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The separation of church and state in Christianity is consistent with the duality of human nature. It is very reasonable. Society must have a check and balance on the secular government and the existence of a church responsible for the spiritual realm!

is consistent with the duality of human nature. It is very reasonable. Society must have a check and balance on the secular government and the existence of a church responsible for the spiritual realm!

“the course of western civilization(essence version)”“buy the book” Part III. American Revolution

Chapter 2. The difficult constitutional practice in God’s city on the hill

section 9. The real separation of politics and religion

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The real separation of politics and religion

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The separation of church and state in Christianity is consistent with the duality of human nature. It is very reasonable. Society must have a check and balance on the secular government and the existence of a church responsible for the spiritual realm!

Why is the hand of God in the market economy glorious? Without it, there would be no market economy or human society.

The specific boundary of the separation of church and state in Christian society is very clear, but the US government has been eroding this boundary

The classification of the duality of human society in Christian society did not show any advantages initially. Still, the correctness was revealed after human society had gone a long road for more than 2000 years after this division. When we carefully examine this division, we can see that the duality of spirit and secularity, religion and politics in Christian society, reflects human nature’s duality. We have also discussed that the duality of human nature is also the Christian thoughts expressed in Bible. Religion and politics represent human transcendence and reality, morality and pleasure, selflessness and possession, soul and flesh, and good and evil. Their conflicts also reflect the contradiction and struggle of dual human nature. According to the doctrine of Christianity, each of us comes to this world with original sin; we are selfish and greedy. These are the evil side of human nature. Therefore, the evil of human nature, such as reality, pleasure, possession, and flesh, are deeply rooted in human nature. Human beings can’t get rid of it anyway. Secular politics is used to express human nature’s evil, which reflects reality, pleasure, possession, and flesh. At the same time, human beings are transcendent, moral, selfless, and spiritual in the Bible. This is the good side of human nature. It exists in the deepest part of the human soul, but it can only be achieved through religion and faith in God and the Bible. It is impossible to achieve good human nature without religion or through a secular government. Religion and politics are two completely different worlds; one is the expression of human evil, and the other is the realization of human good. How can human good be realized with secular politics expressing human evil? Some people say that if the world had only good human nature, without human evil, it would be a beautiful world. However, it was the world of Eden that we humans had left. We had left the garden of Eden, the perfect and beautiful world, and came to this earth to accept punishment because of sin. Similarly, how can we come to this world with original sin because of these sins that do not have selfishness? How can we live a secular life without material pleasure? How can there be no enjoyment full of human evil? Without these sins, why do we come to the earth to accept the punishment? There would be no this world. Therefore, in the Bible, God encourages humans by brotherly love to surpass original sin, selfishness, greed, and degeneration and alleviate the pain of human atonement on earth. However, in the ten commandments, God also recognizes the existence of selfishness and private right and protects them. Isn’t it very contradictory? So what is God’s true consciousness? I personally think that: people come to the earth to be punished because of their sin in heaven and selfishness. Selfishness is the reason for punishment, the reason for human suffering, and also the reason for creation. Then we can only recognize the existence of selfishness and try to make selfishness conducive to social progress. At the same time, we should restrict selfishness and oppose the unrestricted pursuit of fame and wealth. For example, we can use human selfishness to achieve “more work, more gain” and inspire initiatives.If you do not recognize selfishness, do not recognize private rights, you never have the initiative for labor and creation. This is the truth proved by countless human practices. However, the Bible also limits selfishness and private rights. For example, you can’t covet your neighbors’ property. That is to say, to meet your selfishness and material enjoyment, you can only work hard and follow the principle of “more work, more gain “instead of using improper means. Moreover, everyone has selfishness and private rights, whether the strong or the weak. If we do not protect selfishness and private rights, can the strong plunder the weak endlessly? and will humans be in a state of war forever? Therefore, protecting selfishness and private rights is defending the weak and maintaining social stability and peace. Therefore, through the Bible, God proclaims that reasonable and legal selfishness and private rights are legitimate and justifiable. However, God also announces that selfishness and private right are caused by human sin and are devoid of immortal, eternal, and perfect. Therefore, he requires humans to surpass selfishness, but this must be transcended through faith in the spiritual field. You must believe from the heart that you can get salvation and access heaven beyond selfishness. This is a completely voluntary action and a process of redemption; It is the purpose of God’s creation. It can only work through God’s conscience without any coercion or enforcement. These two distinct fields must not get confused; otherwise, the world will be in chaos. Secular politics is used to reflect the evil of human nature and express human nature’s pursuit of reality, enjoyment, possession, and flesh. Human good can only be realized with religion, faith in God, and the Bible. This is an irrefutable truth. If someone wants to challenge this and achieve human good through secular politics, then disasters will await him. God’s hand in economics, the adjustment of the economy by the hand of God is the best proof. In fact, the hand of God is the embodiment of human selfishness and greed. When the product is profitable, enormous personnel and capital enter production. When a large amount of funds enters production, the product becomes gradually unprofitable, so the people and funds withdraw gradually. This is the economic law belonging to secular politics. In human history, any practice of establishing a planned economy forcibly by political means has failed because it does not recognize human selfishness and private rights and violates the economic law of the hand of God. Its disastrous consequences continue to this day. For another example, we deny the duality of human nature, which has an evil side of human nature, which is greedy and selfish. On the contrary, we believe that human nature is perfect, selfless, and happy to help others. We believe that the system constrains good human nature and that if we eliminate private ownership, humans can move towards an ideal society. Therefore, we artificially eliminate private ownership and develop public ownership. Still, human nature’s greedy and selfish side does not change under different systems, and it will exist forever. Therefore, public ownership has become a disguise for the bureaucratic class, and public ownership has become a greater private property of these people. We also believe that people are high moral and can selflessly sacrifice for national and collective interests, so we can eliminate the private economy and develop state-owned enterprises. However, these state-owned enterprises have become synonymous with low efficiency. No matter how beautiful, sounding confession and resolute oath, the actual payment is another matter. People can’t pay endlessly without self-interest. At this time, human selfishness is fully reflected. the loaf on the job and dawdling over work has become a common and normal phenomenon.

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In the second chapter, through much combing of human moral philosophy, we know that in the secular society, humans can not maintain the moral standard under natural circumstances due to human selfishness, greed, and degeneration, and the final outcome must be moral collapse and social chaos. Therefore, there must be laws and regulations and minimum moral standards in the secular society, and there must be police, the military, and other violent institutions to maintain social stability and order through coercive means. However, in the spiritual field, there are other things. At this time, we must not use the means of secular society and the laws and regulations to suppress the evil of human nature or enforce them. In the spiritual field, we must recognize that human nature is good. Humans can become saints with noble morality through faith and God’s operation in human conscience, making humans do good voluntarily. If they do not recognize the goodness of human nature, do not recognize that God can work successfully in human conscience, and rely on coercive means in the spiritual field, it is the spiritual oppression of the Catholic Church in the middle ages. The affairs in the secular and spiritual fields are completely different and must not be confused. All these prove that the definition of the duality of human nature in the Bible is highly profound and entirely correct. At the same time, it is proper to divide human society into spiritual and material, religious and political, according to this duality. Compared with other types of societies, the duality can easily show its advantages. Looking at the world today, we can find that the most developed countries, the United States, Germany, Britain, and Northern Europe, are all Christian countries. Their society operates through the separation of religion and state based on the duality of human nature.



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