the Bible, as long as people firmly believe in God, we all will have the motivation to improve, make efforts, and struggle, so each of us will reach an almost same height in virtue and ability, which is actually very easy to prove. Because everyone exerts themself and constantly improves, finally they will get closer and closer to the same point. Therefore, only by continually improving ourselves through faith can we realize the equality of all people. In real life, arduous efforts, hard work, diligence and frugality, and noble morality make each person do his best and perform his duties, and results that everyone must be a use for his talent. Isn’t this a society where individuals are equal? It is not like today’s society, which allows the greed and corruption of human nature to spread, encourages laziness and backwardness, realizes equality by artificially creating unequal opportunities, and accomplishes equal rights by suppressing progress and advancement. In fact, it is all foolish, which can only lead to society’s overall corruption and collapse.

Secondly, let’s take a look at the situation in the protestant church, which believes that everyone is equal under God. Everyone recognizes that human nature is greedy and degenerate; people can be saved only through faith in God and brotherly love, so everyone sincerely believes that talent, fame, power, and wealth are not the focus of life. The focus of life is to get salvation and enter heaven; at this point, everyone is absolutely equal. Therefore, in the new church of Christ, the relationship between people is genuinely equal from the heart. We call each other brothers and sisters, lend our hands to each other, and do favor each other. In the church, we care for the poor, the weak, orphans, widows, elders, and minorities such as the blacks and try our best to help them. At the same time, we sincerely hope that everyone can be equal in fame, power, and wealth. It is natural for us now because the most important thing in life – Salvation, can be equal conditions and opportunities for all, equality for all. Therefore, Why can’t these secondary contents of life be equal? When we look down on fame, power and wealth, we are naturally willing to give these to others as alms and try our best to realize equality in real life. I think each of us should have that similar feeling, and it should be an actual emotion. However, the receivers must also be persons who look down on fame, power, wealth, or at least work hard and diligently. Otherwise, the wealth got too easily can only harm them, not benefit them. And in the protestant church, this equality in fame, power, and wealth is not things we have to do. After all, it is a secondary content in life compared with salvation. It can only be done from the heart and voluntarily, not forcefully. In Puritan Massachusetts, people donated to a large number of hospitals, schools, orphanages, and nursing homes, which were voluntary and willing without any forced behavior.

Similarly, in early Massachusetts, noble schools had never been heard of. Both the poor and the rich were educated in church schools. On the contrary, noble schools appeared in the process of gradual secularization. And in early Massachusetts, no one had ever heard of inequality before the law because everyone was equal under God, and there could be no so-called privileged class.

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Having said so much, some people doubt that the Protestant Church is so good; it can voluntarily realize real equality for all from the heart. Why not expand social equality by promoting Protestantism rather than through the coercion of secular government? All that only take the shadow for the substance and get some ludicrous results of blind imitation? May it be more unreasonable to promote the Protestant Church than to encourage the greed and degeneration of human nature? Is it more difficult to promote the new church than enforce equality for all? Can’t we pursue self-improvement and self-development and chase a beautiful and happy life? But rather have to seek a lazy, backward, and filthy life? There is only one reason for all that. Human beings are hopelessly arrogant and want to leave God to resolve problems. I also said that trying to replace God is human’s original sin and the reason for being punished on the earth. We can also see that old habits die hard, rivers and mountains are easy to change, and nature is difficult to move. Humans don’t admit until death that there is no equality without God; they look for the so-called equality of all people in the secular society again and again. Even though they are broken heads and bloody pulp, covered in wounds, they are still fascinated with it,

When equality is not from the heart and must be enforced by legislation, is it still equality? I think this kind of equality is already a tremendous inequality. Isn’t this enforcement rather a bandit action? To artificially create equality of opportunity is to put the same shoe on every foot. Does it additionally reflect the stupidity and absurdity of the world? What else can this forceful equality get? If this fake equality can also be regarded as equality, there will be no justice in the world. Reading the works of some contemporary sociologists on equality makes my flesh crawl, and I sometimes feel a thrill with my hair standing on end. Their books are full of hubris and arrogance; they take themselves as God and set human standards. Someone envisages promoting equality of opportunity more, and even equality of results. Some study how to make society more equal through the secondary distribution of wealth. These Sociologists ignore one point in all their discussions. All their ideas have not been agreed upon by the persons involved, especially the rich who sacrifice their wealth. Perhaps they think that depriving a few people of their property will always get the support of the majority, and they don’t need to pay much heed to the thoughts of the deprived. These are so stupid, absurd, and ridiculous. Countless facts in human history have proved that secular society can never be absolutely equal. Even if there is another great social change, with flowing blood, all social wealth will be shared equally, and everyone should be given an equal opportunity to start over. But, before long, a new division will emerge, and people will be divided into various ranks again; it’s nothing more than old wine in new bottles. Society is still the same. The New Testament of Christianity has been born for more than 2000 years, and the implicit idea of equality for all in the New Testament is very intense. However, for more than 2000 years, the church has never forced donations or equality because it is incompatible with the ten commandments of not stealing and not being greedy for neighbors’ property. Contemporary sociologists openly discuss robbery and theft shamelessly. It can only say that today’s society has been completely degenerate and corrupt

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The place that can best reflect the equality of all in western society is the Christian Protestant church. The most likely condition for realizing equality for all is that society takes the Protestant church as the main force. But this does not mean denying the other religions’ existence because the world can not sing the same song or be made of the same model. It must be colorful, the riot of colors. However, it is better for a society to take Protestantism as the main force to realize real equality, beyond talent, fame, power, and wealth, based on faith and under God. Everyone sincerely believes that people are equal from the depth of their heart, hopes that all people are equal in fame, power, and wealth, and practices these spontaneously and voluntarily. Some people may retort that it is impossible to achieve absolute equality even if all of Western society turns into Christian Protestantism. Yes, there will never be absolute equality for all in the world, but there are always advantages and disadvantages in different societies. Therefore, Christian Protestant society should be the one closest to equality for all. Countless human historical facts have also proved that equality for all cannot be achieved by coercion. By coercive means, there will not only likely occur social corruption and degeneration but also bring huge humanitarian disasters and drag the Western civilization into destruction.

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